VIDEO: Screen Slam Interviews Rob, Kristen, and Stephenie Meyer

Get ready folks.  The onslaught of press junket footage and interview is about to drop.  Here is our first roll out of video from Screen Slam. There will be a second post with more video interviews.


  1. I’m glad to hear the dress is somewhat like what SM envisioned. I can’t wait to see it!

  2. if they dont add edwards line ” throw it out the window” when renesmee is being born i’ll be sad because i think that is hilarious

    • I think that’s Jacobs line. Edward by that time loved the baby.

      • it is jacobs line….edward wants jacob to take the baby and clearly jacob doesn’t want to so he says to edward “throw it out the window” then rosalie comes back in the room and takes the baby

  3. All of these are good interviews. It would be better to know what the questions are that they are answering and not have the stop/go effect. Great news that Stephenie likes the wedding dress. Some indications of differences between the book and movies from these interviews.

  4. Olga Podolean says:

    I hate the vampire make-up and hair in this movie. they just look….wrong……. to me at least. I think all of them (the vampires) looked better in Twilight,though,the Volturi in New Moon

  5. I finally understand how Edwards sees himself. Stephanie did a great job of explaining why he didn’t want Bella to have his baby. I never really understood that until she told us why. Lightbulb moment for me.


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