Breaking Wind Parody Releases Video

The last time we had a movie parody it was Vampires Suck that mostly concentrated on a Twilight specific parody. Now we have a film that initially looked to parody New Moon and instead held out to do Breaking Dawn

We first got wind of this parody back in August. (Sorry couldn’t resist the pun). According to Moviehole:

Writer/director Craig Moss, best known for the recent spoof “The 41-Year-Old Virgin Who Knocked Up Sarah Marshall and Felt Superbad About It”, is sharpening his fangs, flipping up his black collar, ready to sink his teeth into a “Twilight” pisstake.

A film Moss planned to shoot back in the Summer of 2010, then known as “Fully Mooned”, has been set from pause to play. Only now, it’s got a new title. And a home.

Moss is directing “Breaking Wind”, a fun-poke at the hugely successful young teen movie series, for Stonebrook (“Pennhurst”, “Open House”). The title is of course taking the mickey itself; the latest “Twilight” flick is “Breaking Dawn”, released in November….The script for this one, penned by Moss, tells of a young woman named Stella who is forced to choose between ”egocentric” vampire Edward and ”horny” werewolf Jacob. Whichever boy can satisfying Stella’s more intimate needs gets the gig. Expect plenty of jokes that won’t be suitable for the younger of Taylor Lautner’s fans…”

Now the first teaser is out (WARNING: Humor in the style of the movie The Hangover. Borderline PG-13/R, possibly not work appropriate depending where you work.)

TY to the gals from TwiFans Quebec who tipped us off