New Moon Cast to Appear at Navy Exchange


Last year Peter Facinelli won over the heart of  thousands when he stopped by the Naval Exchange and signed DVD’s for everyone. In fact he missed his flight because he refused to leave until every person got a signed DVD. This year the cast visiting the exchange has expanded. Local military families with appropriate Naval ID entered a lottery and 300 were chosen to meet the cast members.   According to Hampton Roads:

“The Oceana Navy Exchange expects a cast member from “Twilight: New Moon” to make an in-store appearance from noon to 2 p.m. Wednesday, March 24, base officials announced… 300 customers will have chances to have their pictures taken with the mystery celebrity. ”

The  stars appearing are Nikki Reed, Alex Meraz, Daniel Cudmore, Christian Serratos, and Tyson Housmen.


  1. That is such a sweet thing to do !!!

  2. twilightgirl68 says

    Like I said on FB , I am a mom of 2 sailors , and I appreciate it when famous people take time out in their busy schedule to meet with the military families that are left behind during deployment !! You’re a good soul Peter , Thank you !! Thank you to the others involved as well!!! NAVY MOMS LOVE YOU !!!!!! <3


    Wow, I guess I still have some fangirl inside me.

  4. as a military mom, of an adult son, this is just incrediable!!!! The more I read about Peter Fancelli, and the rest of the cast and what they do to go above and beyond, it really warms my heart, and brings a tear to my eye.

    Truly using their influance and power for good.

  5. AGH this is just 5 minutes from my house!!! Boo on me for not being military!

  6. Went to todays event. Very organized, we didn’t have tickets, but still got in another line to take pictures. Nikki Reed & Alex Meraz were not there. In fact the only one who looked like himself was Felix (Daniel Cudmore), not sure it was Angela (Christian Serratos) or Quil (Tyson Houseman).
    Also went to the Peter Facinelli event at Pembrooke Mall in VA Beach. He signed photos and books, very nice guy. He was doing a charity fundraiser promoting blood donation. He was not at the Navy Exchange, but out in town. Unless I missed that event!

  7. I went there and I was stoked to be number 9 in line. it was intense and I had such a great time 🙂