Stephenie Meyer Makes Forbes Power Women List

Stephenie Meyer is no stranger to the Forbes listings. She has previously appeared on their

2010 Successful Author List
2010 Celebrity 100 List
2009 Celebrity 100 List
2009 Hollywood’s Top Earning Women List

And Carlisle Cullen made the Wealthiest Fictional 15 list earlier this year

Stephenie has now made their Power Woman List coming in at the number 49

“Stephenie Meyer had held only one job, as a receptionist in an Arizona property company before penning the bestselling Twilight series, which has sold 116 million copies worldwide. Meyer’s vision of a world where vampires and teens co-exist may be to blame for the blood-lusting trend that continues four years later with TV series like The Vampire Diaries.”

Via TwiExaminer


  1. I have to question the entire Forbes most powerful list. There is a lot of women, who simple are not “powerful” … Lady Gaga, Stephanie Meyer and many others are very popular women, but that doesn’t make then powerful.

    • I disagree. Powerful can mean a lot of things-
      1. Influential
      2. Strong
      3. Effective

      If you think Stephenie Meyer isn’t any of those I don’t know what to say to you.
      Stephenie Meyer’s books are popular but her work influences a lot of people lives like it or not.
      Liking a book because it’s popular and living through it is are two different things and the fans of the Twilight series should be a good of an example for you.

    • I don’t agree with you either. Stephenie and Lady Gaga have such an influence on readers and their fans that’s it’s beyond being popular.

    • I agree with Sia and Kass. Powerful doesn’t have to just mean popular. To me, being powerful is doing something that affects alot of people. In my opinion, Stephenie has done that. As we all know, her stories have affected people all over the world, in turn creating movies that have gotten more people into the stories. What started as one dream turned into this huge phenomenon! I would say that’s powerful.

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