Character Bio Update

Some character bios have been created for Eclipse specific characters. Take a look at these new additions to our line-up:

Ateara, Quil Senior

If you look at the Character Bio page you can see all of the bios that I am in the process of creating. If you see someone I missed, please let me know. I’d like to get this all done at once instead of having to go back in a few months. ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

As for a time frame, I will be updating the new bios a few at a time at least once every couple of days, so check back here for updates!

Thanks, everyone!


  1. EB fanatic says:

    it’s great that these are being done so quickly. thanks a lot. i think that you might have forgotten Austin.

    Austin is a very minor character that we know next to nothing about. The bio on him would contain his name and the fact that he went to Forks. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    If he becomes a major character with more of a roll in the next book, we shall include him in the cast list.

  2. edwardluvr says:

    on emmet it says he is enrolled in forks high school when he "Graduated" and went to college

    We will slowly get around to updating the old bios (some of which somehow got missed when we updated New Moon, too). Things like this will be corrected after the new bios have been built and we will let you know when significant changes have been made to a character’s bio.

  3. Cause Bree wasn’t lucky enough to get a character named after her in the book that spoke, and Stephenie planning to write a whole extra ’bout her?

    Just Kidding! Bree’s totally lucky, though.

  4. Wow that is awesome! Thanks!! ๐Ÿ˜€

    But how come I don’t remember reading about Brady and Collin?

    Hmmm, I’m going to re-read that chapter now…

    Thanks again though! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Will there be bio pages on Edward’s parent’s? I thought I read somewhere on here that there would be. I know there is little known of them, but it just wouldn’t be right not to include them, don’t you think? ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Hellish Red Devil says:

    Thank you, Seraphyn! Updating character bios is no easy task! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Just to let you know, September 13 is Stephenie Meyer Day in Forks, WA. If you want to get it out there…

  8. hy!I’m an italian girl…and I LOVE EDWARD CULLEN!!
    Here in Itay eclipse is coming in November..-.-” o my God…
    I hope eclipse will be as beautiful as twilight and new moon..!!!
    kiss xxx bye bye!

  9. Thank you so much for your hard work. Sorry about being so annoying about the characters bios. I appreciate your dedication.

  10. Grrr. I feel like such a jerk. Please don’t kill me. About Brady [and Collin by extension]. Their date of birth is never given, but if they are 13, we can back track their birth year using Bella’s age and birth date as and example. Again, don’t kill me.

  11. NewMoonLover says:

    Seraphyn, On the main bord the coment about Character Bio Update you said if you missed any body to tell you. Well in the book and in the time line it talks about Peter and Charlotte so just dont forget about them cause if it wasn’t for them who would have helped out Jasper escape from Maria.

    Oooh! Good point! We don’t know much about them, but they are rather important, huh? I think I will dig around for a while about them and then post bios when I have more info. Good catch, though!

  12. bellabuttercup says:

    The character bios are great. I didn’t notice one for Renee’s husband, Phil.

    Why do I always forget him?! Gah. He shall be added. Thank you!

  13. i saw the edward bio written by stephanie meyer but now i don’t know where to find it. can anyone help?

  14. I’m not really commenting on unmentioned characters, but wouldn’t Quil Senior be part of the last pack that was in La Push? if Quil is his grandson, then wouldn’t he of had witnessed his own transformation, so to speak?

    typo– in Quil Senior’s bio, you forgot the ‘ ” ‘ at the end of “thin tenor woice” in the physical description.

    yeah, just pointing that out.

  15. I feel so bad for Bree. I hear that Stephanie is going to write someting about her and post it on her site…. hmm….


  17. IROCKSOMUCH says:

    I like Bree 2. She shouldn’t have been killed

  18. Like Bree? I would name my kid after her! I bitterly hate Jane for that one….

    anyway about the bios, you forgot to mention felix and demetri’s special talents.

    Peace, love, and skittles.

  19. Oh! I just noticed that there is not a bio for Charles and Makenna! Is that because we know little about them? After all, their stand in the clearing is hardly minor… anyway- Just letting you know.

  20. Emily Jaskwhich says:

    Hi. I just wanted to point out to very key characters whom you negelected to include in your list of character bios. Huilen and Nahuel. They are in Breaking Dawn and only appear at the end of the story but you are basically told their entire life story. Nahuel is the only known halfbreed until now and Huilen, who is somewhat of a mother figure to him, has come along in order to speak to the Volturi on his behalf and to explain to them that the halfbreeds are nothing like the immortal children but almost the exact opposite. They obvioulsly play very important roles in the Cullens defeat over the Volturi and help save Renesmee’s life. I believe they deserve to be recognized along with all the other characters that you have listed. Despite that one little flaw, I think this site is wonderfully helpful. I have used it as a resource many times when I do not have time to scan through the books looking for some little fact. I lovce the summaries and the character bios because no other site has them. Thank you so much for all that you are doing.
    Emily Jaskwhich, Twilight fan for life. ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. what did Rose say to Edward when she made the phone call to tell him of Bellas death?

    • Rose’s conversation with Edward is not exactly detailed in the book, however if you go to Stephanie Meyers Website she has an outake that goes into details.

  22. You should update this now that The Short Second Life Of Bree Tanner is out. Now we know more about Riley and some other newborns are introduced like Fred and Diego. Also we know Bree’s last name is Tanner now too.

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