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Stephenie posted the following on MySpace. Our admin team here has the same feeling (see the post from two days ago). Give the person a chance, and if you are going to critique someone, critique them on their acting not because they are a quarter inch too tall or their eyes are blue.

Also, yes there are a million rumors circulating right now as to whom Edward might be. No one (as of this posting) has signed on the dotted line yet. When it’s a 100% certain deal, (just like was the case with Kristen) we’ll let you know.


For anyone who’s visited my site, this is not really news. After reading through your comments, though, I felt the need to reiterate a few things:

1) I did not choose Kristen Stewart to play Bella. Summit films choose her. I’m happy with their choice, but it was never up to me.

2) Similarly, I have no choice in the matter of who will play Edward, Alice, or any of the other characters. I have made suggestions, but no one at Summit is obligated to listen to my suggestions. They’re nice enough to let me bug them, but even that is more than I contractually have the right to expect.

3) Begging me to choose a good Edward is a waste of your typing time.

But since we’re on the subject of Edward, I’d like to give you all a little advice (the same advice I’m giving myself). To my knowledge, no one has been cast for the role yet, but here are some things for us to repeat to ourselves daily as we wait for the news:

1) Do not expect the actor who plays Edward to fit your preconceived notions of the character. No one is that perfect; that’s why he’s fictional.

2) DO expect that the actor won’t "look like Edward" to you. Try to be open-minded about that. Headshots lack the magic of makeup and lighting; they aren’t going to convey what the actor might look like on the set.

3) Do not expect a name you’re familiar with; do not expect the guy in your lexicon banner (who is probably too old, not a good enough actor, or not interested anyway).

4) No human actor is pretty enough to really pull off a vampire. What we are hoping for here is that magical element of screen charisma that makes all the difference in the world. Example: Pirates of the Carribean. Were you drooling over pretty Orlando? I wasn’t. I was taken with the drunk pirate in the eyeliner. Some actors can own any scene they’re in. Let’s not focus so much on the perfect face (which no one is going to be happy with regardless); let’s hope for an inebriated pirate. I.e. someone who can own a scene like Johnny or Joaquin or Jonathan Rhys, someone who will make us forget he’s not quite pretty enough to be a vampire.

Here’s my wish: that, after we find out who is going to play Edward, my comments page is not awash with "I can’t believe they picked HIM!"-s and "John Doe is the real Edward and no one else can do it!"-s and "I hate him! I want him to die!"-s. Can we give him a chance to become Edward? Can we let him try to convince us? I’m keeping my mind open. I hope I can keep my comments page open, too 🙂


  1. i totally agree, and i trust the casting crew. So let’s all give them a chance, yeah?

  2. Hear, hear!

    Thank you for stating that Stephenie. Now people shouldn’t freak out. =] Let’s all be open minded, that way we can enjoy the movie even more.

  3. booklover8 says:

    i agree!

  4. open mind i got it… wait wait what if there is an edward cullen around then my minds opeen:O uh oh lol but really i have an open mind and who ever they pick i can handle it*cough cough henry cough cough* sorry about that 😛

  5. Good Job Stephenie!

  6. Go Stephenie! Way to make a speech! 😉

    So true, we should all keep an open mind, cross our fingers and hope for the best.

    …and if not, I plan to remake it anyways when I become a director, and I promise to stay as true to the book as humanly (vampirely) possible. 🙂

  7. whats funny is that johnny depp when not in pirate clothes or the weird stuff he usually wears actually is gorgeous

  8. You would think many people would get over the act that Emily Browning isn’t playing Bella. Kristen Stewart is a totally good actor.

    I can’t wait to see who will be portraying Edward!!

    Regardless, I can’t wait for the movie to come out!

  9. readingispassion says:

    i cant believe how loose-lipped some people are about their hostile feelings towards the actors! lol i hope everyone takes stephenie’s words to heart (although this isnt the first time shes said these things)



  11. omgwannareadmore says:

    *GAAAASP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!* i know the PERFECT GUY!!!!!!!!! well maybe… what about that kid from tuck everlasting? you know, jesse? cuz in that movie he looked a heeeckuvalot like the edward in the banner^^… still tho i hope that guy’s under 21… i think stephenie said something about that somewhere… i don’t even know his name lol!!!!!!!!!!

  12. OMGilovetwilight says:

    I totally agree. I really like Kristen Stewart. She’s a really good actress. She’s not how I pictured Bella but that’s OK. I’m sure she’ll portray her just fine! I’m so psyched to find out who’s playing Edward!!!

  13. Harry Potter is better.

  14. What Pel and Stephenie said it’s totally right!
    It’s great that they’re doing the movie, so take it easy!!!!
    Off course, the actors and actresses won’t look exactly how you’ve imagined them, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t make a good job. So just give them the chance and don’t be mean!

  15. omgwannareadmore says:

    karla, have you like, READ the books? i mean, if you have and you still don’t like them as much, that’s fine. but i really hate it when people jump to conclusions, especially about books. (altho i do it too lol!)

    seriously people, i’ve read the entire series of both harry potter and twilight, and i have to say stephenie’s books are, without a doubt, THE BEST BOOKS I HAVE READ IN MY ENTIRE TEENAGE LIFE. not even kidding. harry potter? no contest. barely made the playoffs. even davinci code got kicked out.

  16. Beautifully said, Stephenie Meyer! 🙂

  17. twilights_charm says:

    go STEPHENIE MEYER!!!! =]] couldnt agree with you more

    omgwannareadmore: that’s your opinion and that’s karla’s opinion…peronally i think both series are awesome!!! [[both harry potter and twilight]]

  18. omgwannareadmore (changing name) says:

    kk, um… from now on my name is…. um… ok i need help. don’t wanna use my real name. advice?

  19. So really good and wise advices… I really hope that everybody undestand that… this are actors playing a rol (by the way… a fictional rol) and the movie is ALWAYS a director’s version of something… a book, a lifestory, whatever.

    So… let’s try to enjoy the real true… Twilight Saga its bigger enough to be at the BIG SCREEN! Don’t you think is AMAZING?!?

    And if the AUTHOR herself is pleased enough with the way they are doing the things, like screenplay, cast, etc… why can’t we support them too?


  20. I really don’t care WHAT actors play the characters; as long as they’re decent enough to portray all the characters’ personalities. AND i’m just glad that the Twilight Series is big enough to hit the Big Screen, just like Barb said.

  21. I really like Kristen Stewart, and i think she’ll do really well in the movie… I’m pretty open minded even though its hard to imagine an edward that ISNT a Gaspard, but I’ll be okay with their choice. Unless the guy is butt ugly.

    Rachel Leigh Cook better be Alice though, lol.

  22. The only reason I watched the other Pirates of the Car. was for the Inebriated one with eyeliner!!!! *drools* I have never heard of Kristen Stuart (did i spell that right?) But she does look like she can pull a bella off. Looks a bit too old for me though. (not being mean..just saying!! don’t bite my head off!) But with Hollywood I think a 50 yr old woman can pull of a teenager these days(not literally of course. unless plastic surgery is involved..)

  23. thank you for posting that because all of the complaints were starting to get annoying. I think people need to trust that the professionals are doing thier job right……hebce the word ‘professionals’

    I didn’t know there was another person named Flower on this site……I use it cause it’s my last name, but I don’t capitalize my f.

  24. that was supposed to say Hence…sorry!:)

  25. Hear Hear!!! go stephenie, you really summed it up!

  26. bravo!!!

    I hope everyone listens and takes it to heart.

  27. I think who they chose as Bella is a seriously great choice, and I’m sure they’ll do wonderful with Edward as well :]

    ..xD; Though I reaaally hope Rachel Leigh Cook makes it at Alice…

  28. I don’t think they would cast a “butt ugly” actor to play any of the vampires. (Thank gosh!) I’m OK with Kristen too. See I don’t have a a real mental “image” of what the characters look like. Usually when I read the books their faces are blurred, or something. So yeah…that’s not what would bother me so much as how they act. See I don’t really see the characters in my mind as much as I hear how they sound (to me!) and act (to me again!). If this girl gets blown up on the big screen when I go to see the movie and she acts like some depressed apathetic girl (you could so do that to Bella’s character if you acted the right way), or the over the top I love people, and love to smile a lot type of person(again if the actor totally screwed up this could be done) then that would ruin it for me. She wouldn’t be Bella. And then in the meadow scene or whatever I would wince at why Edward is kissing some strange girl that’s not Bella (that is assuming that Edward would at least act some what like Edward…)
    That made no sense did it? *blink* well at least I got…that out of my system. Breath Fre, breath… Ok. I’m good. Yup I know. I need help. O_o yeah…Ew Dancy!!! *cough* umm…Again just something I had to get out of my system. My friend made it up. She’s convinced Hugh Dancy ruins movies, and now she’s convinced they’ll cast him as Carlisle or something. (I’m not suggesting him! Just talking weird~) Ok I’ll STOP typing now. Taking my hands off the keyboard right at this very moment. yup…almost there…

  29. It doesnt really matter if they are butt ugly, or fat, or whatever, with all of these new hollywood gadgets they have, they can make the ugliest person look gorgeous! so, i think we need to keep an OPEN MIND! :> ’cause, i mean wouldnt we all like to be cast as either Bella, or Edward?! i mean we all think that we’d be perfect for the part, but there is allways going to be someone who has an issue with that!

  30. twilight_moon says:

    Thanks Stephenie!

    I also want to add that: YES, we may not agree with all the choices for the actors/actresses in the movie. YES, we all have different opinions on who the characters should be. YES, we all love Edward enough to be a little overprotective on the subject of which actor will be chosen for him (of COURSE!). But this doesn’t mean we should criticize actors who want to do nothing but try their best to portray an amazing story, and to do their job best.

    But, NO, in no way, can it destroy our imaginations and the special place Twilight has manifested in our hearts.

    I mean, seriously, will it matter at the end who is cast as who? Well, maybe.

    What DOES matter is who WILL be in our hearts and minds. It will be Bella and Edward from the novel Twilight, the wonderful characters we love. Not Wannabe-you’re-such-a-horrible-actress-Bella and OH-my–you’re-not-beautiful-and-sparkly-Edward from a movie.

    With that being said: I am not putting down the movie. I WANT to see the movie. I want to see Twilight being adapted to the big screen. I want to take vigorous Compare/Contrast notes in the theater when my English teacher doesn’t assign it.

    Overall, I think that this comment is long enough, and I feel I may break into an essay. All I have to say to end this is: I think that Kristen Stewart is awesome and has the potential to be Bella. I hope everyone keeps an open mind about this movie, because many people are working hard to make it a success and show the world the wonderful story that is Twilight.

    And on a last note: We love you, Twilight. No movie, no actor, no freaky Virgos, and no John Doe will change that. Ever. 🙂 (whew. that was long. this is what i get for loving to write. sigh. Sorry.)

  31. Amen!!!

  32. I have to say i kept away from the comments section of both the front page and the comments section of the lex concerning the movie and kirsten ~ how many times do the mods and SM have to say they have no involvement, yet you still see people posting on SM myspace and here. Its incredible.
    I agree with what both the mods and SM has said, i can’t honestly believe people are being so agressive and the movie hasn’t been made yet….or seen….or cast for that matter (apart from Bella).

  33. I think whoever they pick for the roles will play the characters just fine…But then again I don’t judge people…at all…so I would think that wouldn’t I.

  34. yeh, i’m beginning to get pissed off at all the anti kristen stewart stuff, so i’ve made a pro kristen stewart group on facebook, even though she wasnt my ideal choice!!! join it guys, and show support! if you’re wondering, its ‘leave kristen stewart alone, i think she’ll make a great Bella!’…

    anyways, well done stephenie!!!!! and yes, i hope the person playing edward is just a strong actor, so he can hold our attention!!!!

    cant wait…to all those people slagging the film off, no one is FORCING you to watch it.

    thank you!

  35. twilightroses says:

    i completely agree! all those trashing comments were kinda downing my mood. i have complete faith that kristen stewart will do a wonderful job as bella.

  36. I trust the crew for the movie. I am sad to hear that people prejudged their choice. I agree on giving a chance, I hope that there are movies for the next two novels. I hope if they get a great cast, they will be able to countinue. I have faith in Kristen Stewart!
    I wish her best of luck!

  37. gcdvclassof09 says:

    I don’t think they would cast a “butt ugly” actor to play any of the vampires. (Thank gosh!) I’m OK with Kristen too. See I don’t have a a real mental “image” of what the characters look like. Usually when I read the books their faces are blurred, or something.

    Me too!, when I read I don’t see faces either, its like their cast in shadow. Most people I think focus on the faces too much and sometimes when they do this, they miss the important parts: like the character fo the persona and the way they respond to certain situations, their character. That way, when you see the movie the only reason as to why u might be upset is because of the performance and not the looks!

  38. Twilight Blossom says:

    I totally agree with Stephanie Meyer! I am new to Lexicon, but i have read all the books, and I LOVED them (of course!). I agree that whoever plays Edward and the other characters might not be “your image” of them, but you should like it non the less. I agree with Barb, too. If this is big enough to go onto the BIG SCREEN then we should make some effort to understand. If Stephanie Meyer approves, then so do I! I cannot wait to see the movie, and I would like to know if there’s a fourth book- some of my friends say there is, but i’d wrather ask Stephanie- cause i just Loved them! I hope Stephanie got her point across (it sounds like she did) and i hope everyone understands that you can still imagine “your Edward” as “your Edward” without bashing the actors who actually play them. I also hope that the rest of the cast is soon posted becuase i’d like to see who’s who.
    As soon as i put one of the books down, I rushed one of my parents to the store to buy me the next!
    After I read them (witch only took day and a half each) I was completly bored! I read them over, and urged my friends to read them too. Now there are at least 15 people- who I convinced to read the books- in my school.
    Thanks for listening! And thank you Stephanie Meyer for writing the Twilight books! I don’t know what i’d do without them. (Literally)

  39. Twilight Blossom says:

    Sorry, I know that last entry of mine was a little long, but it was true and I love to write, too. That was why it was sooo long. Still though, I love Twilight and i agree that it has set a special place in our hearts that will never go away (…sob…) Lol.

    It is a great series, that i really hope will be extended to more books in the series. I hope they all get the chance to be movies, and I hope that the lucky actors/actresses who get to play them, will get to carry on through the rest of the movies.

    Again – those who don’t like the people in the parts – don’t have to watch!

  40. I think that Emmy Rossum would be perfect for Esme. As for Edward.. I’m really excited to figure out his character. Bella was casted good.. But, Edwards character will either make or break the movie. So, he better be up for the part(:
    But, again. Emmy Rossum to be Esme. She’d be so perfect!

  41. Twilight Blossom says:


    I just Googled Kristen Stewart!!!!

    She is a PERFECT Bella!!!!
    I mean I know I preached a lot about giving everyone a chance, and that no one is going to be “your image” of the right person and all, but OMG!!!!!!! That is exactly who I picture Bella as when I read! What a coincidence! I didn’t know who Kristen Stewart was – or I thought I didn’t know – untill I just searched her on Google, and It turns out I do know who she is!!!!

    It’s sunch a surprise that it’s who I picture! I was sure I didn’t know, her name didn’t seem at all firmiliar, but it was really weird!


  42. Twilight Blossom says:

    I picture Max Theriot as my Edward, but i’ll be happy with who they pick.

  43. Twilight Blossom says:

    Max with Long hair of course *drool*
    Max Theriot with short hair is kinda not as cute *yuck!*

  44. edwardismysoul says:

    i agree with steph. she makes a really great point. so lets just try to keep the edwards that we know in our heads for now

  45. edwardismysoul says:

    and another thing i just love bella. its actually kind of creepy how close she looks to the Bella in my head. =)

  46. check out kristen in speak and think about bella in new moon and they r basically the same. both are depressed and are too sad to have any friends for months.

  47. i love edward says:

    omg i think kristen totally fits the part of bella she totally works andi havent found the perfect edward in my head but i would rather imagine him w/ black long hair but bronze works to…. i guess! lol i think whoever is edward would work

  48. o.k personally i really don’t like kristen as Bella but i’m gonna keep ‘open minded’ and give her a chance. But Edward? i’m a little worried, whatever they pick i can live with but i will still be really depressed. But really if there WAS someone who looks like him then it would mean Edward isn’t perfect(which he is) no human(hence the word human) is as perfect as one of the cullens so get a grip!

  49. i love edward says:

    well i cant wait 2 see what emmett really looks like and jasper they r the 2 ‘ppl’ that i cant picture so it will be nice 2 finally read the book and can picture what they look like 🙂 im so excited about the movie my family is like so mad at me for being so ‘obsessed’ w/ the books iv reread them like twenty times and they get so annoyed when i talk about the movie and stuff its just because they havent read it yet!!!

  50. Omigosh! i know! i think that Tom Welling would make a great emmet, i know he isnt super huge like stephanie discribed, but his hair, and his smile! eek! and i dont really have a preference for Jasper, but i hope he is to die for!

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