Kristen and Rob Make Forbes List of Best Actors for the Buck

We’ve enjoyed how various Twilight stars and characters have ended up making different lists put out by Forbes.  Remember when Carlisle was number one on their list of wealthy fictional characters?  Now Forbes has taken a look at the hottest stars in Hollywood and compared what they get paid to what the last three non-animated films they were in made at the box office.  They are calling the list Hollywood’s Best Actors for the Buck.   Topping the list was Kristen Stewart.  For every $1 she gets paid to make a film, the films makes  $55.83.  Rob Pattinson came in third on the list.  His films have made $39.43 for ever dollar.  Other celebrities on the list include Anne Hathaway coming in at number two thanks to the success of Alice in Wonderland and Dan Radcliffe at number four.

Read the whole story at Forbes.


  1. No offense to Forbes, because I’m glad to see Kristen and Rob at the top of the list, but I’m not sure what rationale they used to finalize the list. The only Twilight movie considered for Rob was Eclipse because he also had Water For Elephants and Remember Me as his other recent films. But they considered both New Moon and Eclipse for Kristen when she had both Welcome to the Rileys and The Runaways come out after New Moon. Something seems a little fishy at Forbes.

    • I was thinking the same thing. I don’t think they are doing their research correctly. =)

    • They may only be considering movies that had a nationwide release? I know for sure The Runaways was not released nationally and only found in “select markets” (I had to drive over 2 hrs to get to a theater that was showing it), and I’m pretty sure it was the same thing for Welcome to the Riley’s (although I’m not certain); whereas both of Robert Pattinson’s films (Water for Elephants and Remember Me) were nationwide releases. Just a thought…

  2. I don’t know how Forbes comprised this list, but they need to do it over. Kristen has been in more movies than Rob since the release of New Moon and Eclipse, and Anne Hathaway being on the list for Alice In Wonderland makes no sense seeing as how quite a few people knew only that Johnny Depp was it, and a few of the posters only contain his name, and also Anne wasn’t in the entire first half.

    I have other gripes with this list, but won’t get into it.

  3. According to the Yahoo Canada article I read, the movies that were being counted had to have been released in more than 500 theaters. Thus Rob’s earnings being close to $20 less than Kristen’s makes total sense when you consider that Kristen hasn’t appeared in anything that really has a mass market push behind it other than the Twilight movies.

    I am, however, calling b/s on those numbers though because I truly don’t think Kristen made more than Dan Radcliffe because the last three movies that he was in all grossed close to or over $1 billion bucks a piece where as her’s grossed little more than $700 million.

    • Yes, but Daniel Radcliffe makes a whole lot more money per movie than Kristen. The article is about how much their movies make compared to how much the actors make. That’s why Daniel is farther down the list that Kristen.

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