More Casting News is reporting another seven names added to the ever growing cast list for Twilight the movie.  Billy Burke, Taylor Lautner, Christian Serratos(EDIT CONFIRMED AS ANGELA), Edi Gathegl, Rachel Lefevre, Sarah Clark and Gregory Tyree Boyce have joined the cast.  At this time we are uncertain of who is playing who, and I think we have all learned that speculation only leads to problem.  Once we know the characters they will play, we will let you know.

Credit goes to Kellie for the heads up on this one!



  1. bella24681 says:

    cool ..hope fuly thay find a jacob soon =D

  2. Cool Hope they have a Jacob! i nneed one pleeeese

  3. Taylor Lautner? Adorable hair. Young Quiluete boy, perhaps? This constant casting is so exciting!

  4. Taylor Lautner might be jacob…

  5. Kool more people to love!!!LOL:P

  6. I’m guessing Taylor would be the young version of Jacob? Guess he’s about the right age?

  7. la tua cantate says:

    Time to goggle all there names for pictures and guess who they will be playing!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I think Gregory Tyree Boyce might be Jacob as there is nothing about him on google

  9. Yeah, I think Taylor is the young Jacob. It would be good to have him, since he is sort of Quiluete- looking. If he is Jacob, he’ll probably be a good actor for sequels.

  10. Taylor Lautner looks like he’s about 12 years old..LOL! Maybe Seth?

  11. Taylor? Are they looking for a Native American Indian for Jacob? I cant seem to find if he fits in to that role.. Any info welcome!!!

  12. Dancergirl says:

    Yeah! Going to go google them.

  13. jacob needs love too says:

    this is so awesome…some of them i couldn’t
    find pictures for, but i guess i can’t complain.

  14. hopefully, one of them is Jacob 8D
    *googles all of them*

  15. I have a feeling Christian might be Angela…I can’t think of who else she would be!

  16. I think that they are for, Jacob, Angela, Do they have Victoria? if not one of the girls looks like a Victoria. Billy Burke would be a perfect Charlie.

  17. I just wish they’d tell us who is playing who already!

  18. Christian Serratos is definatily angela, Edi Gathegl is laruent becuase one of then twilightmoms said he was black, Sarah Clark i’m thinking ranee,Taylor Lautner might be our jake but idk,isn’t Rachel Lefevre already victora,Billy Burke and Gregory Tyree Boyce i have no clue who they could be


  19. Billy Burke would be Charlie!!!

  20. TotalTwilight13 says:

    OMG!!!!! This is all soooo exciting!!! I can’t believe this is all really happening! I can’t wait till it comes out!! WOW I STILL CAN’T BELIEVE IT!!!! THIS IS AMAZING!!!!
    I LOVE TWILIGHT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. or whatever that site is…Is right. There is a ton of people in this cast!!!!!

  22. Taylor Lautner looks to have grown up a bit from when his imdb shots were taken. I suggest looking at some of his recent appearences on his fansites 🙂

  23. Billy Burke is so totally Charlie. Thats him. i know it. I just went on IMDB and looked all of them up. nothing on the gregory tyree boyce guy. I think he is jacob.

  24. twilightsexactlymybrandofheroin says:

    yah taylor could definitely be a quiluete…possibly young jacob?!?! fine by me =)

    even though there was that thing last week or seomthing about edi gathegi possibly being laurent, and even though he could fit the whole “african american with long dreads” description, i think billy burke would be a good laurent!!!!

    im wondering about Christian Serratos….maybe angela?? idk!

  25. Well, no one seems to know who Gregory Tyree Boyce is, and it was rumored that Jake was a TOTAL unknown Native American actor who Catherine apparently LOVED. Since no one can find out anything about this guy, he seems to be pretty unknown…

    Can’t wait till we find out more!!

  26. I think:

    Sarah Clarke will be Renee

    Billy Burke will be Charlie

    Edi Gathegl is almost certainly Laurent if the twilightmoms are correct which they usually are lol =]

    Taylor Lautner…maybe a young Jacob, Seth or one of the other Quileute boys…OR if they’ve changed his ethnicity, Tyler?

    Christian Serratos I think will be either Angela or maybe one of the other Quileute girls… Leah??


    I think this Gregory Tyree Boyce will be Jacob, as there is NO infomation on him whatsoever and everywhere has been saying they’ve cast an unknown. Plus new unknown actors usually have long names lol usually with unique [or made-up lol] middle names included =]

    Oh, and we already know Rachel Lefevre is Victoria.

    Well thery’re my theories =D Lol

  27. Fire and Ice says:

    I don’t think that Taylor will play Jacob…

  28. Rachelle Lefevre was announced forever ago, no? As Victoria??

    And I’m thinking Billy Burke is Charlie…But that’s just my opinion. :/

  29. Rachel Lefevre has already been casted to play victoria. I think that Billy Burke is going to play Charlie and Taylor Lautner is going to play Jacob

  30. I think that Taylor would make a great Jacob!
    Billy Burke isn’t at all what Charlie looks like in my head but I think he’d do a good job!
    Someone said Laurent was cast as being African American so I’m guessing Edi Gathegi is playing him?
    Christian Serratos must be Angela
    We already know Rachel Lefevre is Victoria
    Sarah Clark as Renee maybe?
    And I have no idea who Gregory Tyree Boyce is so no idea.

  31. Hmmm…so confusing. I can’t wait until they say who they’re playing!!! Billy Burke was sort of my mental picture of Laurent, but I heard that he was black in the movie so that’s probably the Edi guy. I know I shouldn’t be trying to figure out who they are, but you can’t help but wonder sometimes. =]

  32. Taylor looks like a possible Jacob. He seems really young though, I don’t know how much that would work for a New Moon and Eclipse movie.

    Whatever, this is all just speculation anyway!
    Let’s hope we get some firm casting information soon.

  33. billy burke i saw on wiki as being charlie so im pretty sure on that and of course we know rachel is victoria but im pretty sure billy burke is charlie i read it somewhere technically on taylor’s webstie he’s 16 almost 17 then so thats the correct age for jake any intakes?

  34. Taylor looks older in more recent pictures. He’s 16 now and on the IMDB those pic look to be about two years old.

  35. Yea!! I can’t wait to find out who is who!!!!!

  36. It’s Rachelle Lefevre, not Rachel.

  37. YAY!
    I have a good idea that Sara Clark will play Renne, she just looks like a sweet mom.

  38. i hope that Taylor Lautner plays seth or something. he is basically a fetus. too young to play jacob.
    but his teeth are white…

  39. I think the unknown Gregory Tyree Boyce is Jacob. Though I wouldn’t be too annoyed if Taylor Lautner was a young Jacob!

  40. blonde bella says:

    Taylor looks like a promising Jacob and he’s fifteen (i know he doesn’t look 15 but he is!) and that’s like the right age but he looks so young! oh well who ever is played buy Jacob will be good.

    I couldn’t find Sarah Clark on google or imdb i’ll try again but any advice on where to look for her???

    I never pictured Edi as Laurent but i can see it now and i love it! on they talked about him probably playing him so i’m guessing/hoping but that’s all it is for now!

  41. taylor is most definitely playing Jacob, no doubt about it
    Billy Burke i think will be charlie
    Sarah Clarke I think will be renee
    as for eveyone else I don’t really know

  42. la tua cantate says:

    Isnt Laurent supposed to be french?Thats o.k if Edi plays him,but i would rather they leave the dreadlocks out of it if thats really the way they plan to have him look.
    I always pictured laurent like this.
    but its o.k we all have our own images.
    If Taylor lauther is going to be the younger Jacob..good choice..but i Hope they have someone else for they older Jacob. Taylor actually kind of look lik a younger Steven Straight!
    anyways..I am sure that there will be photos of all these new people that have been announced.
    The lexicon has never let us down before..right? They are good about that sort of stuff,they know we are all dying to see!!!!! Thank you Lexicon!

  43. blonde bella says:

    forget what i said about taylor he’s sixteen..sorry that’s the result of having to go to school and learn nothing!

  44. onlyavampire says:

    I can’t wait for the movie it’s nice too know some of the actors who will be appearing in it. I can’t wait to find out who Jake is.
    What happened to the picture with the cast we know about so far?

    thanks for the heads up

  45. edward's girl says:

    I agree that taylor lautner looks like a possible Jacob…but I really hope that he’s not. I adore Jacob, and he looks like a little baby. I know Jacob is suppose to be young, but Edward and Bella are suppose to be 17 and the actors playing them are much older than 17. If Taylor is Jacob, he will look even younger next to them.

  46. Yes Laurent is supposed to be french but there are black people in France 🙂

  47. No one knows who Gregory tyree Boyce is so it might be one of the interviewed people for jacob as he has not got a IMDb account thing and i dont thin there is any of actor with a the same name. We need pics then we can confirm who is who i think.

  48. Taylor will be Jacob and Billy will be Laurent

  49. Mary Alice Cullen says:

    Cool now I’m going to google and see their pic’s. 🙂

  50. la tua cantate says:

    o.k i dont think that worked..
    lets try again..
    this is my image of Laurent!!!

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