Breaking Wind Parody Releases Video

The last time we had a movie parody it was Vampires Suck that mostly concentrated on a Twilight specific parody. Now we have a film that initially looked to parody New Moon and instead held out to do Breaking Dawn

We first got wind of this parody back in August. (Sorry couldn’t resist the pun). According to Moviehole:

Writer/director Craig Moss, best known for the recent spoof “The 41-Year-Old Virgin Who Knocked Up Sarah Marshall and Felt Superbad About It”, is sharpening his fangs, flipping up his black collar, ready to sink his teeth into a “Twilight” pisstake.

A film Moss planned to shoot back in the Summer of 2010, then known as “Fully Mooned”, has been set from pause to play. Only now, it’s got a new title. And a home.

Moss is directing “Breaking Wind”, a fun-poke at the hugely successful young teen movie series, for Stonebrook (“Pennhurst”, “Open House”). The title is of course taking the mickey itself; the latest “Twilight” flick is “Breaking Dawn”, released in November….The script for this one, penned by Moss, tells of a young woman named Stella who is forced to choose between ”egocentric” vampire Edward and ”horny” werewolf Jacob. Whichever boy can satisfying Stella’s more intimate needs gets the gig. Expect plenty of jokes that won’t be suitable for the younger of Taylor Lautner’s fans…”

Now the first teaser is out (WARNING: Humor in the style of the movie The Hangover. Borderline PG-13/R, possibly not work appropriate depending where you work.)

TY to the gals from TwiFans Quebec who tipped us off


  1. CullenCoven says:

    I hate stuff like this. Imagine working your butt off on something that you’re proud of, like acting or writing or directing, and then have someone come and make all of your hard work into a joke! It’s just stupid and degrading. Some may think it’s not, but I do.

    • Actors or actresses careers, their livelihoods, are in making movies to entertain you and me. And you are making fun of what they do. I clicked on this link thinking it would not be crass and horrible. It is not funny or engaging in any way. THUMBS DOWN!

    • Joshua L. Roberts says:

      In truth I don’t have problems with parodies… I do have problems with bad parodies, and this has lame written all over it. Bathroom humor was funny when I was 13, but I’d much rather see intelligent parodies versus something that is just blantanty stupid. The first Scary Movie was very good and poking fun at pop culture. I’ve even written a parody of werewolf films.

      I don’t see this as making fun of “Twilight” in particular, but the pop culture craze surrounding Twilight. Vampires Suck was pretty cool… This on the other hand… I see nothing but box office bomb…

  2. This is disgusting. And people think this is parody?? It’s just tasteless potty humor that seems to be all the rage these days in Hollywood.

    I won’t watch the final version, and am wondering if it should have even been posted here. It’s demeaning to the actors and SM.

    Vampires Suck was silly. This is going to be gross.

    • Twilight_News says:

      Since a major writer is behind this and they are in the midst of a big PR push we figured we had to at least show what the item was tot hat people could be informed and then watch or not watch as they choose, but to at least have information.

    • Christina says:

      I couldn’t agree more. This is absolutely revolting.

  3. I feel sorry for you having to view all of these things to weed out and give us fair warning of content. Thank you for the work. My sense of humour doesn’t go to the Hangover direction.

  4. Though I appreciate the warning, I must point out an error. The Hangover was funny, original, and not an easily-forgotten and pathetic attempt to cash in on the popularity of an existing franchise. No comparison.

    • I agree fully. Comparing it is like an insult to The Hangover, which is a hilarious and unforgettable movie. Thumbs down on this shit :/

    • Twilight_News says:

      I was kind of stuck for defining the type of humor, the only movie I could think of that was close that everyone would be familiar with was The Hangover

      • Joshua L. Roberts says:

        You’re fine Twi-News… I would have made the same comparison, as I don’t make it a habit of watching films with nothing but crude humor, although the Hangover, based upon my friends viewings and multiple viewings, was very good.

        I’m just not into films with blantant bathroom humor. I like clever funniness and situational funny films like the stuff Jim Carry is in, versus the other… Breaking Wind though sucks no matter how you look at it… oh… sucks… … sorry pun…

  5. I love Vampires Suck, this ¨parody¨, is crap I mean the director of that shit should kill himself for doing that, is just so disgusting and gross!

  6. THIS IS RETARDED. not EVEN close to being funny!


  8. It’s not that I don’t want them to poke fun of Twilight, but this is just bad.

  9. I at least was able to crack a smile at Vampires Suck , but that clip for the new movie was slightly disgusting.

    And wasn’t the Vampires Suck movie poking fun at both TW and NM cuz from what I remember seeing, there was a a scene in Volterra in the beginning with the Jacob fan hitting the Edward fan, and something with the wolves being like the Village people like half way through the movie.

  10. pretty funny made me laugh a little

  11. I’m one of the first to say “Twilight Parody, bring it on!” but this is disgusting. I’d love to see a decent parody, but so far, Vampires Suck did in fact, suck and this just looks absolutely horrid.

  12. These parodies keep gettting worse and worse as time goes on. The only I really liked was the scary movies but even those got bad after a while

  13. Um, I think I saw the trailer for this film. And it was called Succhiami.

  14. I am sure this movie will be terrible. What really needs to be done is make a documentary on the twilight fandom, like “Trekkies” did for Star Trek. Truth will always be more interesting than fiction.


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