Breaking Dawn Part 2 Preview Coming March 20th Full Teaser March 26

This photo an news just in from Summit/Lionsgate:

A sneak peek of  THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN – PART 2 teaser trailer will be available on March 20th at 6am ET exclusively on THE TWILIGHT SAGA Facebook and Twitter profiles! You can catch the full teaser trailer in theaters with THE HUNGER GAMES, and then online on Monday 3/26 at 6am ET!





  2. Elizabeth (EverythingRemindsMeOfTwilight) says:


  3. Katrina Davis says:

    What a perfect anniversary present! March 26th is my 16th wedding anniverary with my wonderful husband:)

    • Wow why do older people got to like it that is just plain weird it’s for teens not adults 🙂

      • You would be surprised. People of all ages like Twilight. Have you ever heard of the Twimoms?

        • Michele says:

          I read once that Stephan Myers did not originally write twilght for teens, her publisher put it in that catogory and she ran within those constraints from there on.

          • Yeah, I think I read something like that awhile back.

          • Well, I am 21 soon and I still love Twilight and I am not a mother yet. I have been a fan since I was like 16 when the first book I got was Twilight and I have never stopped liking it. Twilight is a franchise that everyone is aloud to like. Twimom’s I don’t blame them, god the people that play the characters are so god damn sexy.

      • It’s really narrow-minded to think that Twilight is only for teens. Women of all ages like Twilight because the storyline is captivating and the books are well written.

        • And the occasional middle-aged vamp/lycan fan dude, like moi! 🙂

          • Michael G says:

            Well, I will let you in a secret. I am 66 years old (notice my first name?) and I was attracted to the Saga for these reasons:
            * I was fascinated by Vampires back when “Dracula” was in black and white
            * I saw something of me in Edward; not as I am now but when I was a teenager so I live Edward’s life Vicariously.
            * The love of my life (from a long time ago) has a last name of Bell
            * It is a neat story

            ps I also liked The Host and Hunger Games.

      • WOW! Seriously? The website you are reading from is by adults.

      • Gay Bunnell says:

        Bonnie, I am 57 yrs old and I love Twilight. I have been to 6 conventions, three premiers -traveled to Forks and La Push and we are already set to go to Forks for Stephenie Meyer weekend as well as the Breaking Dawn Premier in November. Quite frankly twilight changed my life. I quit my job and went back to college and have majored in Theatre and film – film editing & adapting novels to script. twilight has life lessons for every age group. I saw New Moon 45 times, Eclipse 43 times and Breaking Dawn 38 times in the theatre. I came into Twilight late, only saw it at midnight shows. However, Ive been known to let it run all day at home.
        I have so much memorabilia I could open a store( of course none of it is for sale)!! I love Twilight. I might also add that I have introduced several grandmothers to twilight how are just as “crazy” as I am. I am thrilled that it means something to you, its opened a whole new world for me.
        ENJOY – PS I love the Hunger Games as well!!

      • Stephenie was almost 30 when she started writing Twilight, and she’s said she originally wrote it for her own entertainment. We thirty-something gals enjoy a good romance too. That’s the great thing about reading, people of all ages can enjoy all types of stories.

        You’re too young to remember it, but you can look it up online – long ago there was a song called “Strawberry Wine” by Deanna Carter. There’s a line in it that says “I still remember when 30 was old. . .” At the time I thought it was old and now I’ve seen it come and go. Doesn’t take long. Enjoy your youth honey ’cause it will be gone before you know it.

  4. Suhweeet! My sis and I were just talking about BD2 a few days ago!

  5. I can’t wait! I’m looking forward to seeing the hunger games and this is a added bonus. 😀

  6. rhiannon says:

    uh, i think the one they showed at target was pretty good. bella and edward sharing a loving moment in their home. what is wrong with that!!

  7. Be still, my heart!

  8. Oh my. I’m am so very, very excited about this!

  9. So tease me with a screen cap and make me wait another 12 days for more, why dontcha??? LOL!

    Masters of torture, aren’t they??? 😉

  10. Steph Paterson says:


  11. OoOoO….

    I can’t wait!!


  12. I am going to be upset when it comes this time next year when the 2nd half of Breaking Dawn comes out on DVD and for my own personal point of view this still is awesome.

    The Twilight Saga will be forever in my heart and it shall never leave my heart.

  13. It’s gonna be a long year!

  14. Barbara P says:

    It’s after Bella wakes up from her transformation. Edward is wearing the same shirt,(with buttons open) from the last scene in BD1.


  16. hi twilight fans.i love twilight a lot.I dore edward a lot in my dairy.I’m on team edawrd.i’m a high twilight fan.I never seen part 2.

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