Breaking Dawn on EW’s Fall Movie Preview Cover

Breaking Dawn is on the cover of this week’s EW. Bill Condon is quoted in a preview of what is to come in the issue:

“The fact is, these are actors playing parts, and maybe it’s not such a bad thing that people be reminded of that,” Bill Condon tells EW. “Both of these actors gave heart and soul to the Twilight movies, not only during shooting, but also by navigating so graciously the whole life-in-a-fishbowl aspect of the phenomenon. Above all they have always shown great respect for the fans who made these movies such a success. Now it’s time that some of that respect be returned to them.”

Check out EW and grab the issue this Friday on newsstands.

From our standpoint: Bravo, Mr. Condon, bravo. We are looking forward to the final chapter in a film we have been covering since 2008 and a book series we have been covering since 2006 when people said “What’s Twilight?” and “Stephenie who?” We can’t wait to see the final installment from actors, production team, and everyone who has given years to this.


  1. Love this cover very cute ,too bad it’s not the real thing anymore I mean for Rob and Kristen .

    • A month ago, this new Entertainment Weekly cover would have had me awwwing for hours….now….just sheer sadness and confusion. :'(

      • Christina says:

        Exactly. It’s so horrible. Who can possibly still feel giddy and excited over BD2?! Twilight is not the same and will never be the same, unless they reconcile. It’s honestly quite irritating that everyone expects the fans to go on “business as usual”. However, I do think Condon did a good job in the interview.

        • i cant believe your NOT giddy and excited!! who WOULDN’T be. Twilight IS the same it’s the story of bella and edward not the story of rob and kristen just because people in their private lives r going through something doesnt mean we should trun our backs on something we love soo dearly!

          • Yeh, the fact is that movie and cast are two seperate things at the end of the day, what’s going on is just the same old sh**, but the movie should be good, hopefully great. This doesn’t make a difference, so don’t let it.

    • It is heartbreaking but they still are Edward and Bella.
      That was a great statement Bill made.

  2. I agree with Bill! All the bad press and negative comments are not helping.

  3. I couldn’t agree more with his statement. Bravo, Mr. Condon!

  4. I can’t wait to get but Idont know where !! Does anybody know if there will be any at Barnes&Nobles ?

  5. I think Bill Condon said it right. I know they made a choice when they picked their careers but that doesn’t mean they are perfect and infallible. And that doesn’t mean we should project our feelings for their characters onto them. I’m still very much looking forward to seeing BD P2. This (scandal) too shall pass and they will continue on with their careers & lives and so shall we.

  6. He’s right let’s move on but I’m no Kristen fan and no amount of respect will make me ! Hard work ? Actors put their all in movies they aren’t the first. I understand what they’ve done but where’s the respect of keeping their crap out of this franchise at least till the last movie comes out.

    • Christina says:

      I agree Sia. I have all the sympathy for Rob in the world, but Kristen? It seems somewhat hypocritical to ask fans to show her respect when she blew the franchise up in our faces a few months before the final film. Her actions were extremely disrespectful, obviously to all those directly involved, but also to all those women (and men!) who called themselves her fans.

  7. I’ll still see the movie a zillion times. 🙂
    Once a Twilight fan always a Twilight fan.
    I agree with Noor though it’s too bad it’s not the real thing anymore. There’s always hope though.

  8. I do respect them to a certain point but I don’t have to be fans of theirs. I know mistakes happen but come on they needed to keep with crap hidden.

  9. Good job, Bill Condon. I think this made him my favorite director. 🙂

    Twilightlexicon, what are you gonna do after the last movie comes out?

    • Twilight_News says:

      We were here since before there was a movie and we’ll be here long after. We will continue to cover Stephenie Meyer’s projects, whatever they may be.

      • Yay! It’s nice to have a constant in this twilight world. Thank Twilight Lexicon. 🙂

      • I just amazes me that you starting a fan site for a book series you love has morphed into such a HUGE thing. And it is HUGE!!!! You have gotten to meet and work with STEPHENIE MEYER (I am soooo stinkin jealous!!!!), this incredible woman, who shared her dream/vision/universe with the world and created a phenomenon (never mind what the haters say). You have gotten to be on the red carpet at premiers and talked to the stars and met in round-table discussions with other bloggers and the author/creator of this thing we all love.
        The Lex has all these incredible email/phone conversations posted that let mildly obsessed fans like me dig deeper into the story and the background. After I finished the books I wanted more and to read Stephenie’s Q&As, etc. was perfect!!! You can tell by looking at my comments that I am not a fan of the first movie or of all the changes to the books in the films but I am an info junkie and you site provides that.
        You provide info that I might otherwise not have gotten about other projects the stars were working on, links to magazine articles and talk show appearances. Twilight Lexicon is a wealth of information and I am forever grateful I found your site – linked from Stephenie’s site, of course! I so glad (and not at all surprised) you are going to keep it going. Thanks for everything, Alphie & Pel!!!

  10. oh my, another reminder of Twilight coming to an end… poor heart!

    Is Twilight Lexicon still planning the event in Nashville? I am on edge waiting for my email for the last event! I look forward to it with every movie!!!

  11. Well said, ladies. Been here since May 06 and will be seeing this through to the end.

  12. I have to say what Bill said up top is right . And can not what to see the movie (100 days).

  13. I love it can’t wait to have the magazine in my hands 😀

  14. What a great pic! I love that they are in their meadow. I realized that not once in the BD book is it mentioned they go to their meadow. I hope we get to see a bigger version w/out all the other crap that’s on the cover.

    Nice quote from Mr Condon. Yet another reason to love this man. I’ll probably follow his career after Twilight.

  15. Well said Mr. Condon! While it is sad that this all had to happen it in no way makes me any less interested in BD2. Have been there since the beginning and I am not about to stop being a fan because of an actor/actress. What happens in their private life is just that, their private life. I would hate to know that everything I did was splashed all over a trash magazine.
    On a different note, can’t wait for the Nashville movie event. I have enjoyed being there for them all:)

  16. Well said, Bill. Does anyone know when tickets start selling? It’s weird they haven’t been selling yet.

  17. It’s Twilight we love first and not the actors playing them. Their personal lives shouldn’t interfere with the very reason for this fandom’s existence: The Twilight Saga itself. We might love them, we might be hurt, sad or angry but in the end if we let these emotions get the better of us, then we’ll be destroying the fandom and not appreciate the movie that’s for all of us Twihards. Let’s put our opinions away and start supporting and celebrating what should be THE GREATEST moment for all Twihards, the showing of the last chapter of Edward and Bella’s adventures…

    Peace out Twihards!


  18. Words of wisdom from Bill Condon. And from the good people at the Lex. Thanks you guys.

    Even though the last movie will be out in three months, Twilight will never be over. Twilight lives every time someone reads a Twilight book, or watches a Twilight movie, or even just daydreams about Bella and Edward (not to be confused with Kristen and Rob, as wonderfully as they’ve embodied those roles).

    • Love the way you put it…Twilight will never be over. With everything going on, it’s nice to remember that.

  19. I felt a twinge of sadness, but it’s important to remember that this is a photo of Edward and Bella, not Rob and Kristen. Good on Bill Condon for trying to put it in perspective.

  20. Looking forward to the film

    Hoping it is more watchable than the last one, which has a lot of tough things to watch — including the drunken wedding speeches. My second-hand embarrassment is off the Richter scale for those.

  21. That’s a lovely pic and an excellent point so eloquently put by Bill Condon.

    Still very excited for the movie in November, and though saddened by events in Kristen’s and Robert’s private lives, we do need to remember that the two relationships are seperate entities.

    The Twilight Saga is a modern day fairytale that, for a while, seemed to spill over into real life (and who knows, maybe they’ll work it out – #TeamHappilyEverAfter) 🙂 but I’ll be damned if I’m going to let all this intrusive media attention, into a couples very private life, get in the way of the conclusion to something I have been so wrapped up in for the last 4+ years of my life.
    So, *raises glass* here’s to November 16th 2012, Stephenie Meyer, her dream and the music that inspired her, the entire cast and crew of every Twilight movie, the artists that put their sounds down for great soundtracks and the truly freakin’ awesome fanbase – though sometimes wacky, we’re always passionate.

    And to you, The Lex, You have been our ‘go to’ place for as long as we’ve needed you, Thank you for that. We love you. (I’m so glad you’re not going anywhere, I’m terrified of heights so ‘stalker’ wouldn’t look good on me) 😉

    Now….. does anybody know if EW is avilable in the UK?

    • rhiannon says:

      i think we should dub you the wisest twi hard in the land!!! that is an excellent summation of this entire journey. i agree as i too loved edward and bella long before there was a robsten. and i will always love edward and bella. as for robsten, a lesson we can learn from twilight, if they are meant to be they will be!

  22. Well said, Bill. Very well said.

  23. Still waiting! Dont want to rush the year…….but come on already!! 🙂

  24. Christina says:

    I don’t feel excited at all by this magazine. Thanks, Kristen!

  25. So this is what a bittersweet ending feels like. Love to all you twihards. Will always love the story despite the scandle.

  26. Have to “Yay!” for the Lex staying around……

    I love Rob and Kristen as Edward and Bella, and I think what is going on is unfortunate for the fandom, and more so for the two of them. That being said, it is their lives and its time the fans butt out.

    I loved Twilight before they were cast, and kept loving it with them in the roles.

    I hope all the fans still flock to the theater to see it on opening night, i know i i will be there! Its still Stephs story, its still Twilight and i will still cry and be all excited and emotional!

    I also want to say what a class act Bill Condon is. We, as fans, are very fortunate to have had him directing the last 2 parts of the story.

  27. i live with this movie i realy like it and i think ill die without it and im waiting for the last version and im sure that it is going to be better than the others. by the way im in edwards group and i hate jacob

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