Peter Facinelli Staying Out of Negociations

peterpremiereThe NBC affiliate in Chicago asked Peter Facinelli to comment on the reported salary negotiations going on between Kellan Lutz, Ashley Greene, and Summit Entertainment.

“Facinelli told PopcornBiz at the StepUp Inspiration awards on Friday that’s he’s signed up for “Breaking Dawn” but he is not using his fatherly influence to work with the other kids.

“I haven’t spoken to them about this,” he says, adding that he doesn’t plan to either.”Their deals are their deals. I respect whatever they decide to do. Every actor has to do their deal.”

According to various articles Peter Facinelli and Billy Burke have signed and Nikki Reed and Jackson Rathbone have or are about to sign. Rob, Kristen, and Taylor according to their USA Today story are a done deal. You can see the full story on NBC Chicago’s Popcorn Biz Blog.


  1. Good for Perer for staying out of this. He is one of those guys who doesn’t gossip or say anything negative.

  2. Why shouldn’t Ashley and Kellan get decent paychecks? Summit has made millions on this franchise. Pay the actors, tightwads! I am stilled angry about them recasting Victoria. If they recast Ash and Kel I’m out! They’ve done a pretty crappy job on the whole adapting the series to film and, if they don’t straighten up, they’re going to start losing fan loyalty.

    • I totally agree with you Len. And the Victoria thing still pissed me off. Too small of a roll for Bryce Howard then, but not now? And you know Summit is just doing this create even more buzz about the movies. I think Summit know that if they don’t get Lutz & Greene people will freak. They are Alice & Emmit & know one elase at this point could play those rolls. I guess Summit is trying to keep the buzz going for BD. Well, its working Summit, so enough! We’ll bite, the fans are waiting so get a move on!

    • Sorry but if Peter and Billy have both settled and Nikki and Jackson it’s looking more and more like Ashley and Kellan are getting greedy. Sure they should get a raise, but if it’s good enough for the other four what makes them think they are so special? Kellan’s hardly got a big part and Ashley’s isn’t any bigger than Billy or Peters. In Breaking Dawn Alice is barely there.

      • I totally agree, and honestly i would rather see 2 BD movies, with them replaced, then only 1 because they wouldn’t sign b/c they didn’t get the money they wanted. Neither one of them have a very big role in BD, it wouldn’t both me in the slightest to have them replaced,I’d rather see the story line left more intact, then having them there. NOW Rob, Kristen and Taylor..yeah they should get whatever it takes to get them on board.

        • Rob and Kristen signed for $7.5 million per film (BD 1 & 2) while Taylor signed for $5 million. I DO NOT think that K & A should get more than a million.

  3. Can always count on Peter to be respectful of his friends and colleagues…the Cullen ‘kids’ are adults in their own right, after all, and should make their own decisions.

  4. Peter’s a good and wise person. I have a lot of respect for him…in fact for all the Twilight cast. For a bunch of young actors, they all seem to have a good head on their shoulders.

  5. NegoTiations even.

  6. In that pic he looks like the actor from “The Hangover”.

  7. Noah Brighten says

    Again folks Summit nor Kellen/Ashley are in the wrong. This is typical business as usual in Hollywood. Kellen/Ashley, sense Summit’s Twilight Saga, has done remarkably well, want a raise. As stated it is NO different than you going to your boss and asking for one. It ain’t wrong. It can either happen or not. Summit reserves the right to either agree to the terms or not. That is Summit’s right. If you think that they are already being paid a LOT of money for around 10 to 15 minutes of screen time (that we see), then you certainly can understand Summit’s choice not to raise their salary.

    Again folks Hollywood is a business.

    • I completely agree with you. It’s business, but for me as a person I could never cop out just for a few more bucks. Kellan and Ashley signed on for the passion that an Indie film gives. I hope that’s not been replaced by their fame. I wish everyone luck in this. Way to go Peter.

  8. Kellan is going to be one of the biggest stars of the series, mark my words. He’s the new face of Calvin Klein and is being considered for some big roles right now. It makes sense that he wants compensation to spend 2-3 more years of his life on Twilight. As we saw from the whole Victoria recasting, Summit isn’t very flexible with scheduling, making it difficult to impossible for the actors to work on other projects.

    Bottom line, it cheapens a movie when you recast. People start thinking you’re worried more about money than making a good movie. If they recast any Cullen I’m not going to watch.

  9. Noah Brighten says

    It is the actor’s agent’s job to work within the scheduling perameters of a productions shooting schedule. As far as I know, only Triple A-list actors, who’s names have marketing power, will sway a studio to manipulate a schedule, and studios will ONLY due such if the movie is partly riding on the actor’s fame to fill seats.

    All movie productions have tight schedules. They have to make these schedules IF they want to make a certain release date. Could they manipulate…sure, but they won’t unless a certain actor or actress has enough clout to force them.

    Also note, you haven’t even seen Eclipse, so you don’t know if Bryce isn’t going to do a good job or not. Don’t assume she sucks until you see that she does.

  10. Twilibrarian says

    Negotiations are part of the process of movie making. You don’t hear these complaints when some MLB/NBA/NFL/NHL player gets a multi-million dollar deal. Replacing Kellan and Ashley would be disastrous on Summit’s part. They have just as big a following as Rob/Kris/Taylor, just not as demonstrative. That goes for all the Cullens, Swans, etc.

    Now, without sounding like a lecturing 😉 school teacher, Rachelle was replaced because her agent screwed up 🙁 and signed her to do another project that overlapped the filming of Eclipse. :-/ (Please memorize this, it will be on the test!) THAT, my friends, is why we need to give all parties concerned ample time to negotiate. I do not think anyone is stupid enough to recast after the Victoria debacle, do you?

  11. What other role has Ashley done that has any substance? If any one should be asking for more, it should be Nikki. Sorry but Ashley does not have the talent to back up the demand. I wouldn’t mind if she is recast.

  12. I appreciate everyone’s opinions above, good points all.

    Just wanted to point out how totally not fun this discussion is.

    Thanks, Summit!

  13. OK, this has nothing to do with the content of the post, but it bugs me everytime I see it. There is a misspelling in the blog post title, it should be “negoTiations” not negoCiations. Sorry, but it drives me absolutely insane to see misspellings in such public forums.