Fandom Flashback: The Casting of the Twilight Saga

Now that filming has wrapped for the five films that will make up the complete Twilight Saga, I thought it would be interesting to take a look back at what happened in late 2007 when the saga was first cast. Speculation ran rampant with who should be cast as which character. The fandom was smaller then and totally book based, but everyone had their own opinion as to who should play their favorite characters.

For Bella Swan, fans debated over Emily Browning, Alexis Bledel, and Danielle Panabaker as front runners. Fan wanted a true brunette with a small frame and a kind of innocence to her. (Keep in mind that the casting for the film happened before Breaking Dawn was published!) When Kristen Stewart landed the role, the feeling we got at the time from the fandom was that fans weren’t completely thrilled, but they were at least happy that Bella wasn’t being played by a Disney-esque actress and that the film was at least being made.

On our post announcing the casting, most comments were fine with the choice and were really only interested in who was going to play Edward. Even still, we posted our personal position on the casting of the films. Having lived through the casting of several Harry Potter films at the time, we knew that it wasn’t wise to be too attached to a particular actor or actress as a book character because the chances of that actor actually landing the role were slim to none. Also, you really have to wait to see the finished film before you can pass judgment on how great or terrible the casting is. (I think many Hunger Games fans can relate to this right now!) Stephenie Meyer even drove home the point after being bombarded on her MySpace page by hate for Kristen Stewart. She had this to say at the time:

For anyone who’s visited my site, this is not really news. After reading through your comments, though, I felt the need to reiterate a few things:
1) I did not choose Kristen Stewart to play Bella. Summit films choose her. I’m happy with their choice, but it was never up to me.
2) Similarly, I have no choice in the matter of who will play Edward, Alice, or any of the other characters. I have made suggestions, but no one at Summit is obligated to listen to my suggestions. They’re nice enough to let me bug them, but even that is more than I contractually have the right to expect.
3) Begging me to choose a good Edward is a waste of your typing time.
But since we’re on the subject of Edward, I’d like to give you all a little advice (the same advice I’m giving myself). To my knowledge, no one has been cast for the role yet, but here are some things for us to repeat to ourselves daily as we wait for the news:
1) Do not expect the actor who plays Edward to fit your preconceived notions of the character. No one is that perfect; that’s why he’s fictional.
2) DO expect that the actor won’t “look like Edward” to you. Try to be open-minded about that. Headshots lack the magic of makeup and lighting; they aren’t going to convey what the actor might look like on the set.
3) Do not expect a name you’re familiar with; do not expect the guy in your lexicon banner (who is probably too old, not a good enough actor, or not interested anyway).
4) No human actor is pretty enough to really pull off a vampire. What we are hoping for here is that magical element of screen charisma that makes all the difference in the world. Example: Pirates of the Carribean. Were you drooling over pretty Orlando? I wasn’t. I was taken with the drunk pirate in the eyeliner. Some actors can own any scene they’re in. Let’s not focus so much on the perfect face (which no one is going to be happy with regardless); let’s hope for an inebriated pirate. I.e. someone who can own a scene like Johnny or Joaquin or Jonathan Rhys, someone who will make us forget he’s not quite pretty enough to be a vampire.

Here’s my wish: that, after we find out who is going to play Edward, my comments page is not awash with “I can’t believe they picked HIM!”-s and “John Doe is the real Edward and no one else can do it!”-s and “I hate him! I want him to die!”-s. Can we give him a chance to become Edward? Can we let him try to convince us? I’m keeping my mind open. I hope I can keep my comments page open, too

It was wishful thinking and the intention was good, but the storm was already brewing. Fans were constantly debating over who should play Edward Cullen. Favorites included Stephenie’s personal choice of Henry Cavil to Hayden Christensen and even Gaspard Ulliel. There had even been some talk about Jackson Rathbone as Edward. Stephenie herself had him on her possibilities list.

Nothing though prepared us for what was to come.

The date was Dec. 11, 2007. And this was how we posted the news that day: “Summit Entertainment announced that Robert Pattinson, an actor from the UK, has been cast as Edward Cullen.”

And the world went crazy.

Not in the way that you think. I’m sure those of you that fell in love with Edward because of Robert Pattinson will find it surprising that so many people absolutely hated this decision. Personally, Laura and I laughed a little because as Harry Potter fans we had a bit of a difficult time picturing Edward with a wand fighting off Voldemort… I mean the Volturi. But our laughter didn’t last long given that this one announcement crashed the Lexicon! We’d had high traffic before with book releases, but nothing anywhere near the amount of traffic that came in on that one day. It actually led us to separate the blog from the forums and run them on two separate servers to be able to handle the hits coming at us! To paraphrase our server company, “Do you people realize you’ve had over 300,000 hits in the last half hour? What the heck kind of site are you people running?”

The first comment on the blog about the news said, “I hate Robert!!! Edward is supposed to be hot and I think he’s not…I don’t like him!!!!!” And it didn’t stop there. “THEY PICKED THE WRONG PERSON FOR EDWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Or how about, “No offence or anything, but Robert Pattinson isn’t good looking enough to be Edward.” Did you know that Catherine Hardwick has said multiple times that even she had to convince the rest of the film makers that Robert was a good choice and that fans would think he was sexy? She had to convince them!

It’s a bit shocking to look back and see that one of Hollywood’s current hottest leading men, who is on the cover of literally thousands of magazines around the world every month, was once thought of as not being sexy enough to play the role for which he’s most famous. I think the majority of fans would agree that the single greatest contribution Catherine Hardwick had on the Twilight and film community in general was the casting of Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen.

Casting continued with the addition of the rest of the Cullens as well as Bella’s high school friends. One by one, as each cast member was announced the fans responded with their fair share of love and hate comments. Most of the problems came from the fact that so many of the actors had the wrong hair color for their character, which meant they would have to use wigs or be dyed. Comments about Ashley Greene being too tall to play Alice or Kellan Lutz not being bulky enough to play Emmett were tossed around on message boards.

Once the casting of the Cullen family was finished, Summit released this photo to help fans see the big picture of these actors in their various roles. Contained in the 929 comments on our blog the day the first photos of the Cullen family surfaced were some of these gems:

OMCOMCOM! These are spectacular! (we can just overlook the fact that Jasper’s hair might eat him at any given moment)  Edward is just….woah! If Emmett grows his hair out a little more, and Jasper tames the beast…then I would just…die!  I cannot wait for more pictures, especially if Bella is in there!

Have I said yet how much I LOVE Edwar… Robert’s eyebrows? I LOVE THEM! I didn’t before, but now they are pretty and groomed, and I’m in love with them. Oooh… and his chin. YUMMY.

hotty hotty!!!! gawd i cant even stand it soooooooooooo CUTE!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAA i cant wait to see him!

Obviously, whatever doubts fans were having started to wane rather quickly, and the birth of the screaming Twi-fan was born.

Surprisingly, the casting of Jacob Black didn’t make much of a splash. This was posted on Stephenie Meyer’s website in January of 2008:

“Director Catherine Hardwicke is keen to find the right teenager for the role of Jacob,” says Casting Director Lana Veenker, owner of the Portland, Oregon-based casting company. “Besides being an authentic Native American, he needs to have charm and charisma. At this point, Catherine is more concerned about finding someone with the right looks and personality, than she is about prior acting experience. And he needs to be available for sequels! This will be an amazing opportunity for one lucky teenager.”

Then, about a month later, we ran this announcement:  “Billy Burke, Taylor Lautner, Christian Serratos, Edi Gathegl, Rachel Lefevre, Sarah Clark and Gregory Tyree Boyce have joined the cast. At this time we are uncertain of who is playing who, and I think we have all learned that speculation only leads to problem. Once we know the characters they will play, we will let you know.”

As you can see, Taylor Lautner’s name was slipped in there with little to no fuss. In fact, we were one of the first people to interview Taylor in regards to his role when we visited the set of Twilight. At the time, the media focused mainly on Edward, Bella, and the Cullens and didn’t pay too much attention to Jacob, since his role was rather brief in Twilight. It wasn’t until casting came around for New Moon and word got out that Taylor might be replaced that there was any real fuss over the casting of Jacob Black.

Casting news has surrounded each film as new characters have been introduced. I remember the hype over casting the wolf pack and then the Volturi and the fact that big names like Michael Sheen and Dakota Fanning were going to join the cast. With Eclipse we had the tension over the recasting of Victoria coupled with the swoon worthiness of Xavier Samuel as Riley. And then with Breaking Dawn and the whole influx of international vampires as well as the fan favorite Denali clan, casting news still ran rampant.

There will always be movies based on books. The casting of those movies will always cause excitement and grief and joy for fans of those books. In the end, what matters is the final product. Given the popularity of the franchise and the love and devotion fans everywhere have for this cast, I think The Twilight Saga has done well. We rush out to see other films starring these actors. We follow their charities and causes. We wait in lines for days and days and days just to catch a glimpse of them. I’m pretty sure Summit is happy that they listened to Catherine Hardwick all those years ago and trusted her casting decisions!

Now it’s your turn to chime in! Where you around when Twilight was first cast? What did you think then and what do you think now? Did your opinion change?

If you came into the films because of the cast, does any of this shock you? What was it about the cast that appealed to you and made you want to see the film?

Leave us a comment and tell us your thoughts!


  1. I hadn’t even heard of the books when the movie came out. I only remember hearing the news that HP6 was being moved back to a summer release (boo) and that Summit had snapped up that weekend to release Twilight. Then when the movie was about to come out, I read an article on MSN (I think) about the Twilight hype, and the only way the author was able to connect with me was by stating that Robert Pattinson played Cedric in HP4. Other than that, I had no idea who these people were and what the big deal was about.

    Now as a HP fan, I suffered the same casting woes the author of this piece did with certain characters so I can understand the frustration of the Twilight fandom in the early days of the movie casting (I was never a fan of the Lupin casting, but I digress). I came into Twilight while New Moon was filming so I didn’t experience any major casting drama until the Victoria issue. As I’ve watched the movies and read the books, I can see where perfect casting choices were made (IMO), such as Charlie, Billy Black, and Mike Newton. Others I’ve questioned and thought they could have looked a little bit harder. I recently watched a TV series with an actress who would’ve been perfect for Rosalie. Perhaps the fandom should pool their money and do their own version that represents the will of the fans. lol I doubt we’d get anything accomplished because we have our own views on the story, but it would be interesting to hash out. hehe

  2. Shannon Fox says:

    I had no idea about Twilight till the movie came out and my oldest wanted to see it (10 yrs old at the time). i was like “really a vampire movie? i dont want u scared tonight!” she was like “MOM is NOT like that” lol i fell in love at 1st sight! i went that home that night and started reading em and finished the saga in a week, i COULD NOT see anyone else in these roles! LOVE THE CHOICES THEY MADE!!!

  3. Rose is a Horrible Choice. Absolutely Horrible. She’s not pretty, she doesn’t have the right attitude. Its miserable. Although I like rob, he’s not physically fit for the role but it’s tolerable. Rose isn’t.

  4. hi every one if specially Bella & Edward if u both r reading it i would like to give a lot of love to u both and others
    i love ur all the films specially the trailer of breaking dawn i was become mad when i saw it first i have no words to say any more for u both at last i would like to say u that i love u both very much.

  5. olympic coven says:

    I had begun to read the books before Twilight came out. When my girlfriend showed me a picture of Edward/Robert I must admit he wasn’t what I pictured. Bella was cast perfectly. Everything changed when I saw the first teaser. Now when I read the books again I see them and hear their voices so it’s seamless. I do prefer the books over the movies because you get more inside their heads and get all the scenes as opposed to condensed versions.(i.e. would have wanted the blood type scene in Twilight as opposed to a new character being killed by three vamps). I think with each movie the other Cullens get to sparkle more. (Would have loved for Alice and Charlie to have a conversation the next morning in New Moon). Eclipse was the closest so far to the books. I’ve read where Kristen had several scenes put back in so big Thanks to her. Can’t wait to see Bella and Emmett arm wrestle or even the bonding of Bella and Rose.

  6. Pat Rutkowski says:

    I remember thinking – “How will they be ever to cast anyone to play Edward? Who can they possibly find that can even remotely embody the character of Edward?” The answer was Robert Pattinson. I don’t think they could have found another actor that fits the bill as well as he does. Outstanding casting, along with Taylor Lautner as Jacob and Ashley Greene as Alice. With the one exception of Nikki Reed as Rosalie, I think everyone else also fit their parts reasonably well . Great job by Catherine Hardwicke.

  7. I remember all this hoopla over the casting. I also remember being quite pleased and happy with the choices. I didn’t really know Kristen’s work but from the picture they had posted of her with the announcement on Stephanie’s site I remember thinking she looked the part and I was sure she was a good actress from the way Stephanie and Catherine spoke of her.

    When Robert was cast, I remember squeeing. I FLOVED him in The Goblet of Fire. Of course, we all had our ideas of who should be cast, and since I’m a bit older than the teen audience at the time, my idea Edward was Johnny Depp. I knew there was no way he could play Edward though, since was too old for the part…so I was completely happy when Robert (aka Cedric Diggory) was cast.

    And nothing has been the same since then. I’m an even bigger fan of Twilight, the books and movies, than ever before. Robert and Kristen’s lives have certainly changed, as have all the other cast members. I think Catherine Hardwick did a great job with casting and as a fan, I really owe her a load of thanks for her perseverance and casting choices.

    I had to LOL at how little attention was payed to Taylor Lautner’s casting. True, his role was small but surely fans of the series knew his role would be expanded in subsequent movies? But, I was never a big fan of Jacob anyway….so maybe some fans were just like me and didn’t care.

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

  8. Tamara can you please reply to me why Robert Pattinson is extremely ugly to you? What is it that you do not find beautiful in Robert ? Is it his hair,is it his forehead,is it his eyebrows,is it his eyes or the color of his eyes,is it his nose,is it mouth, is it his smile, is it his chin, is it his jaw, is it his speaking voise or is it the fact that he is a one woman man for the past three and a half years?

  9. I think Catherine Hardwick was right and Rob is perfect .The best Edward. Rob is so talent and so handsome.

    He’s perfect,he’s talent,he’a a great guy and great person.

  11. Greta Callec says:

    Ididn’t even know that Twilight was a book until after I went to see the Movie, I thought Twilight was great and Robert Pattinson made a great Edward. .Needless to say I immediately read all the books (more than once) and I can’t imagine anyone else playing Edward. All of the cast are very good, and having actors that aren’t well known is a good thing, because they do become the characters. Looking forward to Breaking Dawn, counting down the days.

  12. That famous december 11 of 2007, I saw Rob and I tought makeup will help because he wasn’t that appealing to me, and them that MTV interview with him and that beard and I was like god are you poor, homeless or something get a razor and then I saw the first picture and well the rest is story, now I’m Robsessed.

  13. I wasn’t introduced to the books until shortly before the news of a movie version was out. I saw Twilight before I read it, though I’m not one of those who expects movies and books to be exactly the same – they are simply different accounts of the same story. My expectations of characters’ looks and mannerisms were already in place when I started reading the books. As I read, my mind’s eye did not see Kristen Stewart as Bella anymore, the same goes for a few other relatively small characters, but this hasn’t caused me any problems connecting with the movies. I think Rob Pattinson has done an excellent job as Edward, for many reasons. I was upset when there was speculation about replacing Taylor’s character, and equally upset when I heard they replaced the actress playing Victoria. I think the new Victoria did very well, but I prefer not to change faces of important characters. All in all, I’ve been happy with the choices for each character. I absolutely love Billy Burke as Charlie, and I’m eager to see him and the new characters in Breaking Dawn.

  14. Saphirerose says:

    No I stayed open minded about how they would do. I loved them then and still do. What kills me is when people say something about Edward looking like he is in pain all the time… Hello did you read the books or pay attention to the movies…. Come on get a clue…

  15. Rob Pattinson – love, love, love. A perfect Edward.
    Kristen Stewart – a waste of film space. All she can do is blink spasmodically. Alexis Bledel would’ve been a much better choice.
    Taylor Lautner – wasn’t pleased until New Moon came out; then I was convinced.
    All the Cullens were perfect, except for Niki Reed. I think Dianna Agron (Quinn on GLEE) is a thousand times prettier than she is and does well playing a snotty beotch.
    Billy Buke – I wasn’t sold on him until the New Moon. Now I think he’s perfect.

    Overall, the choices they made would have been better without such obvious makeup and hair changes. For example, why does Jasper’s hair look ridiculous in every movie? Rosalie’s hair is SOOOO obviously a wig, as was Victoria’s in Eclipse. Well, (sigh) what’s done is done.

  16. First of all let me say that I love the cast of twilight. I couldn’t imagine Bella as anyone but Kristen. Nor could i imagine Edward as anyone but Robert. Robert and Kristen together have this magical chemistry. They made the movie. I’ve seen Kristen in several movies she is a great actress and is so amazing. All in all I love the twilight saga and it’s cast. they are the best.

  17. Brittney says:

    I started reading the books a couple months before the first movie had come out. My cousin was the first to even tell me about the series and kept trying to get me to read the books for the longest time. Then while I was watching that movie Penelope on DVD, there was a Twilight sneak peek during the previews. I remember thinking two very specific things during that clip: 1) hey! That’s that vampire book everyone keeps talking about. And 2) Oh my god that’s Cedric from Harry Potter and holy crap he’s grown up into a very good-looking man!! Lol I just remember being totally attracted to Rob Pattinson while watching that clip (plus the British accent helped A LOT). And I thought Kristen Stewart was so adorable. After that I started reading the books and pictured Rob and Kristen in my head the whole time. I didn’t find out about the rest of the cast until I started reading Eclipse I think. So by the time I started Breaking Dawn I had a full cast of characters in my head. All in all, I thought they did an awesome job in finding the right actors. My absolute favorite choices besides Rob was Kellan, Ashley, Jackson, and Dakota. And now Mackenzie as Renesmee. Honestly though, I’m not sure how I would have reacted to Rob had I read the books before any of the casting was announced. Since I had only seen him as Cedric Diggory, knowing me I probably would have been a little hesitant about liking him at first. But I think once an actor is completely in character, in costume, and every detail in place, it’s best to not judge before you even SEE the movie. Why get worked up about something that may turn out amazing in the end?

  18. I don’t want this people to take the part of Bella and cause I want to be like her and I don’t want no celebs or other people, can’t have this parts way form me cause I know how to talk like her and I know what she dose when is pregnant and me I have been ready breaking dawn part 1 and I’ll having other books so I can catch up on it and yes I have seen the movies and the books with it and I want to be in it as in the story please but this makes me shinging moment for me please I can face up to the death and the carrying the pregnancy but I am very head strong for this and I can handle how to be a vampire for real and I can to drink human blood or the eye color to change and I can handle those things amd yes I am not afraid or scared either and please choose me for this part of Bella please


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