Fandom Flashback: The Casting of the Twilight Saga

Now that filming has wrapped for the five films that will make up the complete Twilight Saga, I thought it would be interesting to take a look back at what happened in late 2007 when the saga was first cast. Speculation ran rampant with who should be cast as which character. The fandom was smaller then and totally book based, but everyone had their own opinion as to who should play their favorite characters.

For Bella Swan, fans debated over Emily Browning, Alexis Bledel, and Danielle Panabaker as front runners. Fan wanted a true brunette with a small frame and a kind of innocence to her. (Keep in mind that the casting for the film happened before Breaking Dawn was published!) When Kristen Stewart landed the role, the feeling we got at the time from the fandom was that fans weren’t completely thrilled, but they were at least happy that Bella wasn’t being played by a Disney-esque actress and that the film was at least being made.

On our post announcing the casting, most comments were fine with the choice and were really only interested in who was going to play Edward. Even still, we posted our personal position on the casting of the films. Having lived through the casting of several Harry Potter films at the time, we knew that it wasn’t wise to be too attached to a particular actor or actress as a book character because the chances of that actor actually landing the role were slim to none. Also, you really have to wait to see the finished film before you can pass judgment on how great or terrible the casting is. (I think many Hunger Games fans can relate to this right now!) Stephenie Meyer even drove home the point after being bombarded on her MySpace page by hate for Kristen Stewart. She had this to say at the time:

For anyone who’s visited my site, this is not really news. After reading through your comments, though, I felt the need to reiterate a few things:
1) I did not choose Kristen Stewart to play Bella. Summit films choose her. I’m happy with their choice, but it was never up to me.
2) Similarly, I have no choice in the matter of who will play Edward, Alice, or any of the other characters. I have made suggestions, but no one at Summit is obligated to listen to my suggestions. They’re nice enough to let me bug them, but even that is more than I contractually have the right to expect.
3) Begging me to choose a good Edward is a waste of your typing time.
But since we’re on the subject of Edward, I’d like to give you all a little advice (the same advice I’m giving myself). To my knowledge, no one has been cast for the role yet, but here are some things for us to repeat to ourselves daily as we wait for the news:
1) Do not expect the actor who plays Edward to fit your preconceived notions of the character. No one is that perfect; that’s why he’s fictional.
2) DO expect that the actor won’t “look like Edward” to you. Try to be open-minded about that. Headshots lack the magic of makeup and lighting; they aren’t going to convey what the actor might look like on the set.
3) Do not expect a name you’re familiar with; do not expect the guy in your lexicon banner (who is probably too old, not a good enough actor, or not interested anyway).
4) No human actor is pretty enough to really pull off a vampire. What we are hoping for here is that magical element of screen charisma that makes all the difference in the world. Example: Pirates of the Carribean. Were you drooling over pretty Orlando? I wasn’t. I was taken with the drunk pirate in the eyeliner. Some actors can own any scene they’re in. Let’s not focus so much on the perfect face (which no one is going to be happy with regardless); let’s hope for an inebriated pirate. I.e. someone who can own a scene like Johnny or Joaquin or Jonathan Rhys, someone who will make us forget he’s not quite pretty enough to be a vampire.

Here’s my wish: that, after we find out who is going to play Edward, my comments page is not awash with “I can’t believe they picked HIM!”-s and “John Doe is the real Edward and no one else can do it!”-s and “I hate him! I want him to die!”-s. Can we give him a chance to become Edward? Can we let him try to convince us? I’m keeping my mind open. I hope I can keep my comments page open, too

It was wishful thinking and the intention was good, but the storm was already brewing. Fans were constantly debating over who should play Edward Cullen. Favorites included Stephenie’s personal choice of Henry Cavil to Hayden Christensen and even Gaspard Ulliel. There had even been some talk about Jackson Rathbone as Edward. Stephenie herself had him on her possibilities list.

Nothing though prepared us for what was to come.

The date was Dec. 11, 2007. And this was how we posted the news that day: “Summit Entertainment announced that Robert Pattinson, an actor from the UK, has been cast as Edward Cullen.”

And the world went crazy.

Not in the way that you think. I’m sure those of you that fell in love with Edward because of Robert Pattinson will find it surprising that so many people absolutely hated this decision. Personally, Laura and I laughed a little because as Harry Potter fans we had a bit of a difficult time picturing Edward with a wand fighting off Voldemort… I mean the Volturi. But our laughter didn’t last long given that this one announcement crashed the Lexicon! We’d had high traffic before with book releases, but nothing anywhere near the amount of traffic that came in on that one day. It actually led us to separate the blog from the forums and run them on two separate servers to be able to handle the hits coming at us! To paraphrase our server company, “Do you people realize you’ve had over 300,000 hits in the last half hour? What the heck kind of site are you people running?”

The first comment on the blog about the news said, “I hate Robert!!! Edward is supposed to be hot and I think he’s not…I don’t like him!!!!!” And it didn’t stop there. “THEY PICKED THE WRONG PERSON FOR EDWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Or how about, “No offence or anything, but Robert Pattinson isn’t good looking enough to be Edward.” Did you know that Catherine Hardwick has said multiple times that even she had to convince the rest of the film makers that Robert was a good choice and that fans would think he was sexy? She had to convince them!

It’s a bit shocking to look back and see that one of Hollywood’s current hottest leading men, who is on the cover of literally thousands of magazines around the world every month, was once thought of as not being sexy enough to play the role for which he’s most famous. I think the majority of fans would agree that the single greatest contribution Catherine Hardwick had on the Twilight and film community in general was the casting of Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen.

Casting continued with the addition of the rest of the Cullens as well as Bella’s high school friends. One by one, as each cast member was announced the fans responded with their fair share of love and hate comments. Most of the problems came from the fact that so many of the actors had the wrong hair color for their character, which meant they would have to use wigs or be dyed. Comments about Ashley Greene being too tall to play Alice or Kellan Lutz not being bulky enough to play Emmett were tossed around on message boards.

Once the casting of the Cullen family was finished, Summit released this photo to help fans see the big picture of these actors in their various roles. Contained in the 929 comments on our blog the day the first photos of the Cullen family surfaced were some of these gems:

OMCOMCOM! These are spectacular! (we can just overlook the fact that Jasper’s hair might eat him at any given moment)  Edward is just….woah! If Emmett grows his hair out a little more, and Jasper tames the beast…then I would just…die!  I cannot wait for more pictures, especially if Bella is in there!

Have I said yet how much I LOVE Edwar… Robert’s eyebrows? I LOVE THEM! I didn’t before, but now they are pretty and groomed, and I’m in love with them. Oooh… and his chin. YUMMY.

hotty hotty!!!! gawd i cant even stand it soooooooooooo CUTE!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAA i cant wait to see him!

Obviously, whatever doubts fans were having started to wane rather quickly, and the birth of the screaming Twi-fan was born.

Surprisingly, the casting of Jacob Black didn’t make much of a splash. This was posted on Stephenie Meyer’s website in January of 2008:

“Director Catherine Hardwicke is keen to find the right teenager for the role of Jacob,” says Casting Director Lana Veenker, owner of the Portland, Oregon-based casting company. “Besides being an authentic Native American, he needs to have charm and charisma. At this point, Catherine is more concerned about finding someone with the right looks and personality, than she is about prior acting experience. And he needs to be available for sequels! This will be an amazing opportunity for one lucky teenager.”

Then, about a month later, we ran this announcement:  “Billy Burke, Taylor Lautner, Christian Serratos, Edi Gathegl, Rachel Lefevre, Sarah Clark and Gregory Tyree Boyce have joined the cast. At this time we are uncertain of who is playing who, and I think we have all learned that speculation only leads to problem. Once we know the characters they will play, we will let you know.”

As you can see, Taylor Lautner’s name was slipped in there with little to no fuss. In fact, we were one of the first people to interview Taylor in regards to his role when we visited the set of Twilight. At the time, the media focused mainly on Edward, Bella, and the Cullens and didn’t pay too much attention to Jacob, since his role was rather brief in Twilight. It wasn’t until casting came around for New Moon and word got out that Taylor might be replaced that there was any real fuss over the casting of Jacob Black.

Casting news has surrounded each film as new characters have been introduced. I remember the hype over casting the wolf pack and then the Volturi and the fact that big names like Michael Sheen and Dakota Fanning were going to join the cast. With Eclipse we had the tension over the recasting of Victoria coupled with the swoon worthiness of Xavier Samuel as Riley. And then with Breaking Dawn and the whole influx of international vampires as well as the fan favorite Denali clan, casting news still ran rampant.

There will always be movies based on books. The casting of those movies will always cause excitement and grief and joy for fans of those books. In the end, what matters is the final product. Given the popularity of the franchise and the love and devotion fans everywhere have for this cast, I think The Twilight Saga has done well. We rush out to see other films starring these actors. We follow their charities and causes. We wait in lines for days and days and days just to catch a glimpse of them. I’m pretty sure Summit is happy that they listened to Catherine Hardwick all those years ago and trusted her casting decisions!

Now it’s your turn to chime in! Where you around when Twilight was first cast? What did you think then and what do you think now? Did your opinion change?

If you came into the films because of the cast, does any of this shock you? What was it about the cast that appealed to you and made you want to see the film?

Leave us a comment and tell us your thoughts!


  1. I was around during the casting … and i think that i was one of the few that was excited about the castign choices … when i heard that the books were going to film i quickly started skimming and picking out my top choices for most of the roles .. .

    I was hoping for smaller “B-Listers” to be the Cullens because the books were so big i was afraid that if we got a big A-lister with a huge attitude and ego was going to spoil it … harry potter did soo well with “nobodys” that i was hoping the same for twilight

    I actually picked Kellan Lutz as Emmett …. I was reading Eclipse for the first time … or was it the second … but Emmett has alot of his usual antics and goofyness in Eclipse … and then shortly after reading the part where bella “trips while walking and chewing gum” breaks ehr hand when jake kisses her … Stick it came on … which is no one knows is a movie comedy about gymnastics and Kellan plays one of the friends of the lead actress and he is constantly pranking her “I got a Bad feeling” LOL and i was like — He reminds me alot of Emmett … that guy should play emmett … who is he? so i looked him up and jumped onboard the Kellmet Train …

    So when he was casted and announced i hit the Floor I couldnt believe i got it right LOL!

    I was just soo happy that it was a bunch of “nobodys” that i was willing to give them a shot … the books will never be as good as the movies but they will do the best they can …

    • i hope u mean the movies well never be as good as the books!!

      • i agree with u

      • The movies are fabulous, but the books are where all the magic happens. I look forward to the new chapter in Edward and Bella’s life, they have become like real people to me. I didn’t care about the series, till my grandson MADE ME-literally-made me read just one chapter, or told me what was happening, or explained what imprinting was, and then I read them all. By the time the movie came out, well, all I can say is these talented unknowns brought the stories to life. I love that there was not so much blood and gore and sex-you can see that every week with the sitcom vampires, if that is all you want. These characters are unique and special and decent and loving and as real as a storybook family can get. I was so glad they let Taylor rise to the occasion and buff up enough instead of replacing him. It would have taken someone very special from us-he is so wonderful-the epitome of a man in love, and all at once strong yet vulnerable which to me is the most delicious combination a man can have. I look forward to seeing “Auntie Ice Princess” come help Bella when she comes home pregnant. Her heart of ice will change and I expect her to become a cuddly Auntie instead. I wish Stephanie would write a book with each of the characters’ past histories leading up to the time they came together. I think it gives them depth and life to know their past. Or maybe I will just miss them.

    • Loved Kellan in Stick It. That is one of my fav movies after the Twight series.

  2. I came into the “Twilight” realm, after I saw the movie. It was then I read the books, so everyone was PERFECT to me! When I read, I had the actors in my head, so it made reading the books better to me. I LOVE THE CAST!


    • Christine Shelton says

      The exact same thing happened to me. Have never really been into Vampire stuff before so had no interest in Twilight but sone friends dragged me to go see it and I fell in love with the story so decided to read the books. I read all 4 books in 1 week cause I just couldn’t put them do and cause I’d seem the movie I pictured the characters in my head as I was reading so the casting has always been perfect for me 🙂

      • I was just like you Christine. I hadn’t read a book in ten years. I saw the movie (when it came out on DVD) and couldn’t wait for the other movies to find out what happened so I went out an bought the books. I read the first three in three days. I could not put them down. Having the characters from the movie, I was able to picture them in my head better. I don’t know what I would have come up with if I had read the books first. But I would have even read the books had it not been for the movie. Like I said I hadn’t read a book in ten years. Now I can’t stop reading. I ended up reading the books about 8 times (not to mention the countless times I listed to them on audio at work) I could not put them down. Then I was on one of the Twilight websites and discovered the world of fan fiction. I only read Twilight because I can picture the characters so easily. I think they did a fantastic job with ALL the casting for ALL the movies. I guess I was a late comer to the Twilight fandom but I am here to stay. I don’t know what I will do after Part 2. I will have nothing to look forward too. Thanks for all the great information Lexicon. You are my favorite site for Twilight information and always have been.

    • Exactley the same for me! My son convinced me to watch Twilight with him ( I really wasn’t all that interested), but after I saw it, then everything changed! I had to read all the books (over & over, still reading them) and I of course always picture the actors as the people in the books. Just LOVE everything TWILIGHT 🙂

  3. Twilight wasn’t even on my radar at the time the movie came out. I am a huge Buffy fan, so I never paid attention to the books. When I first saw the trailer for the movie I thought, “Yeah. Whatever. It’s not Buffy.” and “What is Cedric Diggory doing playing a sparkly vampire?” LOL

    Anyway, a friend of mine had a copy of the movie and brought it over. I admit, it had to grow on me. My first impression was that it was a “cute” vampire film and I wasn’t sure how I felt about that. Vampires aren’t supposed to be cutesy- drop dead georgous, yes, but not “cute”.

    Now, I think the first film is the best in the series. New Moon was also very good, but I wasn’t impressed with Eclipse. It lacked a certain feel (it lacked a certain actress playing Victoria). It was sort of boring, really. The book was much, much better. I am looking forward to Breaking Dawn; however.

    As for the casting, I wasn’t sure until I read the books and realized that each actor plays his/her character very close to the book. Good job!

    • Jennifer, I can sort of relate. I didn’t really get into Twilight that much. I knew several people that read the books and I bought the Twilight DVD for my daughter and watched it but didn’t really get hooked. I purchased the NM DVD when it was first released for my daughters even though my older one saw it at the theater and then after watching the end where Edward proposed, I got hooked. My dear old friend was like “you have to read the books” after asking her about Bella and that she has something special to her and I started reading Eclipse and BD and then read Twilight and NM. I fell in love with Edward, lol!

      The only thing I’ve been really disappointed in with the movies is the many interactions with Alice that seemed to be cut out. The movies seemed to be focused more on Jacob instead and cutting out some of the best scenes that included Alice who seemed to have a more integral part in the books with Edward and Bella and didn’t seem to transition into the films.

      I love the Underworld movies too (not as much as Twilight, of course) but thought it would have been fitting to have Kate Beckinsale as one of the vampires in BD but looks like that didn’t work out but I’m happy she’s doing Underworld 4.

      Now I’m a Robsten fan too 🙂

  4. Emma O'Connell says

    I wasn’t into Twilight back then (I think I was about 7) but I was surprised about Robert when I finally got into the books, I couldn’t imagine Cedric being ‘Edward-y’ (I LOVED HP) But now I think that they could NEVER had made a better choice EVER!!!!!! I can’t imagine ANYONE else playing ‘My Edward’ and now I’m unbelievably obsessed with Edward, and half the time my friends call me Emma Cullen !!! I LOVE EDWARD!!!!!!!!

    • I saw the film first before the books.I saw the movie bcuz I read the poster it listed robert pattinson as one of the cast.I’ve noticed him from the HP,I knew he’d be casted in another good movie. So, I went to watch twilight and totally amazed and blown away by this film and by him! I can’t believe that cute cedric could transform into sexy cisseld edward,thank you catherine form casting robert.he’s my favorite man!

  5. I had literally just read “Twilight.” Actually, I had never heard of the book before (I was in my late 20s). I was at my bookstore for another reason and saw this interesting cover of pale hands holding an apple. I expected it to be a Snow White tale. I read the back and picked it up for a doctor’s office read (you know when you’re stuck for hours and magazines do not help with the boredom). Well, I ran out of leisure reading and decided to read this little book. It took like 2 days and I hit Google as soon as I was done. “Oh there’s sequels?! Hooray!”, “Oh, wait they’re making a movie?! Cool!”, “Wait a sec… is that Cedric?!” The above picture was the only one available. I pulled in every close girlfriend and got them hooked, and surprisingly, my FATHER as well (which still surprises me to this day). I did have issue with Robert as Edward only because he looked so emaciated, but then I reminded myself that someone sick enough to be on their death bed is going to be emaciated. Kristen as Bella? I loved “Panic Room” and thought she would do well. I’m in the group of people who had no expectations and were happy to have a “face” to go with written word. Although costume and hair piece choices have confused me. This is Hollywood after all. How hard is it to find a decent wig?

    • totally agree with Wig thing..!! it wasn’t that good in a lot of scenes, athough it was a big budget movies!!

    • smitten_by_twilight says

      Totally agree with wig and costume issues. Who the H costumed Ashley for NM and what were they thinking? Some things aren’t even budget issues. Bella shouldn’t have new coats all the time, she can’t afford them.

  6. I was around when they were casting twilight crew and after reading the books i really think they nailed it . I do agree with Samantha i am glad they picked the B – Listers (the not so known actors) as I think if they put the A list actors in the movies would not have been the same at all.
    I Love Robert I think he was the perfect person to play Edward i couldn’t imagine any one else playing him actually. He is not good looking but he has that special quality about him and he always has and it doesn’t matter what movie he is in he seems to command the screen.
    I would not have picked Kirsten to play Bella as even now i really don’t think she looks like a Bella or that she can really act.
    But Sorry Samantha i think the books are way better than the movies don’t get me wrong i love the movies and i really thing the movies have done the books justice,. but with the books you can use your own imagination.

    • Lynne Stringer says

      Rob is not good looking????

    • Amanda, I actually have to disagree with you on Kristen. She plays Bella perfectly although, the way MR wrote the screenplay is slightly different than in the books but I would suggest you watch her movie Cake Eaters and you will change your mind about her acting. I wasn’t a big fan of Kristen at first but then after being a big Edward lover and being a Rob fan and then grew to be a Robsten fan that I watched some of their other films and that’s when I realized after watching Cake Eaters that I came to realize what an amazing actress she is and why directors and other people in the industry rave about her talent. I don’t know how old you are but Welcome to the Riley’s is also impressive acting for her. She really embraces her characters.

    • How can anyone find Robert not to be good looking!!! It baffles me…

    • i totally agree amanda
      I was around when the first movie was just announced to be made into a film, so naturally i was excited to see who would all get cast and I remember Kirsten was like the first person to get cast and i was like wait, she’s not at all what bella should look like, and I had a feeling she wasn’t going to be a good bella. But then I was like well Kirsten can act so I’ll give her a chance. But I turned out to be right, she can act but the part for Bella was not for her.

      Overall all the casting has been good with me, love Rob as Edward btw, but with Kirsten I’m still upset about it, and I wonder if there are any other people out there that feel the same way??

  7. I remember when they first announced Rob as Edward. Also a huge Harry Potter fan, I never really liked Cedric Diggory and when everyone was like “Oh he’s so cute” etc etc, I just kind of ignored it. I was always more of a Sean Biggerstaff/Oliver Wood fan (even though he was only in the first two films). So I wasn’t too keen on Rob being Edward, but I wasn’t a “Twi-hard” at the time and must admit this is my first post on any Twilight message board or similar. Then I saw Twilight. Try as hard as I might, I fell in love with Rob’s Edward. HARD. I’ve seen the first movie over 200+ times. Though a big portion of that is due to watching it on repeat at work when I worked at Blockbuster (yeah, I got to watch Twilight at work. SCORE). I still love watching that first one and it’s still my favorite book and movie. I fall in love all over again. Then I read Water for Elephants, and fell equally in love with Rob’s Jacob. He is a wonderful actor, and I think he’s incredibly sexy. Though not as Cedric Diggory. He just looks to young in that role and I feel awkward gawking at him in it 😛

  8. I came in to the Twi-world after the first movie too, so the casting was in my head already. With the next movies I never worried about the casting really, because I think that Summit knows what their doing. I think twilight was cast amazingly. And after all this I will watch ANY movie that has Rob in it. Love that man with a passion.

  9. This entire cast was a stroke of genius. Nobody could have played any of these characters except the people who were cast to play them – especially Edward and Bella.

  10. I actually wasn’t a big follower for the movie. I loved the books but when the movie was annouced I was effing, since the first book didn’t seem to translate to the screen well. I was right, as I am the only person I know who didn’t HATE the movie. I just plain didn’t like it, then or now. As each movie had been released, they’ve mad humongous steps forward, probably with the change in director as the first one sucked, and I’ve fallen more and more in love. Can’t wait for the foruth and fifth movies now!

    As for cast, they are what pulled the first movie through, really showing their talent when they were given a bunch of crap to work with (vampire temper tantrum anyone?), so I’ve probably always been a fan of the cast.

  11. Haley Leftwich says

    Im not a big fan of Harry Potter, but the one movie I saw was the one with Robert Pattinson in it. From that point I was in love with him! But after that movie I never heard about him again. Then maybe a year later I heard about the casting out Twilight. I didn’t know what it was because I never read any of the book. I saw that Robert Pattinson got the part of Edward Cullen I screamed!!! So I went to see the movie and I saw that it was about Vampires and Werewolfs I wanted to walk out of their, but of course I couldn’t leave because I was there with my mom and I can’t drive. Then the movie was over I asked my mom to take me to the bookstore and I bought the books and when “Breaking Dawn” came out I bought that too! I have been hooked ever since all because of Robert Pattinson. The people who casted the roles did an AMAZING job!!!!!

  12. I had read all the books prior to watching the movies. I was so excited to see it on the big screen. I took my sister with me(she had not read any of the books) We almost walked out, she laughed through the whole thing and I almost cried lol. Never have I been so disappointed with a movie. I thought the two leads were terrible. The acting was mediocre at best.
    Well I have seen all the movies now and waiting for the next one. I still think they can’t act, but the rest of the cast are great and so is the story. The books have such a following you could have had ogres playing the leads and they would have been on every cover of every magazine out there ….Just my opinion so we can agree to disagree :o) have a great day.

    • I also read the books prior to the movies release and I totally agree with you! I have to say Robert Pattinson is extremely ugly (had to put that out there.) he was a HORRIBLE choice for edward, I understand that the casting people might not be able to find the perfect person to play the role as described in the books, but come on, they could of done better then that!

      • hmm funny how u say they could of done better with edward yet robert was the last one they casted so acording to catherine, he was the best out of everyone who auditioned. If he was the best edward they could find i dont c y people still complain. Robert has a special kind of look, but i wouldn’t call him ugly, and i would rather have an “ugly” edward than an edward who couldn’t act the part for shit. this is my opinion, not trying to be mean. the edward i had in me head was in no way close in looks to robert but when i saw robert i didn’t complain because i trusted they made the best choice they could, it was only after i saw him in an interview that i became a fan of him, i liked his personality and found his accent appealing. he might not be beautiful but he is not ugly and his personality makes up for whatever u think its wrong with his face.

        • Actually, Kristen Stewart was the only one Catherine pictured playing Bella and it was Kristen that chose Rob out of the whole bunch that auditioned for the film and Rob was the last one that auditioned and Kristen chose Rob because he seemed the most real and could really “see her” and didn’t seem like it was really acting and Kristen believed that the most important thing was getting the chemistry between Bella and Edward and that if the film didn’t succeed that they at least got that part right.

          I’m not sure about the rest of the cast but I know that Catheriine did in fact choose Nikki Reed because they worked together on Nikki’s movie (13, I think) and Catherine directed it because she was married to Nikki’s dad and it was Nikki who wrote the screenplay.

      • Wow! “Extremely uglly!!!” I wonder how YOU and the guys you date look…Regardless, I think the rest of the cast (at the exception of Billy Burke and Lautner) were poor choices and mediocre actors; Kristen and Rob were the perfect choices, although still maturing as actors. The first movie was the best, for me, because it had Catherine’s female touch and humor; she understood the female soul. The movie quality suffered due to the low budget, then. The problem with the other 2 sequels are two-fold: 1) male directors; and 2) trying to be so loyal to the books because of people’s demand. You can’t completely elimiinate the element of surprise in a movie; it becomes too flat and boring. You can’t be so close to the book as fans of the book demand. When you read you use your imagination to bring it to life. A movie is an entirely different animal. This is why NM and Eclipse, for me, failed. Looking forward to BD, though. Always hoping…

  13. Jennifer N says

    I came into the Twilight phenomenon late, just after the movie New Moon was released. I read Twilight, then watched the movie, then read New Moon, then watched that movie, then read Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, then had to wait for Eclipse to come out just like everyone else!

    Although I am a huge fan of the books because of the great story and powerful love story, I am disappointed with the movies in terms of some of the more important details left out or changed for Hollywood purposes. This is just the way it is when you read a book and have expectations for the film version. However, I cannot imagine any other actors playing Edward and Bella. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are so obviously committed to these characters, their every move and facial expression emits Edward and Bella. They have obviously read the books closely and studied Stephanie Meyers’ story in earnest. The Twilight scene in the Biology class in which Edward first speaks with Bella is simply perfect. Although it differs from the book, the way in which both actors play that scene is incredible,and it defines the characters for the rest of the films. Their onscreen chemistry is tangible, it’s obvious in every scene they have together.

    As for the casting of the other actors, I can see why fans would have questions but honestly, each of these actors has made the role their own. Billy Burke practically steals every scene he is in! Taylor Lautner built a career out of Jacob, and teen audiences would not turn out for the films if he had been recast. The Cullen clan are beautiful people, if not vampire gorgeous, and each has embodied their character well. And Michael Sheen as Aro is such great casting, menacing and duplicitous but still somehow likable!

    My biggest complaint is with the Summit machine itself because I feel they warped the film version of the book Eclipse to fit their financial goals. Eclipse is my favorite book – it really shows Bella’s struggle with her true love for Edward coming in direct opposition with this close friendship with Jacob which saved her from her despair over losing Edward in New Moon. if you have had a personal experience close to this – choosing what your mind tells you is best for you or choosing what your heart says you cannot love without – then you know that Stephanie Meyer got it right. Her skill at explaining the tug of war within Bella is right on target, and making the best choice for yourself is not always easy – often, someone gets deeply hurt. The book skillfullly showed how strongly Bella felt for Edward at every turn, even with her confusion over Jacob. The movie, however, greatly distorted the Edward/Bella relationship, showing much more doubt and hesitation on her part and leaning much more towards Jacob as a possiblity for her (b/c of Taylor Lautner’s appeal to the teen audience). While I understand the motives, I was disappointed that the story was tweaked this way. In the book, Bella shows no doubt until the very end when she and Jacob kiss. Even then, she works thru her doubt knowing that it’s truly Edward she wants and cannot live without. The movie shows Edward giving much more chase than he does in the book, when in fact Bella never needs him to chase her as she is right by his side throughout, both literally and figuratively.

    I have high hopes for Breaking Dawn! My speculations is that a great split for the two movies is to end part 1 right when she opens her eyes as a vampire – anyone agree?

    • I agree with you on the ending of Breaking Dawn Part I. I’ve been thinking that it would be the perfect ending and leave the audience wanting more. Too bad we’ll have to wait a whole year to see the rest!

    • In the Comic Con interviewing the cast, they’ve been talking about a baby Renesmee… Kristen told the audiance how it was diffcult dealing with babies in shooting and how she had to hold them from side to side.. so Renesmee will appear in Part1, as they said they won’t talk about Part 2 at all, and asked the fans not asking about it too.

    • Jennifer, I’ve been telling everyone that that is *exactly* when I think the first movie should end, when she opens her eyes as a vampire for the first time. It’s a great cliffhanger and great breaking point.

      I also agree about your comments regarding Eclipse. That was my favorite book after Twilight and I felt the movie lacked a bit in some of the key moments, but most obviously regarding the Bella/Jacob/Edward “triangle” and Bella’s true feelings and motivations. Also, the tent scene was good, but I was really hoping for it to be even more full of tension, and I feel it could have been improved. As my post further down mentioned, I think Summit should have done whatever possible to keep Catherine Hardwick on as the director for the rest of the movies.

    • Jennifer, I need to be your friend! I loved what you wrote. The only other thing I have to add and I’ve posted elsewhere on this comment board is that Alice was an integral part throughout the books in interactions with Bella and Edward and instead the films have focused more on Jacob. I love Alice in the books and is my fav female character in the books.

    • Jennifer, I could not agree with your more on your take on Eclipse. That’s why I hate this one the most! I love Twilight even though it’s not pergect but Catherine Hardwick captured the raw intensity between Bella and Edward, and when they look at each other…my god. You forget to breath!! Chris did a dencent job out of New Moon, considering the lack of Edward in the movie. He put together a very beautiful version of the movie and really showed the heartbreak Bella had to live through. But then onto Eclipse…it’s nothing there. Before Breaking Dawn came out, Eclipse was my favorite book of all. It really shows how Bella is struggling to be the woman she wanted to be and the woman she could have been. And in my opinion, Bella and Edward’s relationship has matured in this book. They learn to respect each other’s wishes and they understand each other more. If anything, Bella’s realization that she indeed loves Jacob as well not only did not damage the bond she has with Edward, but strenghten it. Yet none of these deep emotions were shown in the movie. The movie overly emphasized on Jacob’s rule and importance. And after finishing watching DVD extras I was even more pissed!!! They dare to cut the scenes where Bella and Edward are really showing some deep connection and love and understanding (i.e. Bella opens window despite she just had a fight with Edward) for what purpose? So Jacob can show his abs three more second!!?? Anyway, what’s done is done. I really looking forward to Breaking Dawn, and I DO believe Bill Condon really understands what this story is about base on what we have seen form the glimps of it. And I think you are right about the part one ending! Can’t wait.

  14. Lucy O'Callaghan says

    To be honest, i never gave Twilight a secound glance when it came out on film. I didnt even know that it was a book!
    When it came out i was like: ‘ermm, i soo not going to watch it, I mean its about Vampires! Lame’
    Then my friends started watching it after it was realesed on Dvd, but i still refused to watch it. My dad bought me the dvd and thought i might watch but i never touched it for months! Big mistake that i regret now!

    Im one of those annoying people who dont watch any different movie unless some one makes me sit down and watch it…

    After a few more months when my friends stopped talking about it, I was reaaaalllly bored so i asked my Mom to watch it with me. And my Mom, how she is says its a horror so i jump at the chance to watch it cause i love horrors! XD

    It wasnt a horror ¬_¬ lol

    So we watch and i got so completely addicted to it. Im one of those hopeless romantic people, so when i saw Edward and Bella I latched on to how much they love eachother. Sounds weird and creepy i know but i couldnt help but feel that way when watching how much Robert and Kristen had chemistry. 🙂 I always love seeing them together.


    Got complete addicted and i loved Rob playing Edward. I look sometimes when im watching different films and try and look for an even better Edward (even though i wouldnt want that!) and i found none cause i thought he made the charater great.

    Kristen, I have to be honest at the beginning i found nothing wrong with her playing Bella, but that may be cause i hadnt read the book before. I found it annoying when she always grumbled in the film but that was okay cause i would just turn the volume Up XD Easy way ;D

    But when i read the books it really annoyed me how it was so much better than the movie. I was always thinking why they didnt match it up to the book. Iv seen loads of people complain about this lol Now im doing it!

    But i got over that and always watched and read Twilight over and over again. I was lucky cause i finished reading New Moon right before it was surposed to be in the cinama. YAY

    Now i annoying my friends all the time cause I litrally carry one of the books with me, Everywhere! Lol

    Or im on my laptop everyday reading stuff about twilight on this story website Fanfiction. I recomend to to people who love to read Twilight. differnt storries or other stuff that people on there make up. Really good!

    And now hear i am telling my llife story to everyone XD See how long winded i am?? Lol

    Even though the question was about the casting i tell everyone about how i got obbsessed. Lol

    Anyway i love the people who are casted on Twilight and i wouldnt want anyone on that cast to be anyone else cause that would just feel wrong. I mean theyve made the charaters come to life for us Twi-fans and for that im greatful and i know i’ll always be addicted to the films and books because of them and to me thats a good thing 🙂
    Now that iv stopped pouring my heart out like a dimbat i’ll be going, and if someone has just read all of this and hasnt fallen asleeep yet im kinda feel sorry for them but thanks for read all the way down ;D Not many people listen to what i have to say about Twilight……]

    Well have a nice life Twi-fans and maybe the haters…. xxx

  15. Yeah!!! Me too I read the books after I saw the movie, so I can’t imagine somebody else playing Edward and Bella, They was perfect to me, while I read the book I had the actor’s faces in my mind and I love it!!!!!

    Sorry about my english …..

  16. What’s funny to me is that I thought Robert looked a lot more like Edward before they put him in Edward makeup. When I first saw the announcement I thought, “Hmm, he’s not who I pictured but I think he’ll be good.”

    Then I saw the movies and was disappointed. So I guess I kind of had the opposite reaction to everyone else. 😛

    • I had the same experience- I was went in to the movie thinking Robert and Kristen would do a good job and was very disappointed.

      I love the support cast though.

  17. Paige Mercer says

    I remember when i was in 8th grade and my friend was gushing about the Twilight book and i was like “about a bout a boy and a girl and the boy is a vampire????….thats sounds totally stupid…”…Then when i saw the trailer for the movie i was like “ooo it looks interesting…” so i borrowed the book from my sister’s friend…and i LOVED it!….So i already knew basically the people who were playing the characters in the movie while i was reading it…then i got the whole series and i have read it MULTIPLE times!…but i gotta say, i cant see any other people playing the characters in the movies…and since they are movies, of course they’re gonna be kinda different, but i love how they keep on sticking closer and closer to the book! and ik that summit knows what they are doing so i am STOKED for the last two films! Now i have to tell myself this because im suffering the “why is jamie campbell bowers playing Jace in the Mortal Instruments Series?! WHY!!! :(“…then i think, “well no one liked robert pattinson at first and look at him now!”…so i hope that everything turns out for the MI series like it did for Twilight! Twilight changed my life and im so excited for the final two films! 😀

  18. So I was not at all a “Twihard” before this past Spring. Yep – AFTER Eclipse had been and left the theaters. I’d never read the books or seen the movies. I had followed some of the hype around the films since my brother worked at Summit Pictures. But even having a relative working in connection with Twilight didn’t inspire me to go see the movie.
    I actually picked on friends my age (I’m now 33) because they were all crazy over each book as it was released and then the movies. I bought one friend tons of “Team Edward” stuff as a joke.
    Then, one the teens I work with challenged me to read the series this past March. I read the four books in five days (didn’t get much sleep). I couldn’t put them down.
    That said… I already knew which actors played which part, so I only had those actors in mind while reading the books. Edward has always been Rob Pattinson, Bella has always been Kristen Stewart, and so on.
    I love the movies just as much as I do the books. AND I’ve been come a huge RP fan. I’ve now seen everything he’s done in movies. He’s actually really well-rounded (see The Bad Mother’s Handbook).
    Seeing the movies and starting to follow the actors themselves led me to the Lexicon… so interesting to read this post about when it all started…

    • Our stories are similar. I didn’t become a fan until this past January. I had a free preview of Showtime and saw that Twilight was on. It didn’t appeal to me when it first came out because I figured it was for teenagers and was too old (32 now). I watched it and loved the story. The next day I watched New Moon. I rented Eclipse and began reading all of the books in a rather short period of time, as seems to be the case. There were a number of nights I’d come home from work and just sit and read. I didn’t care about dinner or anything else; I just had to know what happened next. As I read the books, I saw the characters as the actors who portray them in the movies (although I still look at Carlisle sometimes and think, “oh look, it’s Mike Dexter”. I also began to watch all of Kristen Stewart’s and Robert Pattinson’s other movies (although I do not recommend The Haunted Airman – not that Rob was bad in it, but the movie made no sense!). I’m totally addicted to everything Twilight.

      • Hello Just wondering where u found the haunted airman…I have been looking for it for a while and havent found it. was it online or did your rent it? I have seen all the others that Robert pattinson has done like….The bad mothers handbook, vanity fair, the summer house, remember me, bel ami, how to be,…did u watch ring of Nibelungs hes supposedly in that movie but I cant find it either or the curse of the ring. Angie

  19. I am gratefulbthat the movie caught my interest enough for me to go read the books. Once i started reading i was an instant twihard. Since the characters were already cast it made my experience more enjoyable, i think they did a good job at casting and iam confident in that for breaking dawn cant wait !

  20. I wasn’t really a fan when the first casting was taking place, I live in Sweden so we hadn’t really found Twilight yet, but from the moment I read the first book I was hooked. And it never really mattered that much to me who played who. Just the fact that they were making it a movie was just great!!! And now it’s almost over 🙁 but I will never forget all the fun moments 🙂 <3<3<3

  21. As far as the fuss that went on with the role cast of Edward. I thought Robert pattison was perfect for the role. When I first saw who he was I recognized him from harry potter and new it would be easy for him to play a fantasy character considering he had before. He is very good at showing emotion through his expressions

  22. I saw the movies before reading the book.Then this year, because I love anything Vampire, i read all the books….and i got hooked! The book is much better than the movies Though i don’t have any problem with their choice of actors…except maybe Kristen Stewart…..not too remarkable i think.But all in all a good movie.Can’t wait for Breaking Dawn to come out!

  23. I liked the Kristen Stewart casting from the beginning. Her portrayal has actually made me like Bella way more in the movies than I ever liked her in the books.

    As for Robert Pattinson, I still don’t like it. I’m not Team Edward, but Robert has made me really dislike the character. I don’t see the book Edward in him AT ALL. And I’m not one who sees characters in my head as a certain actor when I read. I just know he’s not it for me.

    The casting of almost everyone else I really like (except the hair drives me crazy), especially Bella, Emmett, Alice, Jacob & Carlise, but Robert, ick, still can’t stand it.

  24. careen bettelley says

    all i can say is fab can not wait to see the end ( but take in to long now get in fed up of waiting

  25. After reading this, the fans aren’t really that different then & now. They are still fussing about the movies vs. the books. Books will always be better than the movies because of each person’s imagination but at least we get to see it played out in the movies.

    I agree with a lot of the commenters about finding Twilight after the first movie. I did not know it was a book story and that it was also a series. I watched Twilight the first time after it was release on dvd and liked it so much. My co-worker lend me her copy of the book and I was hooked after that. Went out and bought the other three because I couldn’t wait for her other books which were lend out as well…lol

    As for the actors chosen, they were in my mind first before I read the books. There some details that are different from the movie characters & book characters but does it really matter? The story goes on…Personally my book Bella is different from the movie Bella and same as Edward & Jacob…so how I take it is I love the book characters & enjoy the movie characters.

  26. I came into the movies between New Moon and Eclipse, so casting done. I’ve not kept up with current batch of younger actors, so wouldn’t have had any ideas anyway. Recasting Jacob would have been bad. Changing the wolves’ eyes wasn’t the best idea. Keeping the humanity in their eyes was important.

    The only real clear picture of person I had when read the books, was Troy Donahue from Tammy and Doctor films in 50’s for drop dead gorgeous doctor. The Dr Cullen that walked into see Bella did not fit that picture at all. I was rather turned off by that Dr Cullen. Robert and Peter both looks lots better in person than as their characters.

    Thanks for the run down of the controversy at the time. I’ve heard and read some stuff, but nice to get a clearer picture of what happened.

  27. Mary Masen says

    Awww, good old times, and now it’s almost over…. :’-( *sniff*

  28. Luckily, I came to the Twilight fandom after all the casting for Twilight was finished, so everybody looked perfect to me. But the one thing that I still think is the “mistake” of the Twilight series is not having Catherine Hardwick continue the sequels. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed New Moon and Eclipse, but there is something more “blockbuster” about those movies that takes away from the indie feel that was the original Twilight, which I feel was filmed and scored perfectly. And the music, which was stellar and amazing for Twilight, has been pretty much ruined in each subsequent movie. Instead of catchy indie bands, we are left with typical orchestra crescendo music for high-tension scenes, or songs that are too sappy or a downer. I mean, what happened to Bella’s beautiful love song by Edward, which ran through Twilight as the main theme? Why was that not continued anywhere in the subsequent movies? That was a huge mistake, and always will be, in my opinion.

    • I agree about the ‘Indy’ feel of the first movie. I wish that had continued. I like Indy films better anyway. I like the raw emotional quality that comes thru in indies. And I totally agree about the music. I bought the soundtrack to the 1st movie but none of the others. Could you imagine any other song during the baseball scene?!! I’ve gone on youtube to hear Rob sing (there are at least 9 songs of Rob playing/singing with his guitar. Check him out! He’s great! We need to start a request for an album!). I wouldn’t have looked if he hadn’t sang in the 1st movie. I was hoping they’d let him do one in each new movie knowing it was Rob/Edward.

      I had just started reading the first book (hadn’t gotten to the restraurant scene yet) when my teenage daughter took me to see the movie. I remember walking out & telling her I liked the story (not knowing where the book was going at that point) but I wasn’t crazy about the movie. Then I finished the book, which by that time Rob was definitely Edward & Kristin was Bella. I too then read all remaining books in less than a week. LOL! I looked forward to the next movie but what surprised me was even tho I enjoyed it, I didn’t like the ‘feel’ of it because it was too ‘Hollywood’. I longed for the first one. The way the combination the 1st book/movie made me feel. I missed the music. The next movies were the same. I enjoyed them but they felt too melodramtic and not emotionally compelling like the books and the 1st movie. I’m going into BD expecting ‘Hollywood’ with an open mind and hoping for the best even tho BD is my favorite book. I really have no choice now that I’m a Twihard. Twimom to be exact. I’m ashamed of my ‘Cougar’ side that comes out around friends who haven’t read the books. I hoarde my fellow Twihards & keep them close. I’m now 52 (hopefully not the oldest), and I have pictures of Robert on my desktop/screensaver. Posters (behind my closet door-hee!hee!). And ‘some’ other ‘merchandise’. lol! I now have all the movies. I read someone say that they’d seen it 200+ times because of work. I probably have her beat without that excuse because when I’m in a Twi-mood (which is, I’m sorry to say, A LOT) I’ll usually grab the first one & watch it over and over. It’s become my favorite.

      • PS. I too hope Part 1 ends with Bella opening her eyes. But I want Jacob to ‘imprint’ on Renesmee first!

        Also, don’t forget to listen to Rob play & sing. He has a folksy/bluesy sound. Sort of a mix of Van Morrison
        (you young’ens ought to check him out) and Ray Lamontagne. I promise, you’ll be surprised!

  29. ola para começar sou completamente doida pela saga twilight, sou de portugal e como devem saber aqui as noticias dos filmes sao muito lentas, eu tive acesso aos livros ja o filme eclipse tinha saido para as salas de cinema, eu estava com uma amiga que ja tinha visto os primeiros filmes e contou-me que tinha uma historia de amor muito linda, nao esperai para saber, comecei por ler os livros e assim que terminada via os filmes. fiquei completamente apaixonada e ate mesmo obsecada pela saga twilight. Não podiam ter escolhido melhores personagens eles são perfeitos, só é pena não poderem fazer os filmes com todos os pormenores dos livros, sei que é uma estupidez mas se cada filme tivesse a duração de 6 horas só para ter todos os pormenores dos livros, eu ficarias as 6 horas colada ao ecrã, por vezes ate penso que não deve ser normal mas o que posso fazer…? Já li os livros vezes e vezes sem conta os filmes… bom isso então nem se fala nunca me canso e quando fico muito tempo ter contacto com os filmes bom tenho que recomeçar tudo novamente, fico completamente louca quando tenho noticias de breaking dawn ja para não falar de Robert pattinson e kristen swtart fico louca quando aparecem os 2 em publico e felizes. por isso considero que a saga twlight mudou a minha vida encheu-me o coração de emoções fortes. A melhor serie que eu já vi na minha vida o melhor de todos os tempos por isso sintam-se felizes e realizados pois todos mas mesmo todos fizeram um trabalho excelente. beijos Susana neves

    • hello I’m completely crazy to get the twilight saga, I’m from Portugal and how they learn the news of the films here are very slow, I had access to books already eclipse the movie had left for the cinema, I had a friend who already had seen the first film and told me I had a very beautiful love story, do not wait to know, I started reading the books and so saw the finished film. I was quite passionate and even obsessed with the Twilight saga. They could not have picked better characters they are perfect, just too bad they can not do films with all the details of the books, I know that is stupid but if every movie had a duration of six hours just to get all the details of the books, I 6 hours you would be glued to the screen, sometimes I do not think should be normal but what can I do …? I’ve read the books over and over and over movies … well not to mention it then never get tired and when I have long contact with the good movies have to start all over again, I am completely crazy when I have news for breaking dawn not to talking about Robert Pattinson and Kristen swtart get mad when the two appear in public and happy. so I think the Twlight saga has changed my life filled my heart with strong emotions. The best series I’ve ever seen in my life the best of all time so feel happy and fulfilled for all but it all did an excellent job. Snow kisses Susana

  30. Lynne Stringer says

    I wasn’t around for all of this (I didn’t become a Twilight fan until after I saw the first movie), but it’s great to read about it! Thanks for putting this up!

    Yes, it is enormously difficult to accept that the actors who play certain parts may not look exactly like we have imagined, but it is always best to wait until we see them in the role before we judge. I learned this years ago, having been a long term Dr Who fan. Many, many different actors have played the Doctor, and I went through all this when I was younger, saying as soon as I saw the new actor coming into the role, “Huh! He won’t be any good!” I was proven wrong every time. They all brought something great to the role. That alone has taught me that you have to wait to see someone in action before you judge!

    Hopefully fans of The Hunger Games would have heard the story of the fandom’s hatred of Rob before they saw him as Edward, and remember that it could very well be the same for whoever gets the roles of their favourite characters. You’ve got to give them a chance.

  31. I was sorta the opposite. When the casting was first announced I thought look wise, they were good. Maybe not to the t- but enough so that I felt comfortable with the choices.

    Then I watched some older movie trying to get a sense of their acting abilities and my hope was slowly deminishing but I told myself; it’ll be fine they’ve grown as actors since then…

    Sadly I was fooling myself. As the movies came out I realized how horrible the acting was. With every lip bite my fangirl self died a little on the inside. Did anyone see vampires suck? The mock bella is a better bella then kstew.

    Yet, watching Robert pattinson in remember me shocked the heck outta me (he was wonderful) so why do they suck in the twilight movies?

    Tho I will admit the acting has gotten better (and it only took three movies to do so)

  32. una amiga me insistio para que veamos twilight y accedi. Me volví adicta.Me enteré que había libros, me los compré y los leí en un muy corto plazo…..sinceramente amo la saga…nunca habia sido fan de absoltamente nada…y siempre voy a llevarla en mi coraz{on. No particip{e del debate de si estaban bien escogidos o no los actores para interpretarlos….pero la verdad no me imagino a otros, Me gustan todos, cada uno en su papel, Amo a Rob, me encantaria poder verlo algún día. Kristen me parece una diosa!…..simplemente me encantan y estoy muy ansiosa esperando la peli.Disfrutemos!!! y apoyemoslo en sus nuevos proyectos.

  33. i only started reading the books and became a huuuuuuuge fan around 3 months before the movie was released. but right after i finished twilight i looked to see who would be playing edward. i wasn’t that excited when i saw it was rob but i wasn’t upset either because i trusted that he would look good in the movie and that they must’ve picked him for a reason. and im so glad that they did because ROBERT THOMAS PATTINSON IS THE SEXIEST HUMAN BEING EEEVVVERRR!!!!!

  34. Such a great article! The only thing i kept thinking through the whole thing was: can you even IMAGINE these characters being played by someone else?? I surely cant. Casting of each character was absolutely perfect! I bet the people who were hating in the beginning have nothing but good things to say now! haha

  35. I loved the books. I really didn’t pay much attention to casting. I was dissapionted in the movie, it didn’t do justice to the book witch was way better. I also didn’t like the casting. All the actors looked pretty much how I imagined they look in the books I was happy about that. But I think the movie didn’t capture Edwards and Bellas relationship. I don’t know if it was the writers faultor it was just bad acting. For most of the movie they stared at each other. It didn’t show them teasing each other or even them as friends. They were either kissing or trying to save Bella from being killed. Talent wise I think they could have done a lot better then Kirsten Stewart. I’ve seen Robert Patterson act in other movies and I thinks he’s dine better in those then the Twilight saga. As the series goes on I believe the movies have dine better justice to the books and the acting has improved. I’m still excited for what they will do with Breaking Dawn.

  36. twilight is a very exiting, wonderful movie you just can’t wait to see what is gonna be happen next

  37. I wasn’t around for the casting. I’ve been a Taylor Lautner fan since sharkboy and lavagirl and was dying for more taylor. it was the dark days where, if taylor showed up in a teen magazine, I made my mom buy it cuz it was sooo rare. He almost went off the radar completely! when I heard he was gonna be in another movie, I was thrilled! I heard it was a book so I read the book before seeing the movie and fell in love with it. I fell in love with Jalice and Greenbone and acquired some friends that also like greenbone. That brings us to present day. (and personally, I would have like greenbone as bella & edward more!)

  38. I wasn’t around for that. I remember seeing the trailer thinking vampire boy and teenage girl didn’t really pull me in. I didn’t even go see it at the movies. I remember all the fans in line and the talk and even a 40 year old that I worked with at the time mentioned I can’t wait to see the movie the lead vampire is hot.
    A month or so after it was on dvd my husband and I decided to rent it sadly because we couldn’t find anything else. Watched the movie thot it was interesting but wasn’t sold on all the hype. Thot Edward was cute.

    Then for weeks I had talked about possibly reading twilight cause people kept saying it was a great read. Finally, my husband friend said oh me and my wife love twilight u can borrow the first one to read….LOOOOVED IT! I read the rest in the same week. I read breaking dawn in a day in half because work got in the way. I could not stop talking about it. I laughed I cried and read some over and over. FINALLY I realized what all the hype was about!

    Stephanie made great reads and characters that u could not help but fall in love with. The books made me rent twilight again and I loved it. I had made fun of the whole twilight madness and now I was addicted. My in laws bought me the books for Christmas. I have read the saga more than 15 times. I have NEVER read a book more than once until now.

    I’m sad that I missed the beginning

  39. Oops…cont’d

    But glad I didn’t have to wait around for the next book to come out. I’m glad I didn’t have preconceived ideas about who should play who. I’m glad I became Ian

  40. I’ve never heard of twilight until the day they stole the poster i had at the theater i work at.Told my daughter about it , that’s when she told me about the book , cause she read it , so i googled it and found out about the “twilight craziness” , i barely knew the actor that played Edward but i remember liking him in the character of Cedric in the potter film , and i thought it was a great choice . He was quite handsome ,so i got a bit excited to see the movie ,and when the trailer came out it really got even crazier, so when they sent me a new poster i made sure it was in a much safer spot .LOL ! i remember every time i went to work every single person from teens to moms wanted that poster, it was the most fun and also the craziest times at my job, although that poster to me was not done well i was glad for the other movies they chose a different photographer . I didn’t read the books until i saw twilight after that i must confess i got hooked .. So as an adult i will admit that i am now a great twilight fan and not ashamed to admit it .Now I’m waiting for BD” let the screaming begin “..LOL i’ll make sure i get some earplugs for work .. LOL!

  41. Shefali anurag says

    I was in US that summer when I ocer head all the buzz about a new vampire movie coming out in the fall.

    I am from India , when I got back Nobody had heard of it yet. I got a cd and the. Forced all my friends guys and girls to sit down and watch it with me.

    It was then that me and my two best friends fell in love with the perfect boyfriend in the world —- Edward Cullen.

    Because v never read the book we never had any disspointments 🙂

    It was post Twi we read all the books and realised as we read them we imagined the charachters in the movie itself!

    It was always love and it probably always will be.

    Now all the movies come out the same day in India too and they are much awaited and just like a festival for us 🙂

  42. Keli Simpson says

    When I saw Twilight in theatres I thought it was just another vampire movie. I had no idea what it was about. I kept waiting for it to get scary…and then it really didn’t. I remember when I was walking out at the end I said, “Well that’s not what I expected, but I really liked it.” Then a few weeks later I kept hearing that the book was better, the book was better. I read Twilight in one day. The next day I got New Moon. The next day I got both Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, because I didn’t want to have to make another trip the next day! LOL And I have The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner. I also read Morning Sun on Stefanie’s website, and it was excellet! I think she should re-write all the books in Edward’s perspective. It was very intense. Now I’ve read all the books many many times, and it never gets old!

  43. Jennifer D. says

    I read the Twilight saga like in 2006, of course I fell in love with it and was anxiously waiting for Breaking Dawn to come out. When I heard they were going to make a film out of it I was super excited! When the whole cast was announced I was totally okay with it because I knew that it’s not all about looks and to look beyond that to the actors acting which is what really mattered (the problem with Hunger Games). I was a very open-minded preteen haha. So I definetly supported Robert when he was casted; I had high hopes for him and boy was I right! He has a great career ahead of him. I basically grew up with the Twilight saga so I will be very sad when it is over next year.

  44. I was on board for most of the casting choices, I am still to this day really not into Robert’s look. I don’t think he’s ugly, but he just doesn’t have what I think to be a handsom face or body (seriouslly dude, next time you do a scene with your shirt off shave. Its just nasty.)

    As for the rest of the Cullens, I was in love from the get-go!!! (With Jackson especially!!!!)

    On the subject of Bella…..I don’t think I should post that, it might not be appropriate considering I don’t know the ages of all the fans on here…But lets just say it would be strongly worded and EXTREAMLY negative….Kristen Stewart…just…WHAT THE CRAP IS WITH THE LAME PREFORMANCE??? I’ve seen the Runaways I know you can act, so why must you suck so hard at this role?? Seriouslly, is Bella gonna get any other facial expressions besides constipated or stoned?? On that note, Bella’s character is supposed to be Blah looking Not UGLY!!! Kristen is a pretty girl, who ever does her make up really needs to practice more…for real…

    In closing, these are my opinions and nothing more. Spazzy Obsessive fans feel free to rampage my email with hate mail. All that mail with be used to light a fire for a weanie roast. Deal with it!

  45. suttondancer says

    I too read the book first and really didn’t pay attention to the casting forthe movies until the main characters were already done.

    The books have so much more detail and insight into every character, it would be impossible to relate what characters are thinking and feeling on film. I actually think that the actors portrayals have all been spot on, remember actors act how the director directs them to. I think that Kristen Stewart is awesome as Bella, the character is shy, awkward and weak in the books except for her strength of will. I cannot wait for Breaking Dawn Part 2 to see what they have finally given Kristen to work with. I think that a lot of people will be surprised with Kristen in this movie.

    Twilight is my favorite of the movies so far, and I believe that Catherine Hardwicke was a big part of it, but it was mostly due to the chemistry of Kristen & Robert (Red Riding Hood anyone?), I am looking forward to Breaking Dawn parts 1 & 2 because that is where Bella really comes into her own and shows her true strength and courage.

    I too believe that both Kristen and Robert own their characters and from reading what Investors, Producers, Directors, and fellow actors have said about them, they are very professional. Remember that their opinion is really the only ones that count. We are not privy to everything that goes on during and behind the scenes of filming, but the powers that be are very happy with their lead actors.

    I became aware of the lead actors from their roles in Twilight and have seen other projects that they have done and will continue to support future projects all because of Twilight.

  46. TwiMomInIowa says

    I have to agree that Rob was not even in my scope of who might play Edward but I try to keep an open mind about things and I’m glad I did because I think Catherine Hardwick was right and he is perfect. I didn’t even know who Kristen Stewart was and until I saw promotional photos, I was a little concerned she couldn’t pull off the look but that worked out too. I think Jacob was cast perfectly, as were Carlisle, Esme and Charlie. Jasper creeped me out a little in the first two movies but he kind of grew on me and I think it’s more how they made him look. I just didn’t picture him like that in the first two movies. Alice was completely off base for me initially but I think Ashley does a wonderful job and she has really made Alice her own. Emmett….Hot. Nuff said. Kellan Lutz is gorgeous and hunky and yummy. Good choice, though not who I pictured playing him. Rosalie was and is my least favorite character from the movies. Nikki is a great and gorgeous actress but I just feel she’s all wrong for this character. Her look, her demeanor, the way she interacts with the others. I don’t know. Something just doesn’t sit right with me about her. Everyone else was either good from the beginning or has grown into the role. Also, I totaly didn’t picture Eric as Asian but I loved him!

  47. I find it funny that fans of Twilight wanted Alexis Bledel to play Bella because i feel that Kristen has a strong resemblance to Alexis Bledel. When I saw the messengers i thought it was Alexis Bledel and then i found out it was Kristen. I had not read the books before I saw Twilight so to me the cast is perfect.

  48. melissa dinning says

    I hadn’t heard at the time who was cast for twilight. Honestly i hadn’t heard about it until my sister got me reading the books. I had also heard about the movie being made from her as well. I had read the books before I saw the movies. I think that they had made wonderful choices for the rolls of all the charaters. Sometimes it is hard to picture who would be perfect for a role expecally something like this. Every one always gets high expectations of who should play who. In the end when u see the movie it all falls into place and you couldn’t picture anyone else playing the role of that character. I can’t wait to see breaking dawn(both parts) i know that the actors have done the book /movie justice.

  49. i knew i would love twilight befor it came out because i love vampire movies.i really love twilight it was more a love story between to cross star lover that was impossible for then to be togther.even in new moon when edward left bella to potect her and though said die he want to die to be with her, then she save him from him self he knew he could,t live without ever again.she ask for the one thing he never want for her for him to to change her so they could be togther forever, he said on one condition married me first, she said yes in eclipse ,he promise to love her forever.bella, edward is the best love story i read or watch on screen can,t wait to see breakng dawn.

  50. As an older movie going fan, I’ve read many books prior to seeing their movies, usually they are different with different endings just to be more mysterious. Thus it was not unusual at all that the Twilight Saga was different from each book. I was forced by my daughter, 29 years of age, to see the movie with her; and thought all the characters were great. Then read the book and fell in love with all the books and movies. My daughter doesn’t want me to tell my friends I am a Twi-hard due to my age 65. But I am well aware women of all ages love the books and movies, I see them in Dr offices, restaurants and even the airports. I am excited for Breaking Dawn parts 1 & 2 to come out. I watch the three movies that are out on DVD daily. And have read to books multiple times as they are an easy read. I am team-twilight!!

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