Harper’s Bazaar Twilight Cover Up For Cover of the Year

Over at Amazon.com the above classic cover featuring Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart is nominated for Cover of the Year. The cover and article were part of the New Moon publicity wave that hit last fall.

Via Twilightish


  1. Isn’t this the UK cover tho?

  2. That looks so nice

  3. Aww I love that cover! So cute…

  4. It’s got my vote.

  5. CantanteDiEdward says:

    Just voted!

  6. They both look so glamorous.

  7. MyAfterCarIsAnXKR says:

    Voted! Gosh I love that cover.

  8. Twilight dreamers says:

    Got my vote! Very pretty and classy!

  9. It’s got my vote. This whole photoshoot was awesome. I love all the pics in it.

  10. that is a fairly good cover, but i’ve never been a fan of the bottom section of her dress…

  11. That is SUCH an Edward pic.

  12. They just got my vote!!!

  13. I loved this photoshoot.They look so glamorous.I hope they do something like this again.

  14. they are amazing! i love them and it’s got my vote.

  15. Will this magazine be available to Canada? When is it going to be out in stands?

  16. love the twilight cover,thats the one i voted for.

  17. switzy4ever14 says:

    hope it wins! i loved the whole spread from the moment it came out.

  18. All of the pics from this shoot are awesome. THIS is what Bella needs to look like as a vampire! (Please, please, please not like Alice’s vision in New Moon!)


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