Harper’s Bazaar Twilight Cover Wins Two Awards

According to Folio Magazine:

“The American Society of Magazine Editors announced here today that the December 2009 issue of Harper’s Bazaar, which featured the lead actors from the Twilight movie franchise, was named 2010 Cover of the Year. The announcement was made by ASME president and People magazine managing editor Larry Hackett at the MPA’s American Magazine Conference.

The winning cover was chosen again this year by Amazon.com customers. The Harper’s Bazaar cover [pictured] beat out 11 other category winners for the top recognition (the issue won the “Best Vampire” category previously).”

The full list of winner and the runner’s ups can be seen here.

The cover previously competed and won in the vampire category against covers such as Robert Pattinson’s between legs infamous Details covershoot and his smoldering Vanity Fair cover shoot; Entertainment Weekly’s New Moon trio featuring Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, and Kristen Stewart;  People Magazine’s New Moon Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart debut shot. The only non-Twilight related cover was one from Halloween Magazine.

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  1. sorry all…i really don’t like the dress. it looks like a semi-deflated balloon. i don’t see what these photo shoots have to do w/ the twilight books. i mean bella is more of a jeans and t-shirt girl…who only owns one skirt. even the movies portray her to be something she’s not in the books. i like the book version of bella much better…not the ‘alice in wonderland’ looking kstew.

  2. I agree

  3. Kim,she is Kristen Stewart in that photo,not Bella.
    And i LOVE the dress.

  4. alexa: she and rob together in a photo shoot such as this one represent twilight. and there are other shoots that have other twilight cast memebers in them that are similar to this one. if u’d like to change my mind, please try again.

  5. I agree with Alexa… they were not interviewed “in character” for this interview… they were interviewed as Kristen and Rob… Bella and Edward are CHARACTERS, not real… I love Twilight as much as any one on here, but people need to get a grip and not be serious about everything… it’s a book/movie… not real

  6. I love love love this photoshoot! They both look AMAZING!!! It’s my favorite photoshoot they’ve ever done. And like it was already pointed out it was Rob & Kristen NOT Bella & Edward. They’ve both been dressed up in past photoshoots.

  7. Kim,calm down,I don`t want to change your mind,GOD.
    I was just saying.
    And I agree with DD XD

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