Kristen Stewart cast as Bella Swan

It’s official!

Kristen Stewart has been cast in the roll of Bella Swan for the Twilight movie.  This means so many great things, folks.  This means that Summit films has officially been given the option, that the movie has a full green light, and that very soon we will have a full cast to report! 

Personally, I am excited about this!  Kristen has a nice list of credits to her name that include some very strong, developed characters.  To read the press release as well as Stephenie’s own comments on the decision, visit Stephenie’s website

I have started a thread on our message boards where you can discuss the casting.  Make sure you read my first post and our official position on the movie before chiming in.   The comments are now locked thanks to a few girls who couldn’t control their language or their use of net speak.  If you would like to discuss this topic, do so on the message boards.

The Twilight Lexicon’s Official Movie Position

1.    Just because someone doesn’t “look the part” doesn’t mean they can’t act. It’s Hollywood. They have more hair dye, make-up, and prosthetics then probably anywhere else on the planet. They can make anyone look any way they want. They can also use CGI to fill in any gaps.

2.    An actor’s/actress’ personal life is no reflection of their talent. They can be a squeaky clean, goody-goody, an absolute party-animal, or anything in between. It is no reflection of their acting skill.

3.    If someone was not like Bella or Edward in another film, this is a good thing. Again, it’s called acting. We would be very worried about them casting someone who couldn’t take on different personas.

4.    In the opinion of the owners of this website, it is absolutely sexist and shallow to have commentary like “her nose is too tiny she could never be Bella” or “she needs to drop 20 pounds to be Bella”.  There is enough pressure on girls and girls in Hollywood to “look perfect”. To decide someone’s acting ability based on their appearance is malicious, ridiculous, and frankly just downright mean and petty. Additionally, there are loose physical descriptions of the characters in the books. If Bella/Edward/Angela will be ruined for you by the fact the actress/actor playing her/him is  a quarter inch too tall you really (in our humble view) should get a grip.

5.    If whoever you wanted to get cast didn’t get cast and you’re disappointed. You are entitled to feel that way. However, all discussion here will be about who got cast, not who should have been cast.

6.    If you are going to critique an actor, please critique them on their performance of a character.  Do not critique their physical appearance or their personal life. They should be allowed privacy, the paparazzi are possibly the only people bloodthirstier than vampires.

7.    Once the movie is out and available to the general public feel free to get into specifics.  If you are lucky enough to get an early viewing, good for you. We are a spoiler free site and will not entertain discussion on the movie until it is actually in major release.

8.     You are welcome to post a [b]link only[/b] to a specific actor/actress (assuming it is on topic). Please don’t directly post the photos as it totally kills our bandwith. Keep in mind that all links should be G-PG-13 in nature.

9. Try and remember this film is not directed by Stephenie Meyer or written by Stephenie Meyer, this is an adaptation of her work, Someone else has written the screenplay and someone else will direct her story, so expect some changes. A typical screenplay is 95 -125 pages. Twilight is a lot longer, so not everything can fit into a 90-120 minute film.

10. This film will be marketed to a mass audience not to one demographic. A studio’s one goal is to make money and there are film formulas studios follow to ensure the most profit, so this film will be graded by a test group of people of different genders and ages to determine its appeal, and based on that grade, edits or additional scenes will be added to the film until it scores in the correct range.


  1. She’s exactly who I wanted to play Bella!! I’m even more excited for the movie now. *squee*

  2. Why her she dosen’t even remind me of what I thought bella looked like but ohwell I can live with it as long as the moves good.
    Who’s Edwerd? that’s what I want to know

  3. SSprincess says:

    I think she looks just like Bella. I think this is a great choice. Can’t wait to see who they pick for Edward.

  4. I don’t really care who plays Bella. She doesn’t look the same for everyone so there is always going to be someone who will hate her. But I bet most people are going to hate her because she will be Bella.

    She sounds like a good actress. I wonder what would happen if she were to get too old!?

  5. I take back what I said about her not looking like Bella I just looked at her latest pic and she look’s alot like Bella.
    But I still want to know who’s going to play Edward.
    If someone find’s out tell me Please!

  6. Wow. This is so exciting. I don’t really care about how she looks, though I think she does seem to be ‘Bella’, but I’m so happy that things are getting started! We can have many months filled with movie drama to entertain us while we wait for Breaking Dawn. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. although i would have thought bella would have a heart shaped face, they did a goot job with casting. are her eyes blue?

  8. i thought she was a natural blonde? but she looks good as brunette.
    ok, honestly not the Bella I pictured for in the movies. there were 3 other actresses I liked better. but even though I’m no fan of Kristin’s from the few movies I’ve seen of hers(unfortunately the ones I’ve seen are not the better movies on her credits) she is a solid actress. and hopefully will not be too well known when the movie releases. I don’t want to see a Hollywood Starlet in the film known better for her name than acting ability. but idon’t think that will happen with her.
    but i’m still staying neutral ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. Yay! We have our Bella. She better know that if she fails our expectations she will be swarmed by angry fangirls. I hope she’ll do a good job. If not for her career, then for us.

  10. She looks good to me. I’m just excited that they are getting started. The movie is really going to happen. The movie may or may not fit with my mental picture of the books, but it’s fun to look forward to anyway.

  11. Yay!! I am soooo happy!! That’s not how I imagined Bella, but that’s okay!! Like Stephenie said, they have a lot of make-up and stuff to make them look more like Bella. She’s a really good actress too, I saw one of her movies. I can’t wait to figure out who Edward and Alice is!!!

  12. Kristina Cullen says:

    Ya!!!!!! Kristen Stewart! She My favorite Actress! i’m so excited! Can’t wait for the rest for the cast!!!!!

  13. The other day I was looking at all of the people that were at the top of the list to play Bella and Kirsten was one of my favorites. When I read today that she was cast as Bella I completely flipped out in happiness. I’m so excited for the movie now! Not that I wasn’t before but now that it’s really happening I can’t wait until it comes out!

  14. Ooh, yay, she was one of my options (2nd or 3rd I think)! I

  15. I think she looks semi like my image of Bella, but its different for everyone, just like Edward will be no matter who they pick.
    As long as the movie is good I’m content.
    Can’t wait for more news

  16. I hope she does a good job, and becomes the Bella we all know and love! I’m so happy they’re starting to pick characters!
    I’m SO afraid of who’ll they pick for edward…

  17. dancindiva12 says:

    This comment has been edited because it was the exact thing that I have spoken out against.  If you dont like Kristen, give us a logical reason and don’t just scream NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  18. I am so happy she was cast as Bella! This is actually the way I imagined Bella looking without knowing who this actress was! YIPPEE!!

  19. Her filmography looks pretty impressive! I think (and hope) she’ll do a great Bella. I love her picture in Stephenie Meyer’s page! Imagine it’s the Hoh Rainforest behind her and that’s Bella right there. All she needs is a raincoat. ๐Ÿ˜€ And now we wait for Edward.

  20. She’s actually a really good actress, I loved her in Speak and In the Land of Women. She’s not who I pictured as Bella, but then again, I pictured myself just as Steph said. I know every girl pictured herself as the role. I am a bit dissapointed, I really wanted Amber Tamblyn or Danielle Panabaker to play bella, I thought they were perfect…Alas, too late. Congratulations to Kristen, I hope she brings everyone’s favorite klutz to life with grace. ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. BloodsuckingLeech says:

    I’m so excited for any news that the Twilight Movie is moving forward! I got goosebumps reading the news release and now I am so nervous (that’s right nervous) for Edward casting news.

  22. Okay, now I’m hyperventalating because I cannot wait until they cast Edward!!!!! I won’t be able to sleep until they do!!! Gaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  23. First, bravo to Pel and everyone else who owns this site. Your post on this matter fits exactly with what I wanted to say relating to the casting. And kudos for taking such a stance.

    Personally, as many have stated on the comments here, I think Kristen’s lastest photo matches remarkably well with my image of Bella. The photo does a good job of making her look “plain” as described in the book. In fact, she reminds me of someone I went to high school with. Geez, that was a long time ago.


  24. I’m so excited, I can’t even think straight! So I didn’t read those numbered thingies, but whatever! I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS MOVIE IS REALLY HAPPENING!!!! I was kind of wary before, about the ENTIRE movie thing, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE Kristen! I’ve never actually like… seen her in anything, but she looks Bella-enough for me. And I’m so stoked!!! YAY!!! She’s totally cute! ๐Ÿ™‚

    OH MY GOSH, I cannot wait until they announce Edward. I think I’m going to hyperventilate…. ๐Ÿ™‚ At work. In front of all my coworkers. *breathes deeply* EEEEEEKKKKKK!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m going to go rent every movie with Kristen Stewart in it. Screw work. ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Jacob Lover says:

    YES!!!! *does happy dance* That is SO AWESOME!!!! That not only means that they are one step closer to the actual movie-making process, but it also means that one of my favorite actresses is playing Bella!!!!
    (there are not enough words in the english language to really say how excited I am now!!!!) *screams to get rid of some energy*

  26. Dancergirl says:

    KRISTEN STEWART I’M SO EXCITED!!!!! i’m so skipping dance practice today to watch her movies. i only seen SPEAK and it was good. wonder who will play Edward?

  27. Yes! I think she would make an amazing bella! much older and normal looking for Bella, I mean eb is cute but she is tv pretty which is really pretty and kristen stewart looks more like what bella should look like pretty but not too pretty! perfect! Im so glad!

  28. I would’ve liked to have Emily Browning more. But i like Kristen Stewart. She’s a REALLY good actress. Anyone ever read a book named ‘Speak’ by Laurie Halse Anderson? Well, that’s a movie too and she played Melinda Sordino (the main character) in the movie and she played it VERY VERY WELL!

  29. I’ve never seen Stewart’s films but she got good reviews for “Speak”, which is a tough role. Ultimately, regardless of what they look like, the movie will stand or fall by the chemistry between Stewart and whoever plays Edward. That’s something that all the makeup, prosthetics and CGI in the world can’t fake.

  30. I wish I could find a picture of her with her hair in a ponytail, I always picture bella with her hair up…I don’t know why, I just did. Did I mention that I am 100% happy about this choice, and I’m shocked to see that everyone else on the comments is so happy too! I haven’t seen any bashing yet! I always pictured bella with a round or oval shaped face, and this is perfect!! I wish I could hear what Kristen thinks of being cast as bella….hmm…..

  31. schmittywerbenyeagermanjensen says:

    ooh, yay, i cant wait till the movie comes out,,, i wonder who will play jacob…

  32. I really wanted Emily Browning to be Bella.

    I found this interview of Bella and she may look like Bella to me but her voice is not how I imagined Bella’s to be:

    Well, at least she looks like Bella. Even though she is 5 6 and Bella is 5 4!!

  33. COMMENTS DELETED BY MOD BECAUSE ALL THEY DID WAS WHINE ‘the actress I wanted wasn’t picked".

  34. COMMENTS DELETED BY MOD BECAUSE ALL THEY DID WAS WHINE ‘the actress I wanted wasn’t picked".

    While you are at it, stop spamming our board. If you don’t like Kristen give a decent reason instead of "but I wanted so-in-so"

  35. I am a HUGE Ellen Page/unknown fan but I’m actually kind of happy with Kristen Stewart- although I must agree she is not the best LOOKS wise (I still find her a little thin) she is the best choice ability-wise. She’s a great actress who can do the part justice. Her credentials are good, but not overwhelming, she doesn’t have a “label” in my head (aka, Emily Browning: Violet Baudelaire). Best of Luck Kristen, you have my support.

    I would much rather a GOOD actress play the part but doesn’t entirely look it than a BAD actress who physically epitomizes it.

    Think about it… so would you.

  36. This is so awesome! I never thought of her as a Bella option – Danielle Panabaker was my first choice. But looking at her picture, I took a strong liking to Kristen. In truth, Panabaker is too well known and I would always think of her as Leyla from Sky High, not as Bella. I didn’t even realize who Kristen was until looking at the movie credits, but when I saw she was in Speak, I was like, Oh, yeah! She is an amazing actress, and even though she’s been in tons of films, I don’t think her name is well-known enough to have flocks of people coming in just to see her, instead of the Twilight story. Good going, random unnamed casting peoples!

  37. I think Kristin is a fantastic chioce! I have seen a few of her films and she is a very good actress who with brown hair looks perfect for Bella in my opinion. I think she is a far better choice than Danielle Panabaker and now I am greatly looking forward to seeing who else is cast.

  38. Scarlett71177 says:

    Kudos to you all for publishing the Lexicon’s official position on the film! You’re so very right- we should encourage actors- not discourage them, and there is SO much pressure on girls to be a certain way.

    Kristen will do SPLENDIDLY as Bella- otherwise she wouldn’t have been cast the part. She was obviously the best who auditioned, let’s give her our support. I bet she wins us all over. Good Luck, Kristen!!!

  39. i think that MILO VENTIMIGLIA should be a VERY POSIBLE suggestion to play EDWARD. and i think kristen stewart was a good choice, as soon as i saw the picture of her on stephenie meyer’s page i thought she could personify Bella well. Please consider my EDWARD suggestion. thanx!

  40. I’m also very pleased with the casting choice =]
    She looks absolutely lovely in that picture.
    And I really think she will do an amazing job. I’m just so excited that the movie is actually advancing now. It’s official!
    Now all we need is the rest of the cast. I’m really eager to know who’s going to play Edward….ohhh the suspense..=D

  41. Yeah, she’s not exactly the Bella I imagined, but I’ve heard she’s a decent actress. They’re starting to make the film soon, at least. I just want to know who Edward is! I mean, so long as our Edward is great, the film is going to be AMAZING!!!

  42. I have read the books and listened to all three on audio book. I think it will take getting used to, Bella with such a deeper toned voice (not that I thought Bella would actually sound like the Reader, Illyana Kadushin).. but overall I am very happy with the choice of Kristen. I loved her in “Zathura,” and I’m so glad they are picking people with experience. Anyway, as far as her not looking like what we might have imagined, Stephenie even mentioned that she purposely didn’t desribe Bella too well, so the reader could picture themselves as her… which I did and I bet I don’t look like anyone else’s idea of Bella.

  43. vampirelvr, I feel your pain. My heart is slowly but surely being staked.
    And, Mahek, I understand what you mean about the voice.
    I really hope she pulls it off.
    I didn’t even want to go see the movie in the first place, but now I’m even more scared! I’m sending one of my friends who a lesser Twilight fan to go and see the movie first.

  44. i really don’t know much about kristen but hearing from all the people on here, they made the right choice. Stephenie seems to be happy with the way things are going, which is totally great. I am even more excited than before to see the rest of the cast and congrats to kristen!

  45. This is so great! I love that actress–and I personally think she looks so much like Bella (like I imagined her anyway). Congrats to her… finally the movie is moving along!

  46. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH… wow! That was a great choice for bella, it would be better if she were younger I think, and I like Emily brownig better but this is not bad. I hope Edward is going to be Tom Sturrige.

  47. Also She is a good actress too!

  48. well im not gonna lie, i dont think they picked the right bella. the reason why is becuase i just cant picture her the way i thought she should look and that just kinda ruins it for me. but as long as she does a good job and maybe if they like change her hair and stuff a little it wont be bad. either way im seeing the movie no matter whos playing who.

  49. nooo!!!!! WHY!? I HATE Kristen Stewart! she’s…zdfjhfdgbdsfod….rrrggh! I’ll survive I suppose. But Emily Broqning actually looks like Bella, like, her lips????? yeah, and she’s got the perfect face shape! but, oh well…there’s nothing I can do now:( oh well:) Byeeesss

    AS the moderator I am going to leave this here as an example of EXACTLY what we mean by GET OVER the physical appearance nonsense!  Bella’s description by Stephenie was vague on purpose so that almost every girl could imagine herself as Bella.  Someone not having fulls lips, or a heart shaped face is hardly a reason not to see a movie.

    If you don’t like Kristen, no problem, but on our boards, give an intelligent reason why that has to do with her acting ability or the lack thereof!


  50. I think she looks perfect for the part! I mean, she hasn’t that exotic look that Emily has, but Bella hasn’t either.
    Don’t be harsh on the poor Kristen – I’m sure she’ll do her job perfectly well ๐Ÿ˜€

    Honestly, I’m more worried about the movie itself than about the actual actors; usually the books that are turned into movies really suck. I just hope this doesn’t happen to Twilight |:

    Does anyone know if the movie will be about the first book, or are they turning the 3 books into one movie? |:

    Thanks for the info, Lexion! You people rock!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

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