The Host Making Waves at Cannes

TheHostPBAccording to Variety:

“Inferno Entertainment has nearly pre-sold all international territories for Stephenie Meyer’s pic “The Host,” one of the hot titles at this year’s Cannes market.

Pic, helmed by Andrew Niccol (who also adapted the screenplay of Meyer’s tome), is produced by Paula Mae Schwartz, Steve Schwartz, Nick Wechsler and Meyer while Inferno’s Marc Butan, Jim Seibel and Bill Johnson are exec-producers. Roger Schwartz serves as co-producer.

Producers are financing the pic with Inferno, which kicked off sales with a bang in Cannes last week. Meyer descended upon the Croisette to meet with buyers. The efforts proved worthwhile as pic had bidding wars in multiple territories all keen to get their hands on the next project from the woman behind the “Twilight” cash cow.

Pic is eyeing a January start date.”

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  1. How exciting ! I’m glad for Stephenie Meyer.

  2. Elizabeth (EverythingRemindsMeOfTwilight) says:

    Me too! Something else to look forward to. 😀

  3. The Host was ok… but it’s no Twilight “cash cow” … Stephanie needs to feed the cows… and right a new twilight series novel … and stop being so big headed about refusing too.

    • I agree with you… to a point. She should write another Twilight novel, but she shouldn’t return to it right away. Let the excitement build for another year or two after the movies are done, then publish Midnight Sun, or a memoir of each persons transformation, or something. But you don’t want to oversell it.

  4. danyelle says:

    If twilight anything is still being written made sold or filmed 50 yrs frm now I’ll still b buying it lol. I’ve NEVER EVER EVER bn obsessed with anything or bn part of a fandom untill twilight. I’m captivated and would LOVE for midnight sun to be completed. Then onto Carlisle …Esme…..and so on forever and ever!

  5. My opinion: I think Midnight sun will be completed and released sometime between the two breaking dawn movies, just to keep “Twilight” excitement up.

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