Carlisle Cullen Makes Forbes List

Carlisle-Cullen New MoonWe have to say that we never thought that we would be writing an entry like this, but Carlilse Cullen has made it onto Forbes Magazine Wealthiest list(AKA the fictional 15). It’s all in good fun, they haven’t completely lost their minds down at Forbes. it’s all to do with fictional characters. According to the Forbes website:

“Global markets are rapidly recovering from the 2008 financial crisis, and so are the fortunes of the fictitious. There are six new characters on the 2010 edition of Fictional 15, our annual ranking of fiction’s richest, with an average net worth of $7.3 billion. In aggregate, the nine returning members are worth $79.8 billion, up 9% since we last checked in on them.

Topping the list this year is newcomer Carlisle Cullen, patriarch of the Cullen coven of vampires in the Twilight series of novels. Cullen, age 370, has accumulated a fortune of $34.1 billion–much of it from long-term investments made with the aid of his adopted daughter Alice, who picks stocks based on her ability to see into the future. Low-key and undead, Cullen has spent recent years posing as a mortal doctor in a small town in Washington State.”

Other oldie but goodie list makers include Jed Clampett of The Beverly Hillbillies, Rich Rich, and the from over in the UK Sir Topham Hatt of Thomas the Tank Engine fame.

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  1. that is awesome!

  2. cool !

  3. nissanmama says

    *sigh* Too bad he already has a fictional wife.

  4. LOL, glad Dr. Cullen is getting the recognition he deserves! 🙂

  5. twiightgirl68 says

    LOL !! This is way cool !!!!

  6. This is perfectly awesome and the only Forbes article I can bare to read in this crappy economy. Go, you, Carlisle.

    PS – I hope the Volturi don’t read Forbes!

    • LOLOL: “I hope the Volturi don’t read Forbes!”

      Thanks for the link, Lex. The mighty Lexicon rules!

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  7. Oh that is way too funny!! Didn’t know Forbes did that. That’s cool 🙂

  8. The rich do have a sense of humor. haha. That’s awesome great article guys!

  9. LOL Buenísimo! que divertida esta noticia!

    Hottie! funny that this news!

  10. I think it is weird that they gave him a fortune amount. Any idea where they got that figure from?

  11. What an AWESOME job Forbes did on this… funny… and check out the blood money article they did on him too…

  12. How funny! LOL

  13. OMG this is really awesome and funny!!

  14. Hahaha that is hilarious!! I always wondered just how much money they had. I mean come on, the man gave his wife an island!

  15. that is so fun!
    my opinion of forbes just shot through the roof.
    i love carlisle, one of the coolest characters in the sage by far in my opinion. glad to know he’s on top. 🙂

  16. Wow! Lot’s of money the Cullen family has, good to finally know just how much they have..(But of course, that’s what to be expected with Alice). Go Team Carlisle!

  17. Pick me!!

  18. Pick Me!! :o)

  19. SO FUNNY!

  20. lol…..for a moment i really did think forbes has lost it… but it’s really funny what they did! i always did wonder how big was his fortune….nice to finally get an estimate! go carlisle!!

  21. That’s great….made me laugh out loud. Most of the people who read Forbes won’t know anything about the Cullens – unless of course, they have a teen or tween daughter…

  22. Bella did mention in New Moon,that she didn’t even want to think about how wealthy the Cullens might have been. Well we’ve certainly gotten our answer now. I guess Renesmee must be the wealthiest half-mortal grandchild in the world and her grandpa definitely has the money to spoil on her. LOL

  23. I wish Carlisle would ADOPT