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Some of you may have noticed that the comments you post on the front page are disappearing. There are a couple of reasons why this is happening.

1- You include a link of some kind in the post. We have a spam filter on the comments and it pulls out most comments with links in them. We get hundreds of spam comments each week so if you don’t want your comments getting lost in the mess of unwanted spam don’t include links!

2- You link your comment to a web page. This gets caught by the spam filter for the same reason the posts with links do. Most spammers are just trying to get people to go to a certain website. You can avoid your comment getting caught by leaving the URL option BLANK.

3- We deleted it. Simple enough, right? We run an entire message board for people to talk to each other about things like casting. The front page comments are not the place to have off topic discussions or conversations! If you do, your comments will get deleted. There is an entire forum devoted to discussing the STILL NONEXISTENT movie which can be found here. If these irrelevant posts continue, we may end up disabling front page comments altogether.

Please take these three points into consideration when posting a front page comment. It’ll make everyone’s life easier.

On a completely different note, I recieved these video clips from Berry on myspace. When/if I get her lex name I’ll put that up. These were taken at the San Francisco signing on the 24th.

Video 1       Video 2       Video 3       Video 4

Thanks everyone!


  1. so that’s why…

  2. Beth-Cullen says:

    Director?! I can’t believe how nervous I am about the movie. But I’m really glad that Stephenie seems somewhat happy about it, good for her! And thank you so much for putting these videos up, I love to watch them.

  3. That totally makes sense. I wonder when we’re going to see some more progress on the Twilight movie..

  4. Christine says:

    Aww it looks like everyone enjoyed themselves in San Francisco. Those lucky people ;] But thank you very much for putting up these videos 😀 I wanted to go and I don’t live too far. But things happen so I wasn’t able too. Luckily my friend was able to but she apparently told me last minute so I couldn’t get my books signed x] Thanks again.

  5. bandogirl says:

    wait has there been new news about the movie .got to go so pm me if u can

  6. I was there “sitting” in the front at the San Francisco signing. It was better than the videos portrayed, no motion sickness from the rocking, HaHa – only kidding. Whoever sent the videos was very nice to do so.

    Thanks for this front page ! I enjoy it on a daily basis!
    (cough~ no social life~)

  7. twilightlullaby says:

    AHH! I was there! I had so much fun. Stephenie was so nice. She had a smile on her face the entier time she was signing books. My friends & I were the last ones to get our books signed [on purpose] & got a stay a few extra minutes then necessary.
    It was great.

    Now all’s the San Fran. People need is a PROM!

  8. I was there as well…it was so Greattt. I saw me on the video lol…or at least my head. Thanks for posting that. i can re-live the moment. even though i have like 4 videos on my camera as well. Stephenie is greatttt.

  9. Hellish Red Devil says:

    Aha, I recognize the back of some of those heads! 😀

    The signing was great, I just wish I could have stayed and mingled a little longer, as I’m sure we all do. C’est la vie.

  10. alter eggo says:

    Thanks so much for posting this! I was so bummed that I didn’t get to go. So this made me very happy. I really hope I can make it next time…

  11. Thank you for posting these! I love hearing her answer questions; I gobble up every tiny little table scrap she throws out there! And we got to hear about the movie progress.. and when/how Edward fell in love with Bella, and hints (where she says “I’m not saying anything about that”) about subsequent books…….

  12. Sorry about the motion sickness! I was trying to get my question answered and the various WOO HOO’s around me made me rock back and forth. Anyways, I tried my best, and I guess that is what counts. Except for the times stupid people behind me are talking, you can here Stephenie!

  13. edwardluvr says:

    plz alphie i know this is about not to put somthing totally diffrent up but its the first page and everyone looks there but i just have to say tommrow morining on august 28 at 2-4 am there is going to be an eclipse 😀

  14. Justin B. says:

    Thank you so much for posting! I was so happy to hear they got a writer and directer. But I am still very nervous about how it will turn it! I really can not wait for 9/12! LOL The boy with the pink shirt “Is that a girl?”

  15. If the website space is just going to get the comment deleted, why is it even there?

    ~It’s an option I don’t think we can get rid of. We’ll look into it, but in the meantime, just leave it blank.

  16. i think Rose is right "If the website space is just going to get the comment deleted, why is it even there?" and i would like to know where can i opine about the characters of the Twilight movie.

    Our message boards. Click on the link on the right and create an account.

  17. Well, I understand getting rid of ‘silly’ or ‘off subject’ comments. But it isn’t it good that we have to choice to comment or ask questions or fix a mistake? I think so. I can be helpful and not at the same time. I personally think you should leave the comment a choice…..but that’s just me…..

    ~We definitely will unless the problem gets so out of hand we don’t have the time to go through and delete the off topic comments anymore. As of right now, they’re staying because they’re useful as you pointed out. Only IF we have another major problem with the comments will we turn them off. It’s not something we want to do, though.

  18. I think that’s a good way to go about it, because really it is helpful to a lot of us fans with info or questions.

    I also think that people tend to get carried away with commenting because they don’t have any Lexicon accounts, they probably do most of the time, but they don’t know that there a tons of places to talk / chat with everyone.

    Maybe you could suggest this to everyone, just a thought.

  19. Well the link to the message boards is just to the right. Registration is like a 1 minute process. All items can be discussed in depth there.

  20. Aww! that looked like so much fun. I wish i could have gone. Looked like tons fun.

  21. Yes, that is very true. Signing up for the Lexicon is really no trouble at all.

    It’s just maybe they don’t know how, or get confused about how to go about getting an account.

    Of course than can always ask, on the comment boards.

    I would just hope that you don’t have to take away commenting for good. 🙁

  22. I think Elijah Wood would be a great Edward for the movie if he had the right make-up and hair style. He is such an awesome actor. Anybody else think so?

  23. I see the topic on the comment board wander and I have seen full conversations on the comments of the front page. For example, Renae posted something offtopic but the comment is still there.

    Why are these comments allowed?

  24. ARGHH!!! The irony!
    I came back from my vacation from California today, and I find out that Stephenie was in Seattle, then skipped right over Portland and was in San Francisco THE DAY BEFORE I was there!!! *wails*

    Ah well.
    So excited for the movie! But let’s hope the screenwriter is good…

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