Clearwater, Harry

Full Name: Harry Clearwater

Status: Elder of the Quileute tribe

Date of Birth: not mentioned

Orignally From: La Push Reservation

Hair Color: not mentioned, possibly black or greying

Eye Color: not mentioned

Height: not mentioned

Physical Description: not mentioned


Family Members: Wife, Sue; daughter, Leah; and son, Seth

Nick Names: none

Hobbies: Fishing

Personal History: Harry Clearwater was a Quileute tribal elder along with Billy Black and Old Quil Ateara. The families were very close with each other and with the Swans. When Bella used to visit her father during the summer as a child, Harry and Charlie would go fishing and group their children together, in the hopes that they would become friends. Although the children never bonded, Harry and Charlie continued to enjoy spending time together, watching sports (NM6 p. 143) and fishing (NM10 p. 230). When Bella became a permanent resident of Forks and her friendship with Jacob started to blossom, Jacob’s dad Billy invited the Swans and Clearwaters for a spaghetti dinner. That night, his wife Sue “teased her husband about his cholesterol and tried, unsuccessfully, to shame him into eating something green and leafy.” (NM6 p. 149)

Harry’s health becomes more of a concern when, in a conversation Bella encourages her father to have with his pal so she can learn about Jacob’s mysterious illness, they discover that Harry had visited the hospital to have tests on his heart (NM10 p. 226).

Harry is described as one of Charlie’s best friends (NM16 p. 369). By spending time with Charlie watching basketball games, Harry and Billy keep Charlie safe from the vampire threat of Victoria. (NM14 p. 336) Unfortunately, on the morning of Bella’s cliff diving expedition, Harry has a heart attack from which he does not recover. (NM16 p. 368) Although Harry Clearwater knew about the existence of Quileute shape shifters, since he had seen his own grandfather change into a wolf (EC5 p. 118), it was the combination of his poor heart and the news of the sudden change of his children into werewolves that caused Harry’s heart attack. (PC11).

Portrayed in the film by: Graham Greene

Prepared by: LadyDi


Full Name: Claire

Status: Human – imprintee

Date of Birth: Sometime in 2004

Originally From: off the reservation (a.k.a. not La Push)

Hair Color: unmentioned, presumed black

Eye Color: unknown

Height: not mentioned, presumably short

Physical Description: She is still a child at the start of Breaking Dawn


Family Members: Emily Young (Aunt), sister, mother

Nick Names: Claire-bear (EC Ch. 8 p. 154)

Hobbies: playing with Quil, playing princess, and collecting rocks

Personal History: Claire is Emily Young’s niece. One day, when she and her sister were visiting Emily, Quil saw her and he imprinted. This caused quite a stir because Quil is a teenager and Claire is only two years old at the time they first meet. (EC8 p 174)

Jacob explains to Bella the unusual dynamics of imprinting, saying “There isn’t a toddler on the planet that will be more carefully looked after than that little girl will be. And then, when she’s older and needs a friend, he’ll be more understanding, trustworthy, and reliable than anyone else she knows. …He’ll be her perfect match. Like he was designed for her alone.” (EC8 p. 176).

Claire and Quil spend a lot of time together. He attended her third birthday party and even wore a crown and makeup to make Claire happy.  Claire is very content to spend all her time with Quil and while at the beach, she announces to Jacob “Cwaire pway wid Qwil aaaawl day. Cwaire nebber gowin home.”  As Jacob predicted, Quil is very protective of Claire (BD8 p. 152-154). She has a joyous sense of humor and laughs easily.

Prepared by: LadyDi

Character Bio Update

Some character bios have been created for Eclipse specific characters. Take a look at these new additions to our line-up:

Ateara, Quil Senior

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Full Name: Bree Tanner

Status: Vampire

Date of Birth: approximately 1990 (about 16 years old when she was first turned in 2006, 3 months old as a vampire)

Originally From: somewhere in Washington State, probably near Seattle

Hair Color: “dark-haired” (EC25)

Eye Color: Vampire Red

Height: short

Physical Description: Bella described her as “slight” and “maybe fifteen” with “chin-length dark hair” framing her face and “alabaster pale” skin. (EC25)

Occupation: teen runaway, avid reader

Family Members: father (BT p33), absent mother, Diego (“near-boyfriend”)

Personal History: Bree Tanner was a young teenager. Her father physically abused her and her mother abandoned the family, possibly due to the abuse (BT p33). Bree ran away from home and was on the street for a few weeks but became desperate because “[she] couldn’t get a real job, and [she] was a bad thief” (BT p33). Riley met her and offered to buy her a burger – she presumed this would be her first foray into prostitution but instead, Riley drove her to one of Victoria’s hideouts, where Victoria transformed her into a vampire.

Victoria was displeased with Bree – she told Riley she felt Bree was too small (BT p72).  Bree survived the transformation and lived with the rest of the newly transformed, under Riley’s leadership. Riley lectured them often on laying low, by hunting smart – killing only “the dregs” (BT p8) – and hiding in the basement during the day. However, many of the newborn vampires were volatile and unpredictable, so the group often had to move from one remote house to another and to cover up some of the more obvious killing sprees.

After one particularly spectacular massacre, Bree and an older vampire, Diego, arrived back at their latest quarters to discover it burnt to the ground. Bree and Diego hid in a cave and discovered that sunlight does not destroy vampires, as they were originally told. Bree and Diego talked about what other information Riley may have been hiding from them and they decided to follow Riley after they located and returned to the new residence. Bree and Diego followed Riley and witnessed secret conversations between Riley and Victoria and between those two and a small contingent of black-cloaked vampires (the Volturi). Diego sent Bree back home and told Bree he would consult with Riley on his new knowledge about sunlight.

Diego never returned to the house and Bree stayed close to Fred, a vampire with the special ability to repulse others. By staying in Fred’s vicinity, Bree kept herself safe from the other vampires. Riley returned and reported that their vampire army would have to fight a group of yellow-eyed vampires with a sweet-smelling human pet in four days. While the other newborns trained for the fight, Bree informed Fred about the things she and Diego suspected. When the group traveled to confront the yellow-eyed vampires, Fred offered Bree the chance to run away with him, away from the battle (BT p137). Bree declined, hoping instead to find Diego, whom she had been told was helping Victoria with surveillance.

Too late, Bree realized that Diego was tortured and murdered by Victoria and Riley and that the battle was doomed to failure. Bree tried to hide but was captured by Carlisle.  She surrendered willingly and was startled by the kindness of her “enemies”. Despite Jasper’s objections, the Cullens planned to spare her life, but the Volturi arrived shortly after the fight’s end and dismissed the idea. Just before her death, Bree worked to share all her knowledge of the Volturi’s duplicity, the yellow-eye vampires secret weapon (“howler vampires”), and Fred’s existence with “the mind reader” that Riley had reported was part of the yellow-eyed coven. Felix ripped Bree apart limb from limb and burnt her remains on the spot. (EC25 / BT)

Portrayed in the films by: Jodelle Ferland

Prepared by: Lady Di


Wolfpack Tattoo

Full Name: Brady

Status: Werewolf / Shape-shifter

Date of Birth: Sometime in 1993 (EC20)

Originally From: La Push Reservation

Hair Color: not mentioned, presumably black like other members of the Quileute tribe

Eye Color: unknown

Height: unknown

Physical Description: young

Occupation: Protector of the Quileute tribe

Family Members: unknown

Hobbies: unknown

Personal History:
Brady is one of the newer members of the Quileute wolf pack, transitioning when the pack’s membership increased to ten, but before the pack’s population grew to sixteen (BD36 p. 683). During the confrontation with Victoria’s army of newborn vampires, Brady and Collin are forced to stay behind on the reservation (EC18 p. 402). Brady is included in the planned attack on the Cullen clan when Bella’s pregnancy is revealed. It appears that he is not their strongest fighter, as Carlisle, Alice and Esme are his intended targets (BD10, p. 203) and Jacob notes that neither Collin nor Brady have ever been in battle (BD11 p. 207). It is presumed that he was numbered with the rest of the pack when the Volturi arrived to kill Renesmee. (BD36)

Prepared By: Lady Di


Full Name: Benito

Status: Vampire — deceased (EC13)

Date of Birth:

Originally From: Possibly "somewhere north of Dallas" (EC13)

Hair Color:

Eye Color: Vampire Red


Physical Description:


Family Members:

Personal History: As told by Jasper Hale (EC13) when explaining the vampire wars to Bella: “But the most effective tactic was invented by a fairly young vampire named Benito. The first anyone ever heard of him, he came down from somewhere north of Dallas and massacred the two small covens that shared the area near Houston. Two nights later, he took on the much stronger clan of allies that claimed Monterrey in northern Mexico. Again, he won…. Benito had created an army of newborn vampires. He was the first one to think of it, and, in the beginning, he was unstoppable…. The vampires in southern Mexico realized what was coming for them, and they did the only thing they could think of to counteract Benito. They made armies of their own… All hell broke loose…. When the body count reached epidemic proportions—in fact, your histories blame a disease for the population slump—the Volturi finally stepped in. The entire guard came together and sought out every newborn in the bottom half of North America. Benito was entrenched in Puebla, building his army as quickly as he could in order to take on the prize—Mexico City. The Volturi started with him, and then moved on to the rest. Anyone who was found with the newborns was executed immediately, and, since everyone was trying to protect themselves from Benito, Mexico was emptied of vampires for a time."

Ateara, Quil Senior

Full Name: Quil Ateara “Old Quil”

Status: Elder of the Quileute tribe; Human

Date of Birth:

Originally From: La Push Reservation

Hair Color: White (EC11)

Eye Color:


Physical Description: When she sees him at the bonfire gathering, Bella describes him as “looking quite brittle” and “ancient” with a “thin tenor voice”. (EC11 p. 241)

Occupation: Council leader

Family Members: Quil Ateara Sr., “Young Quil” (grandson)

Nick Names:


Personal History: Old Quil was from a long line of shape shifters. Although he had never personally transformed, he had seen his grandfather become a wolf. When Sam Uley returned after a mysterious two-week absence, Old Quil was the one who recognized the high temperature as a sign of “the change”. (EC5 p. 117 – 118). At the council meeting, Billy Black tells the story of the origin of the spirit warriors, and Old Quil tells the story of Taha Aki’s third wife and her sacrifice (EC11 p. 252).

Despite being old and frail, Old Quil helped out his friends where he could. Billy borrowed Old Quil’s boat to take Charlie fishing before an afternoon devoted to televised sports, in an effort to keep Charlie away from the battle between the vampires and werewolves. (EC20 p. 424) Old Quil was kept up-to-date with the progress of the fight via telephone (EC26 p. 588). He also kept Sue Clearwater company after the death of her husband, Harry (BD13 p. 262). Old Quil often visited people in need, including Mrs. Uley, whose husband was less-than-ideal (EC5 p. 117).

Old Quil’s son, Quil Sr., was part of a “pack mystery” – only Quileute members can become shape shifters, but Embry’s mother was from the Makah tribe; Quil Sr. was one of the three men who could possibly be Embry’s father – the others being Billy Black and Josh Uley. (EC19 p. 418)

Prepared by: LadyDi

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Chapter Eighteen – The Funeral

Chapter Eighteen has been updated in the New Moon chapter summaries. You can check it out here.

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