Forbes Magazine: Successful Author List 2010

Stephenie Meyer ranks second on Forbes Magazine’s successful author list. She’s number two, and right behind fellow megaseller James Patterson.

“Vampire romance author Stephenie Meyer ranks second this year. Her Twilight series has become such a juggernaut that despite not releasing a new title in 2009, she earned $40 million over the year. About $7 million of that came from the movies adapted from the Twilight series. In June the third Twilight installment pulled in $175 million in its first six days, the most successful first week of any movie of 2010.”

Other women authors on the list include JK Rowling, Danielle Steele, Janet Evanovich


  1. Wait one minute. You mean to tell me that SM has only earn 7 million off the movies? All the money Summit has made off of these movies and she only gets 7 million. I not be surprise cause Summit is so greedy. They are too cheap to spend money on hair, makeup, and decent clothes for the characters.

    • Author’s don’t get paid a large percent of anything. They usually only get about 10% of book sales before taxes and agent fees, and a lot less for movie rights. Remember they just payed her to the story, she didn’t have anything else to do with the creation of the movie. The money from the movie also has to support the whole company.

  2. Congrats Steph! and a big tongue sticked to all naysayers that keep predicting the book will fade into obscurity and no one will know of them in a few years…They keep selling!

  3. Why the hell is Stephenie Meyer getting ONLY 7 million dollars ? If she would of went to another studio the movies would of been better made and it would of made a lot more money. And I think Stephenie deserves WAY more. And I’ll be honest I love love the books and the reason why I give these movies a pass. The movies for me are ok and I really think the movies deserve more too.

  4. Love ya, Stephenie!! I’m so happy for you! 😀

  5. Twilight dreamers says:

    Yay! to us Stephenie will always be #1 on our list! 😀

  6. Joan Duszynski says:

    Congrats Stephenie, you deserve this plus more. I have never had a series catch me like Twilight! Thank you so much for your story you shared with us all. Keep dreaming great dreams inspiring great things! -Joan

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