Access Hollywood Interviews the Cast at the MTV Movie Awards 2010

The first batch is Xavier Samuel,Kiowa Gordon, Nikki Reed, and Julia Jones.

The next batch Jackson Rathbone


  1. Julie Dropp says

    I LOVE JACKSON!!! He is my fave! Super. Sexy.

  2. SavyTwilighter says

    jackson’s jacket last night was so hott! WANT…preferably with him in it^-^

  3. Jackson is a freakin Rock/Movie Star God!!! I’ve seen him in other stuff. Most recently in Criminal Minds, he played a guy with MPD and his alter was female. At the end of the show you see him dressed as the alter long hair and make up as well as female clothing… He makes a HOT woman as well!!! That boy can act!!

  4. I had a dream a few nights ago that I broke up with my boyfriend (who I have dated for 6 years- I’m 25, so that’s not too weird) to date Jackson, but just as we were about to kiss, I realized it felt wrong and went back to my boyfriend. It says a lot for my boyfriend that even in my dreams I can’t even date Jackson! He’s so cute! My boyfriend has the same dimples, so maybe that’s why…


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