Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene Salary Negotiations Round Two

kellashEntertainment Weekly seems to have picked up where The Hollywood Reporter left off  regarding the salary negotiations between Kellan, Ashley, and the studio.  As EW tends to be a credible industry source, so, we are reporting on and linking to their coverage.

“Greene and Lutz don’t have huge roles. Greene portrays Alice Cullen, the future-seeing sister of Edward Cullen and Bella’s closest friend in the Cullen clan. Lutz plays older brother Emmett Cullen and his part, so far, has been minor. Yet sources tell that the duo are asking for $4 million a piece for each of the final two films. Greene and Lutz had initially banded together with fellow co-stars Nikki Reed and Jackson Rathbone to form a united front, but sources say Reed backed down and is now close to finalizing her deal, which is said to be in the $750,000-$1 million range per film — the amount Summit initially offered the four cast members. (Rathbone’s status remains unclear, and his reps had not returned a call for comment at press time. Reed’s manager declined to comment.)

The studio declined to comment on the negotiations. But sources tell that Greene and Lutz believe that because the supporting actors do as much publicity as the lead actors, and have to log almost as many hours on set, they should be paid accordingly. One source involved in the negotiations says that Greene and Lutz just want to get $1 million or more.”

Check out the rest of the story on EW.

We’ve been asked a couple of times where we stand on all of this. We have some personal thoughts, but we rather let people come to whatever conclusions they want to draw. At the end of the day, we have no insider info on what was in whose contract and what was understood. Our friend Larry411 summed it all up rather nicely when he said, “In many negotiations u have reps for each side leaking info to make the other side look bad in the eyes of the public. Happens all the time…It’s simple. It’s the job of the agent to get as much $$ for their client as they can. The actors often are millions of miles away emotionally and are not involved. It’s the job of the studio to pay as little as possible. They meet somewhere in the middle. But it’s usually behind closed doors & nobody ever knows what the agents asked for, what the studios offered, & what it ended up at…EVERY actor in EVERY film goes in asking for more than they end up getting. That’s the way it works.”

You can follow Larry’s full tweets here.


  1. I don’t believe they should get $4 million each. If they don’t want to do publicity, I think it will be okay. The publicity gigs actually help them sell themselves so if I were these two I wouldn’t be complainmg. People don’t go to the Twilight movies to see them. I go for Ro and Kristen and Peter and Billy Burke.

    • They’re asking for $750 to $1 mil, not $4 million. I realize there is some “he said/ she said” in both those figures being batted around, but that’s EW’s final word AFAIK.

      IMO, the reason for those figures, beyond the up-to-two years they’ll spend working on the film and promoting it (and perhaps some catch-up for the past four), is like with professional athletes. Should the owner of the stadium make everything while the athletes ruin their health playing for a few years for the typical office worker makes? Or do the players deserve a significant cut of the proceeds to help them get by for the rest of their lives. Please let me explain:

      Breaking Dawn is really an epic finale to the series. It will make enormous profits. So, if someone is going to make a couple billion dollars from Breaking Dawn 1 and 2, shouldn’t the people who are actually in the film get a decent cut of the proceeds? Just like pro athletes?

      Further, Ashley and Kellan both offer entirely unique personality, appearance, and character for their roles. No one could adequately replace them and what they bring to the role. Catherine’s casting — including those two — was just perfect.

      Sadly for many actors, due to aging, typecasting, audience taste, etc., this may be the only major roles they ever get from here on out. We hope not, but it may. That’s the way it often goes. Actors really give their all for a film/TV series, and unless they’re Julia Roberts or Sandra Bullock, that’s the last you ever see of them. So what they make on this film could be pretty much all that they ever make for their entire lives in this career.

      So if Summit makes $1 billion for the huge finale of Twilight, which (I think) is likely if the cast remains in place, Ashley and Kellan are asking for 1 percent of the box office. Yet their roles — their contribution toward its success — is more than 1 percent of the film (a great deal more, I think).

      So who deserves more? A associate-assistant producer, or the stars of the show we all pay money to see? I have never said, “Wow, people say this movie had great bookkeeping! It came in under budget and on time! I can’t wait to see it!” But hey, a movie with Kellan, Ashley, and the rest of the Cullens? You bet!

      • Danielle says

        “So what they make on this film could be pretty much all that they ever make for their entire lives in this career.

      • Danielle says

        “So what they make on this film could be pretty much all that they ever make for their entire lives in this career.”
        Are you kidding me?? These two actors have been doing commercials and endorsements like crazy. They also have other projects too. They definitely have the right to ask for more money.

        • no.. what she says is right. look at luke skywalker and princess lea. what happened to them? but look at harrison ford. the other actors may never find good work like this again while some will be hugely successful. the industry is fickle.

    • Rosalie's Pain says

      Good for them for asking for a raise. If I’m not mistaking, they got about 100K each for the first Twilight movie. The company is making a huge amount of money, so why not spend at least 10% in the main actors salaries, that would total to about 70 million dollars out of the more than 700 million that the company has made for just New Moon so far… Anyhow, for those of you who say that they are greedy and that we the fans work very hard for our money to pay to go see this movies: STOP WHINNING! You don’t have to go see the movie when it comes out and spend the ridicolous price for a movie ticket. Don’t be stupid and wait until it comes out on DVD, then you can simply rent it for $1 from Red Box. That’s what I do with most movies nowadays. The best part is that if you did not like the movie, you only spent a dollar to watch it!

    • Actually, it would probably be pretty dumb on Summits part to let the newest Calvin Klein model go (Kellan Lutz) Everyone knows that these particular models blow up and have huge careers. Big names will give this franchise better credibility. Kellan will be become well known. He will acquire new fans. Those fans of his who never saw Twilight will choose to watch the movies because of him just like RPatz fans have now seen the Haunten Airmen and How To Be.

  2. silvertonguedevil says

    I love how it’s quoted as “JUST a million or more”. JUST!!!! I would give anything to be able to make $750,000 doing three months work like Nikki is getting. If it’s true that it’s their reps are doing they should speak up because all this is doing is hurting them in the eyes of the public. Emmet and Alice’s parts are a little bigger in the final book but not enought to warrant this demand of a raise in pay.

    • Well you have to understand that is in no way what they take home. First the government gets their cut which will be 40%+, then the Agent gets 10%-20% and there are probably a few other people in their getting a cut of that too.. so the math is probably actually looking like this…if I’m correct….
      $800,000 minus government = 40% (and that is being generous, it’s going to be more) which is $480,000. Now, does the agent take (middle 15%) the cut pre tax or post tax? Pre= $120. Post= $72. So what the actor probably ACTUALLY gets is around $100 – $200 thousand dollars. That doesn’t seem too bad but when you consider the ENTIRE financial pie of which the Studio makes the most… in the millions to billions in this case… I don’t think it’s unfair for the actors to at least ask.

  3. ***SPOILER for those who haven’t read the books*** (which I’m sure isn’t many but I’m still posting the disclaimer just in case there’s SOMEONE out there)
    It’s interesting that Ashley Greene (and/or her agent) wants more money for the last two films considering her character “leaves” for half of Breaking Dawn…which in turn means she won’t be on screen for half of the movie….

    • That’s true, Alice isn’t in Breaking Dawn as much she is in, say, New Moon or Eclipse. But having said that, aside from RP, Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz are the only two of the vampire siblings cast that I really think fit the spirit of the characters in the book. I can’t imagine anyone else playing Emmett or Alice. I will be very, very sad if they re-cast, and since the franchise is making so much money I would think they could afford to be a little more generous with their actors. Anyone know of an address where we can send protest letters?

    • haven’t you seen trailers for eclipse? there are scenes of the newborns and the volturi in seattle that were never in the books. it’s quite possible they’ll be switching to alice and jasper in south america or something.

  4. No way they should get 4 million for each part. Maybe under 2 million but that’s still too much. Their roles are small and it’s really disappointing they would ask that much when they know they don’t deserve that much for the roles their playing. They think Summit should give them more because Twilight is making so much ? Well Summit is a studio that has to stay a float too and I do think Summit should spend a little more on the franchise but it shouldn’t go to their salary more like for special effects or other things. I’m sorry but those two don’t deserve that amount and I was never connected to their characters like I was in the books. And with Ashley already canceling two different Twilight events I guess she’s too big now and wants more.

    • i think they deserve a lot of money because their jobs go beyond the few months of filming. what other actor do you know has to attend events all year long to promote a movie? NONE!! actors only attend a taping of leno or letterman and they’re done. meanwhile the twilight actors have been jetting around the country making appearances over the past couple of years. they’ve worked hard for this franchise.. not to mention being hounded constantly by the fans. most other actors aren’t bothered this much by the fans.

      • Jacobdabuilder says

        Ru kidding me it’s people out hear that can’t eat be happy u making $$$$$ this 2011 things r bad out hear thank god I am bless

  5. Obviously everyone wants to make as much as than can. And obviously these movies have done better than Summit could have dreamed. However, these stars were basically unknown. Even Kristen Stewart had only a Indy following for the most part. Summitt has turned many of these actors into stars. I think everyone one of them has or has had a movie coming out. Take your best price and remember that this is opening doors that you may have never gotten! To be honest, the roles are so minor in the movies, it will not break my heart if they are replaced, just like Victoria. Heck, in my opinion, they can still replace Kristen! LOL

    • and most of the actors in friends, seinfeld, and the harry potter series were largely unknown at first. that didn’t stop them from demanding a higher wage. that’s how the business works.

  6. If this article isn’t true and they do want a million more that’s disappointing on Kellan and Ashley’s part. I can see 500,000 more but they don’t warrant a million even four million dollars for each part. And their reasoning is because the franchise is making a lot ? But their parts aren’t worth that much.
    Two million dollars for Breaking Dawn isn’t enough wow. And their complaining about doing publicity ? I haven’t seen either of them do that much recently actually. And the main three do as much and I bet they would do more if they could but they have to do the bigger markets. This is really disappointing. Summit whatever you do just make us happy with the outcome of this movie.

    • you obviously haven’t been to the conventions.

      anyway, people need to remember that twilight made summit. they were just a little indie production company just like all the actors were unknowns. everyone should thank stephenie meyer and everyone should get a raise.

  7. Jennifer says

    Bet Summit threw K&A 2 the ‘wolves’& told they were holdouts 2 get all of fandom 2 lightup the blogosphere. JUST PAY’EM GREEDY BASTARDS

    • 16 million for two actors who have a total of maybe 15 minutes in the movies ? HELL NO.
      2 million each which would be four million for both parts maybe.

  8. Even if this article is exaggerating the numbers but for those two who’s first big roles is coming from Twilight and to ask for A List Celeb numbers is sad. I could understand if they actually had huge parts but 8 million or even 4 million for a movie is a lot. And them complaining about doing publicity is sad because it’s your job. I like them more Kellan but I would hate to see them go because they want money they don’t deserve and they actually have more movies to do now because of this franchise and I would just be grateful. And the main three do publicity just as much as they do. They might not do little things but they do promote these movies.

  9. Olympic Coven says

    I didn’t realize Jackson (Jasper) hadn’t signed on yet. They were all relatively unknown before the Saga movies and while I’m sure they’re grateful for the opportunities this has brought them, I imagine it would be hard not to get caught up in the fantasy world of Hollywood. They could easily lose some of their fanbase if they’re going to get greedy. What $4 million could do if it was spread among so many of us just struggling to get the bills paid.

  10. Angelnet says

    I’m beginning to wonder if I read the same book as everyone else. It is Nikki’s big moment as Rosalie as she sides with Bella over the baby. Most of the storyline is set at the Cullen’s house with all of the Cullen family really coming to the fore for the first time. Alice has a huge role to play in helping Bella plan an escape route as well as aiding Bella and the baby during the pregnancy. The money side of things is all just a game that the studios and agents play. Both sides want the best deal. It will get negotiated out.

    • thank you i feel the same way i said that to on the last article and everyone was like no shes not just the wedding they just wont to get a new Alice and Emmet because they wont the movie so bad but if they recast its going to ruin the saga

  11. The only person who deserves a raise in this franchise is Stephenie Meyer.

    • I agree. I hate to say this but the characters are the ones I love and yes I’ve come to like some of the actors but I don’t think the actors have played the characters like I expected them to from the books except for Billy, Peter, Michael Sheen, Dakota and Cam.

  12. Kim Lydia Ayala says

    I’m hoping that this may just be another rumor, but if it is true, I will be greatly disapointed. They play small role in the Twilight saga, and to be asking for so much money, just because they’re greedy is plain stupid. Especially when we have to work our ass off daily, we have to hear about people starving daily, and some barely get enough money to put food on the table. If you ask me, they’re being selfish, especially if the think they are not getting enough money. Ashley cancels half of the things she does for us, so if she’s going to quit Twilight events that we paid to see her at, and if she’s going to complain about publicity, when she barely does a thing, well then maybe she is to good for Twilight. If she’s going to be like that, I say dump her and replace! I love them in the books so freakin’ much, so if they do get replaced I will be very sad. They are amazing, but they need to drop the hollywood attitude quickly.

    • I hope you mean Twilight is too good for her, not the other way around! ^^

    • do you hear yourself? you say ashley isn’t entitled to having another life outside of twilight, even complaining when she has to cancel events due to filming other movies.. while saying she doesn’t deserve any more money from the franchise. so basically, you expect her to give her undivided attention to all things twilight for the past few years for free. you must be smoking something.

      we’re are all nutso fans but you need to realize these people have lives.this is a job. they’re not doing this because they love the books so much. summit is making money hand over fist. there are a few studio execs making WAY more than the actors. why don’t you save your lecture about starving people for them? at least ashley and the other actors donates their time to worthy causes. i’m not sure the same can be said for those studio fat cats hoarding all the profits.

  13. It’s sad if the desire after money makes them lose/refuse their roles.. Hope this works out and that they can get some reason into their heads 😛 Come on, 4 million? 😮 Sick!

  14. Sadly, greed tends to take over. Yes having these two is important, but at what cost? I know both of them realize, that they might never again get a role in anything nearly as big as the Twilight Syndrome, but get over people. The millions you’ve already made is already more money then 99.9999999% of fans will ever hope to make in their lifetime.

  15. I think it is sad this info. got leaked to the press. It happens all the time, with every film made. The actors always ask for more money then the studio wants to pay them. I think Summit execs are greedy. They have made a billion dollars on this franchise. I think they should pay all of the actors more. It is not Kellan & Ashley’s fault that Nikki didn’t play hardball, she should have. These films need to have continuity and NO more actor changes. I have a hard time seeing Bryce in the Eclipse trailer, no offense to hear but Rachelle was Victoria. Please sin this petition in hopes that Summit will do the right thing this time.

    • I loved the first 2 movies and I’m sure Eclipse will be great (just making sure you all know I’m not a hater here) But every time I hear someone say “Rachelle WAS Victoria” it drives me nuts. Especially when some (not all) then go on to say that Ashley and Kellan have no lines therefore blah blah…

      Rachelle had 3 (three) lines in Twilight and did NOT speak ONCE in NM! I mean if you’re going to talk about a minimal part at best hers was it!

      I agree that 4 million per movie is outrageous and there is no way they should get it, but let’s be consistant here…

  16. Christie says

    Wow, greedy maybe just a lil…If Nikkie has already signed for a certain amount, do Kellan and Ashley really think they will get more than someone with the same amount of screen time has already signed?? I think not! I really hope there agent has seent that summit may just let one of them go to make a point, so hopefully they will just back down. Take the money, cause iam pretty sure some money is better than none. And do they really want to start out like this and get a bad rep??

    • WELL PLAYED, SUMMIT!.. leaking this info to make the actors look greedy when they’re not. we’ve got a naive one here who played right into your hands. *clapping*

  17. in my opinion i think if kellan ans Ashley are going to play the greedy card then summet should just give them the boot out and just fire them. because they are not the main stars of the movie and to be asking more money is selfish. Yes summet does make a lot of money for twilight conventions but come on, if your going to take up the business time then they will might as well be fired

  18. The only reason they will get a bad rep is because this is being made public knowledge. This kind of thing goes on with ALL actors in ALL movies. The agents always ask for more than the studio wants to initially give. Most of the time the actor is not even involved, it is the agent. Plus, the point is they have not already “made millions”. None of them has made even a million for a film. Summit has made a billion dollars on this franchise and I think it is time they shared some it with the actors. Kellan & Ashley may not be everyone’s favorite characters, but a lot of people love them. Myself included.

  19. I would SO hate to see these two recast! Even though their parts aren’t as big as Rob and Kristen’s they still play an important part of the story! I’m not sure they’re worth 4 million, though.

    I agree…this is the typical Hollywood bargaining going on.

  20. So Peter and Billy Burke who have bigger parts and have been in acting for years have signed on. Nikki has signed on too. And now Ashley and Kellan are hold outs. PLEEEAAASEEEE. Kellan has canceled so many appearances this year when he was supposedly filming. Too bad he was caught snowboarding instead when he should have been at a convention. Way for these two, who don’t have much going for them other than their pretty faces, to get swelled heads. The new movies they are doing aren’t exactly high quality either. Kristen and Rob are getting juicy material. These two are getting nothing special.

    • HE WAS WHAT? SNOWBOARDING? GOD FORBID ANYONE WOULD WANT A BREAK ONCE IN A WHILE. Good lord.. relax.. he was off filming and couldn’t make it to the convention. that doesn’t mean he couldn’t drive an hour or two to snowboard.

      Don’t blame the actors for the canceled appearances. You know that’s all Summit dangling that carrot to get you to buy convention tickets though they knwo that actor is probably going to be otherwise engaged. THINK!

  21. This is a tough one for me. I think Ashley’s casting & portrayal as Alice has been the best of all the characters in movies in terms of how they translated from the books. When I read the books, I pictured her! Everyone else had been somewhat dim in comparison even, *gasp* Rob and Kristen as Edward and Bella (sorry, I know that won’t be a popular opinion but give as much blame on the writing as credit to Ashley’s acting ability)! Still, I would truly hate to see her replaced at this late stage.

    That said, greed is never an attractive quality and can usually does not end well. I hope that Summit and both Ashley & Kellan’s agents can find a middle ground. Publicity appears to time consuming, and takes them away from other possible working commitments.

    And, if there is a possibility they will forever be typecast in these kinds of roles, can you blame their agents for trying to see that they are well paid for them?

  22. Please pay close attention to what Larry411 says, and he is quite correct. Negotiations is what Hollywood is all about. It is the agent’s job to get their client as much money as possible. That is what they do. Believe me, if my agent, wasn’t fighting for every penny she could get me, I wouldn’t want her at all. An agent gets a small percent of what their client makes, so it is in their best interest to get more money for their client. I don’t know about actor agents, but in my line a work, the agent gets 10% of the selling price (domestic) and 15% international.

    Production companies, naturally, don’t want to pay any more, because it increases their net cost. I keep hearing that Summit is making billions off of this series, and they are making quite a profit, but you also have to understand that much of that money has to go into future investments. Summit realizes, as we all do, that eventually all the Twilight books will be made into movies, and there won’t be any more to make (at this time). They have to find future properties to continue their success, OR their paycheck’s are going to dry up really fast… I mean REALLY fast.
    Right now, Summit itself is having a ton of issues. Other than Twilight, none of their other movies are being successful. Most of which, just barely make back the production costs, of which isn’t good… isn’t good at all. So every and dollar counts.

    I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again, Hollywood is a business. Actors, screenwriters, directors, producers, and gaffers…ect ect ect… are all employees.

    I know its tough to not get emotionally involved when you are dealing with a property you love so much, but believe me, neither Summit or cast, wishes to do anything to ruin fan expectations for the series, because it is the fanbase that is making Twilight what it is…

  23. Summit makes a rediculous amount of money off these movies! 1 million each for the last movie (this is saying only #5, they are already signed on #4) is chump change for how much this movie will make! New moon grossed something like 750 million, 2 million isn’t that much in the scheme of things!

  24. Twilight New Moon has made $709,711,008 for Summit so far (as of April 1, 2010). They should recognize the importance that these actors have toward the success of the movie. As in, if they WERENT in the movie, people definitely wouldn’t like it. I’m sure they can handle making $705,711,008. I’d rather see our actors benefit than another studio exec buying another island.

  25. Alice is out of the second part of Breaking Dawn, so I don’t think she should get paid more when she wont be in the film as much as everyone else, they are getting a huge amount of money for doing these films as it is. They are just being selfish, their own fault if they end up getting recast.

  26. Yeah I feel no sympathy for summit. They are making far too much money to complain about a few million. Yeah they aren’t the most important actors but neither was was Ron Howard fire crotch daughter but I bet she got far more than rachel lafavre or however you spell it. summit wants to make big bucks for their little work why shouldn’t the actors that have to promote the movie for the next two to 3 years.I dont really care about future projects from summit. They don’t seem to be capable of making anything else worthwhile anyways.

  27. What a difference a day makes, along with more details!

    I would love to know what the actors (A & K) were paid for the first three films before I judge the numbers. and what their contracts said as far as publicity.

    This is NOT making these two look sympathetic – and they are not known for their acting skills.

    I’m curious – did Anna Kendrick sign?

    • Twilight_News says

      Unknown on Anna or any other human. It would not surprise me if the humans were cut they are barely in the book. When I comes to what would be cut, it seems to us that might be where it happens.

  28. After reading all the comments for the last two days, my opinion is kind of torn. I can see why (myself included) A&K do not deserve the $4 mil that they are asking for. They do bail out on alot of their publicity. I remember alot of fans were p’d off when Kellan did not show up for the hockey game. One of the comments earlier said something about Kellan snowboarding. Ashley.., I do not even recall her doing any public anything recently. Ashley and Kellan are kind of screwing themselves with all this. It’s the fans that make them who they are. We are the ones who pay to see them.

    On the other hand, Peeps, Noah Brighten, and Larry411 do make a valid point. I remember reading something somewhere that Robert Pattinson got paid only $4 mil doing all three movies. After he pays his agents, lawyers (or whatever), their isn’t a whole lot left. That said, maybe some sort of raise for not just Ashley and Kellan, but to Jackson and Nikki would not be such a bad thing. I mean, come on… $750,000-$1 million for them for a multi-million dollar film is kind of cheap for Summit to give them in my opinion.
    Yes I know that they are not in the movie that much. I have read the books at least 10+ times each. Give them at least $2 mil, get them to sign the contract and lets get filming already.



  29. They are so right! Kellan and Ashley are at the majority of the Twilight related events, such as Twi Con and DVD releases. You hardly, if ever, see Taylor, Kristen, or Rob at any event other than premieres. They deserve more money because even though they don’t have the biggest roles, they are important characters and there’s no one too replace them because they are PERFECT for the role.

  30. Wow, does anybody think this has more to do with their agents/management than the actors personally? I am amazed how fast this fan base is ready to turn on these actors because of info Summit has leaked to pressure them. Shame on you guys for rushing to judge! If the people running your career were advising you I’m sure you would go with the professional opinion of those paid to help you — I know I would. Summit is making billions of dollars off of this series. I for one think it would totally ruin the Breaking Dawn movies if they start replacing ANY actors. Victoria being replaced was bad enough. Summit would lose my support that is for sure.

    How much are Kristen, Rob, and Taylor making? Seriously, if they are making 10 to 20 Million does 1 million sound like much to ask for Ashley and Kellan? If they spend the same amount of time on set as Rob, Kristen, and Taylor then does that sound outrageous? Think about it!!

    If these actors are giving up their time (and other opportunities in other movies) for half a year of filming movies back to back plus all the time for press around each movie release they better be paid reasonably. (That is reasonable by Hollywood standards.)

    • I agree with you! I doubt the actors are personally doing this. Like the article said its usually the agents that do this stuff!

  31. I really don’t think it is greedy to ask for more money. This is Summits cash cow and they aren’t paying the actors as well as they should. It is more then how much time they are actually in the movie. It is all the publicity they do for it and the fact that these actors can’t walk out of there front door without cameras and fans following them. I agree that the attention is part of there job but being just that should get them paid. I think it is Summit that is being greedy. It isn’t like they are asking for something that is over the amount the main charaters are getting or that will bankrupt the movie. What they are asking for is reasonable in comparision to how much Summit is raking in for all of this. The amount of money is A LOT to the everyday person but in the land of movies – especially big box office hits – it isn’t. Plus I think they cast got screwed with Twilight. The film was filmed like an indie, they cast was paid like it was a very small film and even before the movie was completed filming these actors were being stocked. Summit didn’t pay for much with the first movie and they hit it big. They didn’t go back and pay the actors for that. Nope it was all for them. I think Kellan and Ashley are being smart business and letting Summit know that they deserve more.

    • Those are really good points, Stasha. Maybe they got some percentages, but AFAIK, they write those into contracts but then claim the films didn’t actually make extra money, so no actors actually get percentages of net proceeds. But I’m not a Hollywood insider. So I don’t know.

      What I do think/know, is it was a really bad idea for Summit (or whoever) to call the Hollywood Reporter and play this out in the public forum. Look at what it’s done to the fandom, just browsing the comments above.

      Cutting off their nose to spite their face.

      That said, now that it’s out in public, I appreciate the Lexicon for allowing us to share our opinions here.

      Thank you! I will click on extra ads today!!

  32. In my eyes this would ruin the movies. I don’t like when they change cast, you grow familiar with the characters and that’s a huge thing.

    They get a ton of money already, can’t they just be happy with it? Co-roles also.

  33. Wow, so quickly we all complain!

    This happens ALL the time in Hollywood people, every agent representing every actor you’ve ever loved has asked for more money then being given. Not to mention every sports star’s rep, and every union boss for regular people. It’s the job of the reps/agents to get the best deal they can and to fight for thier client. END OF STORY. That’s like selling your home and accepting the first offer. Just stupid! is the home owner “selfish” and “greedy” for trying to get the most they can for there home? Same principle!

    To say I’m disappointed in all of you so called fans is an understatement. So quickly we jump to conclusions! Shame on you!

    Of course Breakdawn won’t be the same without Ashley and Kellan, don’t be silly! Victoria wasn’t a huge part in twilight and new moon, but we’re all so peeved at Summit for replacing her, it’s just not the same, no matter how small a part.

    I can’t believe you “fans” are all taking Summits side in this, that’s what they want, and why they spilled the story, and you’re all playing into it.

    So sad.

  34. Are you kidding? The A list actors had to work for years and put in alot of dues before they could demand 4 million a picture! Who do they think they are? There are actors out there that would work for free to be in these movies-and have just as much talent as Kellan and Ashley. Let’s face it. They were unknowns before Twilight.

  35. Chernaudi says

    To go back to what I said previously, Summit has made over a billion dollars of the Twilight Saga. So one can say that they should give a little more money, and perhaps they should. However, The Twilight Saga has saved Summit from a likely demise from Chapter 11 bankruptcy, which they were about to file for in 2007/08. And even though The Hurt Locker did well with critics and won an Oscar, it did only moderately well at the box office due to lack of promotion on Summit’s part. The Twilight Saga films are doing well because of the success of the novels and the movies can kinda sell themselves.

    Summit may be greedy, but it’s not entirly unfounded, because what will happen to them after the films are done with? But then again, most of the actors, Kristen Stewart and to an extent Rob Pattinson and Taylor Launtner aside, were known for anything. Ashley admitted that she’d be a middle class working stiff if it weren’t for her being cast as Alice. But the cost of living is getting more and more expensive by the day and the pay rate should rise accordingly.

    But then again, Summit splurged and got Michael Sheen to agree to play Aro in New Moon, and paid him $7 million for what was basically an extened cameo. Nothing against Mike, because I though he was pure TNT in Frost/Nixon, but being on screen for only 20 minutes and getting paid perphaps slightly less than what Kristen Stewart supposidly got(low end estimate for Kristen was $7.5 million, though she also could’ve gotten $10 million on the top end of the estimates I saw), who was on screen for 95+% of the movie and did her own stunt and even injured herself doing so, that’s worth $7.5-10million at least!

    It would be fair if the actors all got paid in propotion to their roles, but that doens’t always happen, but with rumors that Kristen, Rob and Taylor(certinaly Kristen and Rob) are being offered $12-15 Million for each film(ie, they’ll make close to 25-30 million dollars by the end of BD for both films), and Taylor getting close to if not more than $10 million, about $2 million would’t be pushing it, considering that one can fund a F1 team for a couple of years off of what Summit has made profit wise off the Twilight movies. However, the Twilight Saga movies saved Summit from bankruptcy and if it’s owners(Summit is a wholy privately owned company-ie, no public traiding/stock holders to bail them out unless they sold a stake to an individual or an other private group), and they have to portion their money if they’re serious about a long term future.

    But to be fair, Ashley and Kellan probably deserve a bit more money, but probably not $4 million(unless it’s split over both installments), even if it is fair if Kristen and Rob are getting $12 million for each movie, and for all the crap they’ve taken, especially Kristen, I think that she deserves more money in compensation, but that’s just me, and money isn’t K or R’s major motivation for acting, especally Kristen, who excells in indie movies.

    In all, what’s fair is fair, but life and reality isn’t always fair, and we can only hope for the best.

  36. i find it interesting that, both Ashley and Kellan are represented by the same agency.

    a lot of the time is their agent/manager that secures/demands their clients salary, not necessarily the actor themselves!

    so, maybe its not them that’s asking for the pay rise, seeing as they’re both asking for relatitivly the same amount as each other!!

  37. To me $4 million doesn’t seem too much. Both Emmett & Alice have bigger roles in BD & I don’t see a promblem with them getting a pay raise!! Especially considering all the $$$ Summit is making off of these films. They had better NOT replace them or they will have some very unhappy fans. It was bad enought they replaced Victoria! Kellan & Ashley are Emmett & Alice.

  38. I think they deserve more that $750 000. But probably not 4 mil.

    Even if their parts aren’t particularly big, as they said, they still do a lot of publicity, and compared to the amount of money the studio has now, I think something like 2 mil would be a pretty reasonable amount.

    Kristen Stewart got around $2 million for Twilight (an unknown, indie film at the time). Why would (well loved) supporting characters in a, now humongous, film franchise get paid less than that?

    In my opinion, they deserve more than they’re being offered.
    On the other hand, I would be devastated if any of the cast were replaced because of pay disputes. (Please let there not be another Rachelle-BDH incident!) 🙂

    • Actually, I think their pay should depend on how much Rob, Kristen and Taylor are getting paid.

      I heard somewhere that Rob and Kristen got around 7 or 8 million for New Moon or Eclipse. So 3 or 4 million doesn’t actually sound unreasonable for semi-main parts, plus heaps of publicity.

  39. Go Ashley and Kellan! Take Scumitt to the cleaners! They’ve made billions on this franchise and the actors ahould profit from it. They are putting other roles on hold or turning them down for this, so they should be accurately compensated. $4 million seems like a little much, but you know what, I’d do it if I got the chance.

    Granted, I have no stake in this because I won’t see BD (hated the book, why would I see the movie?), but I think Kellan and Ashley are well within their rights.

  40. Sara cooper says

    You can tell them to take summit to the cleaners cause they have made so much money but ultimatley its ashley and kellan who are going to be screwed because summit can (and WILL) recast if they are pushed too far. So if they were smart they would just take it and be happy to be part of Twilight because you know they would feel like crap to get fired now. When all is said and done THEY (summit) are the boss who hasnt gotten screwed over by the corporate world once or twice in their life?? When your risking whether or now you will get to act in the the last installment of the hottest franchise in the world is when you should just take it and be happy….unless they really dont care that much about seeing this through which I think is doubtfull….We would all hate to see them go but the movies can go on and still be great w/o them….


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