IESB: Press Conference, The Cullen Family Interview

IESB covered the Eclipse press conference and has transcribed the Cullen family interview. This is the best Cullen family coverage to date!:

“At a press conference to promote the upcoming release of the film, co-stars Peter Facinelli, Elizabeth Reaser, Nikki Reed, Ashley Greene and Jackson Rathbone talked about what gets them into character and why Eclipse is the most accessible of the Twilight films so far.

Q: For someone who hasn’t been a fan of the series, why would you recommend that someone should see this movie?

Nikki: I think it deals with universal topics, and not only this really intense, “I would do anything, and literally die for you,” kind of love that we’ve all felt, at one point or another. With this film in particular, you get to learn a little bit more about some of the characters, like Rosalie and Jasper. When you’re dealing with a screenplay, you really have to focus on what’s important, which is the love triangle. The rest of us feel like we’re screaming and clawing to show something.

Peter: I think that there’s a misconception with Twilight that it’s just for pre-teen and teenage girls, and that guys won’t want to go see it. When New Moon came out, it had more action and guys responded to that, although they didn’t really want to admit it. It’s like driving around, singing and listening to Barry Manilow in your car, belting it out loud, and then someone pulls up next to you and you pretend like you’re not. Now, with Eclipse, the action has gotten even greater. For me, as a male, it’s my favorite book because I love the all the action, yet you still have this love triangle that’s heated up even more. It hits on a lot of different things. It has themes of vengeance, which is universal. You have themes of alliances being formed between two different families, or mortal enemies that are teaming up for a common good, which is a great universal message. This has a family that you can relate to, in the sense that they’re bonded and joined up for a common good, with the action and the love story. It’s got a lot of things going on for a lot of different people. I’ve had fans that are six years old, up to 80. I’m hoping that they enjoy it. It’s my favorite book, and I enjoyed it.”

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You can also get the video version on Collider.

Peter Facinelli, Liz Reaser, Nikki Reed, Jackson Rathbone and Ashley Greene (The Cullens) Video Interview THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECL from ColliderVideos on Vimeo.


  1. I am having a Twi-night in October, my future son-in-law asked if he could come, I told him NO! Not unless he read the books. He dived in (great future son in law huh?) he’s finished 2 and starts Eclipse this week. All that to say this. He loves the books! No surprise to me. Alot of guys won’t give them a chance because of the movies….then they read the books and love them. Guess J will be comin’ to my Twi-night! lol

  2. Veronica says:

    I got my hubby to read them, and he liked them a lot!! He even got some of his co-workers to read them as well!!

    • Veronica that is so cool, I think once they see how great they are, they let everyone know…but I wonder how many male closet Twi-hards are actually out there lol

  3. lucky gals! I can’t get neither movie nor books. Will see Eclipse alone 🙁

  4. My honey read them and although he is not the fan that I am, he will admit that they are worth reading and have a good story line! He has seen both movies with me and our date for June 30 at 12:20pm is planned!!!!


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