Lionsgate’s Breaking Wind Parody to Go Straight to DVD

So this is just an interesting tale in light of the fact that Lionsgate now merged with Summit. Apparently Lionsgate is the studio behind this Breaking Wind parody, something that admittedly escaped our notice up until now, and would have continued to escape our notice if Twilight Quebec hadn’t tipped us off. In fairness to Lionsgate they started this project before the Summit merger, and it probably seemed like a perfectly harmless idea at the time. There’s just supreme level of irony that Lionsgate is now the studio behind the movie, and the most offensive parody of Twilight that we’ve ever seen.

This is the description of Breaking Wind obtained from Moviehole who had the exclusive Moviehole

Writer/director Craig Moss, best known for the recent spoof “The 41-Year-Old Virgin Who Knocked Up Sarah Marshall and Felt Superbad About It”, is sharpening his fangs, flipping up his black collar, ready to sink his teeth into a “Twilight” pisstake.

A film Moss planned to shoot back in the Summer of 2010, then known as “Fully Mooned”, has been set from pause to play. Only now, it’s got a new title. And a home.

Moss is directing “Breaking Wind”, a fun-poke at the hugely successful young teen movie series, for Stonebrook (“Pennhurst”, “Open House”). The title is of course taking the mickey itself; the latest “Twilight” flick is “Breaking Dawn”, released in November….The script for this one, penned by Moss, tells of a young woman named Stella who is forced to choose between ”egocentric” vampire Edward and ”horny” werewolf Jacob. Whichever boy can satisfying Stella’s more intimate needs gets the gig. Expect plenty of jokes that won’t be suitable for the younger of Taylor Lautner’s fans…”

Let’s back up to August when we first heard rumbling of a new Twilight parody. It seemed an odd project to us in that Vampires Suck (another parody) had recently come out, and it wasn’t a huge success. Fans who saw Vampires Suck thought it had some funny moments, but a lot of it was predictable. So we waited until we learned more.

Next, let’s jump ahead to December when a teaser was released and it was clear that this spoof was very R-Rated, and filled with humor that made The Hangover look like high-brow comedy. One of our commentators(who happens to be a straight male) said at the time, “I do have problems with bad parodies, and this has lame written all over it. Bathroom humor was funny when I was 13, but I’d much rather see intelligent parodies versus something that is just blantanty stupid…” Many, many of our readers (who do enjoy a parody suck as Vampire’s Suck, Jimmy Fallon in the tree, Hillywood, and others) were offended by the brief clip.

So today our friends over at Twilight Quebec tipped us off the the full trailer is out and the film (probably completely unsurprisingly) is going direct to DVD. The trailer is absolutely R-Rated (in fact it’s the first time I can ever recall seeing a trailer that is rated R) with graphic language and sexual suggestiveness. It would not be considered “work safe” at my place of business or at most educational institutions, so please be advised before playing the video if you so choose.