Next Movie’s Male TwiHard Reviews the Breaking Dawn Part 1 DVD

The Male TwiHard has chimed in with his opinion about the Breaking Dawn Part 1 DVD:

I was looking forward to Condon’s commentary, because he got short-changed during his panel discussion at the Twilight Convention, when he was onstage with KStew, RPattz and Lautner. And the native New Yorker doesn’t disappoint.

Right out of the gate, he talks about how the film didn’t originally begin with Jacob receiving the invite to Bella and Edward’s wedding and running angrily off into the pouring rain. The first scene was Aro receiving the invitation, right after the Volturi have massacred 50 people. It was supposed to remind the audience of the looming threat of the vampire elite, but was cut because Condon felt “Part 1” is more about Bella’s struggle inside than the outside threats. Luckily, Condon also says that scene will show up on an extended cut at some point.

Condon is intelligent and gives a number of great insights — way too many to note here — but I will tell you that he says the original sex scene between Bella and Edward was more graphic. Unfortunately, the MPAA threatened an R rating unless it was scaled back, so we got what we got. And, there is no Bella nipple. I was wrong before. Trust me, I checked a few times.

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  1. I think Bill Condon may be my favourite of the twidirectors.

  2. I really enjoyed Bill Condon’s commentary. It gave excellent insight into the details behind his film-making decisions. As the article pointed out, unfortunately, the movie received mixed to poor reviews from critics in spite of Condon’s creative film-making style and the actors’ much-improved and subtle performances of a very misunderstood plot. It seems most critics were caught up in what they saw as “slow pacing” or “strange plot twists,” all easily understood when put in the context of the books. Overall, I really enjoyed the movie and Condon’s take on it and, although I thought the extra features could have been more in-depth, I still appreciated seeing all the behind-the-scenes inclusions. With each viewing I appreciate the nuanced performances even more and am really looking forward to part two! Hopefully the actors and Bill Condon accept that, for these movies, fan appreciation far outranks critical acclaim. Trending DVD sales certainly speak to that!

  3. Honestly I thoroughly enjoyed Bill Condon’s commentary. I loved the movie; it was so close to the book. The wedding was my favorite and I couldn’t have done it better. I read all the Twilight books; it didn’t matter where I was, whether I was working at my job at DISH or at home. I can guarantee I will keep re-reading them. I was definitely counting down the days for Breaking Dawn and I was blown away. Now I can watch it all I want since I have Blockbuster @Home. I can stream thousands of movies right to my TV without ever leaving the comfort of my home and the there are never any late fees. You best believe I am counting down until part two!

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