Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in Italy’s Vanity Fair

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart talk about the wedding in Italy’s Vanity Fair.

First Question: and you, what do you think about weddings?
Rob: I don’t know until now, I’ve been at around twenty funerals and just 2 weddings, certainly for what I saw they’re more fun than the funerals.

But, didn’t you got emotional after the ring exchange?

Rob: the truth? I think that the major part of the men who get married, live the same kind of experience: you stay there, waiting.. the wedding day is a woman’s thing, it’s their day. It was different for Kristen: the dress, walking to the altar, the music. I got away with an “you are very pretty, let’s get married!”

Kristen: I have to admit it, I felt like a real bride: at the center of the attention, in a wonderful dress.. for that scene everybody had to leave their phones before entering: the dress had to be kept a secret.

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  1. Jean Brown says:

    So Rob thinks it will be a sequel? Hmmmmmmm……what does Rob know that we dont. Personally i think SM should not write anymore Twilight books. She ended the saga perfectly.

  2. Barbie Wilson says:

    I got away with an “you are very pretty, let’s get married!” SWOON!!!!!!!

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