Stephenie Meyer Vindicated: Lawsuit Dismissed!

A few months back we covered the story of Jordan Scott (aspiring singer,songwriter, screen writer, model, novelist, actress) who claimed that Stephenie Meyer plagiarized Breaking Dawn from Jordan Scott’s novel The Nocturne.  We posted a case by case analysis as to how (aside from the obvious fact that the texts bore little resemblance to each other) that this was impossible based on copyright dates and other factors.

This was the second story regarding plagiarism in 2009. The first story about Stephenie plagiarizing a college roommate’s story was an Internet hoax completely without merit.

Well it looks like a judge agrees as to what we thought all along about Jordan Scott’s claim. Hachette Books, the parent company of Little Brown that publishes the Twilight Saga novels, released this statement:

“The Honorable Otis D. Wright II of the United States District Court has ruled in favor of Stephenie Meyer and Hachette Book Group and has dismissed with prejudice Jordan Scott’s claim of copyright infringement.

In his ruling, Judge Wright stated that the two works have little in common and that the “characters in the two works are vastly different.” The decision admonishes Scott for “the deceptive presentation of the alleged similarities” and notes that she “has twice manipulated aspects of the subject works in order to create the appearance of similarity.”

While an attempt to ride on someone else’s success may not be surprising, it is encouraging that the courts and the public are not so easily misled.

This judgment confirms what we have known all along – Breaking Dawn is a wholly original work by Stephenie Meyer and this was a frivolous lawsuit brought for the purposes of publicizing the plaintiff’s personal publishing aspirations.  Hachette Book Group and Stephenie Meyer are pleased to be able to put this case behind us.”


  1. That’s so terrible. We all knew Stephenie wouldn’t do such a thing. At least it’s not all over news. I’m sure this Jordan Scott would’ve wanted the attention for her “career.”

    • Jordan’s just jealous!!! NOTHING could top the ‘Twilight Saga’!!!!

    • Rosalie's Pain says

      I think this was the worst book in the Twilight Saga. I had a hard time getting through Breaking Dawn. I felt the first book of Bella could have been compressed to one chapter. She got married, went on her honeymoon and then ended up pregnant. I dont see why this Jordan Scott would want to take credit for such a crappy story. I will make sure I don’t ever read anything she writes if this is the best she can do. After reading Breaking Dawn, I could not get myself to even touch The Host. Actually, after the graduation in Eclipse, the story just seemed to drag. This is just my opinion, I am a fan of the Twilight Saga and read all 4 books. I have nothing against Stephenie Meyer, I just feel that her later work is not up to par as her first two novels. It’s no different than when someone stops watching a TV show because it looses it appeal.

      • Janelle Cateron says

        i personally loved “Breaking Dawn” it might even be my favorite of the saga. but i’m glad to seethat such outlandish accusations have been dismissed!

      • After being so engrossed in the twilight books I didn’t think I’d like the host but once I got into it and the characters I was just as hooked. Its a really unique story one that draws you in slowly and before you know it your hooked. I highly recommend that anyone who’s a fan of the twilight books give it a go 🙂
        P.s. I loved Breaking Dawn, come on we were all dying for Bella to finally become a vampire!

        • Breaking Dawn was excellent and much needed. Yes everyone wanted to be with Bella when she became immortal. I love, love, love all 4 books. I’m on my 14th time through them, and I’m not a teen. I’m a grandmother and 62 years young.

          • Hi Susan,

            I am a Grandmother also, and I to loved all the books. I will be 54 on the 13th. We Grandma’s need to stick together!

          • Good on you Susan, i’m a grandmother of 63 and my grand daughters and i love twilight, my youngest (8) thinks Rob Pat is cooooooool lol.
            Love New Moon especially the action scenes.

          • I am not a grandmother, but I am 28 and I’m glade to see that the twilight saga was not only for teens. I love all four books they take you to a place you really want to be.

      • Yes, I don’t understand all the Breaking Dawn hate. I liked it. It definitely went in a different direction than I thought it would, but that’s not bad.

        • alwaysedward says

          I don’t understand all the criticism of Breaking Dawn either. I loved the book. In fact, I’ve read all the books many many times and at different times, each one has been my favorite, including Breaking Dawn. I love the wedding, the honeymoon, Jacob’s part, the humor, I even love the ending – I love how all the wolves line up with the Cullens – the loyalty to Jacob and Renesmee, I love Garret’s speech on what makes the Cullens different, and I love when Aro looks Bella in the eye and she can tell that he has decided by something he sees in her face that he is not going to continue the fight.
          Love it, the whole series – each book has so much sacrifice, friendships, loyalty, AND passionate love.

          PS and to Rosalie’s Pain: The Host is fantastic. In fact, I read it before I had even heard of the Twilight series. It’s what made me read Twilight in the first place because I enjoyed Stephanie’s writing so much.

      • i wasn’t overly thrilled with BD, but it grew on me, and i liked it better the second time i read it.

        with that said, you should definately give the Host a try. i stopped reading it around the 100th or so page, but i went back to it a few months later and made myself read it- and i’m so glad i did. really, really good story.

      • I would agree with you, but I still have great respect for S.M. because she was able to write a series that attract a wide spectrum of readers interested in vampire life in modern times. I feel the first movie could have been great if it included the first and half of the second book. New Moon was much better than the first movie and could have pushed through half of her third book. I was ambivalent throughout the series, but enjoy stories of vampires. The disappointment of being left hanging after the last of the series leaves me to believe S.M. has many opportunities to continue several avenues for an ending of Twilight. I hope she will consider giving her fans one last book to enjoy on her vampire story.

      • Yisel_Cullen says

        The Host is an amazing book…look…I’m a HUGE…INSANE…TWILIGHT FAN…but I think I liked The Host a little more…I just LOVE Wanda and Ian and Melanie…I highly recommend that book and now more than ever because I think SM is gonna make it a 3 books saga…I can’t wait for that to happen!
        And Breaking Down is my second favorite book of the saga (Eclipse is #1)…there were parts I didn’t like…but overall is very emotional book and I love Renesmee…I don’t understand why many people hate her…she’s lovely!

      • Breaking Dawn did read like a fanfic but I didn’t mind it so much bc I found the thought of Renesmee interesting yet REALLY wished she wouldn’t had named her that. What’s wrong with naming the kid something like Cassandra or simple like Emma? lol
        Anyways, it should’nt deter you from reading The Host bc it really is another kind of story. Not all about the love and mushiness of it all. Human emotion and surviver instincts are a big part of the story. I actually found it a lot more intriging than the Twilight series. I’m not oneof the teens…just in case it comes into question lol…but you don’t hear then mentioning The Host as much and I think it’s actually a good thing. Even though I would like to see THAT book made into a film.

  2. nostalgicmiss says

    EXCELLENT!!! Like any of us had any doubt whatsoever!!! I just think it’s sad that this woman had to do something like this to put her name out there.

    Congrats to Steph and Hachette!!!

  3. I’m glad to see this come to a close, and this will only hurt Jordan’s later works. It is nearly impossible to sue somebody for creative plagiarizm, unless you have concrete facts to support the claims, or a lawyer powerful enough to sway a judge, as is the case of “White Wolf”, of whom sued Sony over Underworld, and has bullied many smaller ventures as well, even without any evidence to support some of their outrageous claims.

    The fact is, there are millions of writers out there, most being aspiring, and you ARE going to run into similar ideas, it is going to happen. This is why a screenwriter, who submits material, directly to a studio has to sign a “release” form. This protects the studio from backlash if they turn down a project, and then years later end up making a similar product. Despite a lot of foolish outcries, top Hollywood execs, and studios for that matter, don’t steal other people’s material. Honestly they don’t need to. It is bad karma.

    Stephenie can rest happily now that this is behind her, not that I feared it would give her any nightmares anyway… but hey.

  4. Yay!!! Congratulations to Stephanie and Hachette……we all knew that wasnt true. Just glad things worked out the right way

  5. I am so glad it went in Stephenie Meyer’s favor! She is an awesome author! The only thing is that now people are going to be curious and might go buy the other authors book just to see for themselves. This is probaly what Jordan wanted, now her/his sales will go up. What a same! What is wrong with people?

    • yeah the other book is free online…so no one has to give her money for it. She won’t profit.

  6. I love it that he made it a point to emphasize that this was the second time this Jordan person has attempted this! Congrats Stephenie and rest easy,,, we all knew it was a proposterous lawsuit!

  7. Yea that is so great!! We were behind Stephenie all along. I could not see it either in the books. What a shame that some people would do this to such good people!! Love you Stephenie!!

  8. Whoosh I feel relieved. Steph is the one and only and I’m fairly sure of it.

  9. Whew! Congrats Steph! Nasty Jordan..hmp.

  10. i am so glad Steph won! Jordan is a moron for trying to rip off BD! Thats my fave of the whole series and i am thrilled this is over, now Steph can relax hopefully and start on Midnight Sun again hahahaha! 😛

  11. This isn’t surprising and it’s sad someone would do that to Stephenie because they wanted money and fame.
    People need to come up with their own ideas and try writing for fun.
    Honestly the Twilight series only comes around once. There’s heart to the story and authors can’t duplicate that. And why would Stephenie want to copy others ? SHE’S GREAT AT DOING WHAT SHE DOES BEST WRITING AND TELLING A GREAT STORY.

    • bad jordan and associates… out for vampires that sparkle and manly boys who transform into wolves…..just sayin’…..glad for stephenie to be free of the hassle and stress realted to a suit. hope she can get refocused and start writing again…..say for instance on MIDNITE SUN?????

  12. you know why it wasn’t on the news? Because it isn’t news.

    • Twilight_News says

      It’s on New York Times, Entertainment Weekly, Publishers Weekly just to name a few. I mean I know newspapers aren’t doing as well as they once were, but I must have missed the New Times not being considered news.

      • I think maybe what the original poster meant was that it’s so obviously assumed that the case had no merit that it’s not “news” to find out that it’s been dismissed.

  13. Congrats to Stephenie.

    Jordan struck me as a woman who was engaging in these frivolous lawsuits in order to publicize her own work. Breaking Dawn had very few similarities to The Nocturne, and TL correctly observed that the copyright dates vindicate Stephenie. It truly is saddening to see that aspiring authors have to bother established writers by starting these creative lawsuits with little merit.

    Times are tough, I suppose.

  14. To be honest, I am not surprised that a lawsuit was filed. I am just surprised that it was not filed by another well known author of vampire books. Whom I will not name. I have read both series and do find striking similarities. The first series was written long before Stephanies, but perhaps the author looks at it as “Imitation is the best form of flattery.” She, after all, has made her millions.

    I loved Stephanie’s books and cheer for her to “Write on”!

    • Nowadays, it’s fairly easy to find similarities between novels if you strip them down to the most simplistic level. Twilight was an original idea that started with a rather pleasing dream.

      It’s the same as someone filing a lawsuit against J.K. Rowling. Sure, there have been other boarding school stories with magical elements, but the uniqueness of her story shines through with ease.

    • It’s not extraordinarily difficult to claim similarities between two novels if you strip them down to their most simplistic level, you know. Twilight’s entire concept came to Stephenie during a rather pleasing dream.

      It’s the same as lawsuits being filed against J.K. Rowling. Sure, other novels exist in which we visit schools with magical elements, but her storyline is wholly unique. That same idea applies to Stephenie’s work.

  15. I am so happy this is over. It really is unfortunate that Stephenie is a target due to her success.

  16. I am very happy for Stephenie! This is great news!

  17. I don’t see what it matters. Stephenie managed to somehow convince people that she is a writer of any talent, and she’s made her millions. Now she can leave the pen to those who are able to put it to good use. Unless of course she has another “dream” that she apparently had after reading a much better but astonishingly similar vampire series.

    Here’s to her never releasing Midnight Sun, because she never planned on it anyway!

    • Can I ask why you are even on this site? THis is a fan site and from your comment,it seems you are not! Also, SM has stated SEVERAL TIMES IN SEVERAL INTERVIEWS that she had never read/watched other vampire stories and series. She generally doesn’t like that genre, so any similarities you may see between the two happen to be coincidence. Like others have stated above, similiarities of all types of themes and genres in books and movies happen all the time. So please either leave this site to the fans or get off you uninformed cynic bus and stop being so negative!

    • Yisel_Cullen says

      I believe you are referring to the Vampire Diaries series…I’ve read those books and honestly the only similarity I could find is that in both series a high school girl falls for a troubled (vegetarian) vampire…that’s it…and I’m pretty sure that are other books out there that in a way or another bear a resemblance to Twilight saga. The author did not file a lawsuit because anyone moderately intelligent can see that both series are completely different. I’m a fan of the TV Series and bought the books because they are usually better, but this is the exception of the rule…I didn’t like the vampire diaries books….I didn’t like self absorbed Elena…I couldn’t identify with any of the characters at all…and to be honest what I felt reading those books was the opposite of what I felt reading Twilight. Thank goodness the CW people had the clarity to make the TV series almost completely different to the books because otherwise it wouldn’t be so popular. I’m sick and tired of people saying that SM plagiarized VD series….that is an ignorant remark made by people that obviously haven’t read both series…which I assume is your case.

      • Thank you for saying what has been on my mind regarding these two series! I read the first VD (barely got through it) and couldn’t even finish the 2nd one. The books have nothing in common except for those two things. The characters were horrible in the book. However, the CW show’s story line & characters are far more agreeable and likable, can’t get enough of it. Which I might add, is very rare. I’m so sick of people saying that SM stole the story-line from from the VD series. Thank you again!

        • Yisel_Cullen says

          Your welcome Julie…and let me tell you…you certainly didn’t miss any good thing by not reading the last VD series book….it is the worst of the series…it is basically the story of the secondary characters…nothing good happens and the end is just ridiculous! I felt robbed and so disappointed that I sold the book to at least recover a part of the money. I kept reading the series to give it a chance because I wanted to like it so much and I kept waiting for it to be better but that never happened….and the new ones that are getting publish these days are just horrid! I read so many good reviews on Amazon and I was thrilled to read those books…OMG…those reviewers are insane…I mean…I know everybody have different tastes and opinions and I respect that..but I don’t recommend those books to anyone. The TV series is another story though! That one is great 🙂

        • Julie & Yisel:

          I was actually referring to Ann Rice’s series. I read Stephanie’s books before reading Ann’s and was amazed at the similarities. No, the story line nor the characters bear much resemblance, despite the fact that Ann has a character with the name Laurant. It is the internal struggle with what these characters have become, the structure of the vampire world and it’s leadership just to hame a few similarities. I would say that Stephanie would have HAD to have some influence either from reading her books or perhaps her editors.
          Nun-the-less, I truly believe every writer has been influenced by those who have gone before them; either in literary style or in the birthing of a story line.

      • Now you have to admit Damon was hott in the book and pretty nice to look at on television, just didnt think they’d make him so metro but oh well! You win some, you lose some 🙂 I personally liked VD but it was in no way, shape or form relative to SM’s work. Besides the obvious 2 fighting over 1 the storyline is dissimilar. Now instead of VD they should’ve made the Secret Circle into a series or better yet Nightworld! I’m on to the third book in that series. I <3 Ash!

        • Yisel_Cullen says

          Oh yes! I do Agree about Damon…he’s the only character I liked in the books and in the TV series he’s just hot lol…it is a shame that the author spent so much time on some other stuff and not developing more Damon…I kept waiting for that and never happened.

  18. vampire_diaries_fan says

    Try to read The Vampire Diaries by L.J. Smith and you’ll be tempted to think that Stephenie Meyer just copied the Twilight saga. And take note, Vampire Diaries was published on the 90’s. Who’s the copycat now? Hmmmmm.. The whole werewolf-vampire thingy was also introduced on the Vampire Diaries.

    • i’m quite certain that the whole ‘werewolf vs vampire’ thing has been around for a lot longer than Twilight or the Vampire Diaries.

      (which- BTW- i like both series) ^^

    • It’s also been introduced in the Sookie Stackhouse novels and HBO’s True Blood from which the novels are based, as well as countless other fantasy novels. Vampire Diaries wasn’t the first to introduce a vamp/werewolf mythology. Maybe it was the first time it was introduced to you, but it wasn’t the first. This is the 21st century. Also, I’ve read the Vampire Diaries and Elena/Bella, Stefan/Edward are completely different characters. The setting and story itself is different as well. Did Stephenie copy Buffy too with the whole vampire/human thing? Get real, novelists have been doing that since vampire novels came about. Research, anyone? Hello?

      And if you’re not a fan of the novels, why even bother coming to the site? You may not like them, but it’s clear by the sales that many other’s disagree.

    • Sure, there are similarities, but there are also huge differences as well. Not just between the characteristics of the vampires, but in the characters themselves. Compare Elena and Bella-they really are nothing alike. Personally, I enjoyed the Twilight books MUCH more then the Vampire Diaries books. But the show is AWESOME, I can’t believe we have to wait until January for it to start again.

      • I agree. I read the Vampire Diaries books after reading Twilight Saga. Didn’t like the VD books, but LOVE the television series. So, new episodes in January, huh? Can’t wait.

        Oh, almost forgot, congrats, Steph! Finish Midnight Sun, PLEASE!!

        • I haven’t read the VD books, but from what I understand the creators of the show (emphasis of ‘show’ not books) have made Elena into a more Bella like character in looks and personality. They people who made the television one seem to be cashing in the Twilight craze. From what I understand, VD Elena is very different from TV Elena.

          • they definately changed her physical appearance. and they changed several other aspects of the characters and story too.

            still, its an enjoyable TV series i think.

          • Yisel_Cullen says

            …and you should not waist your time and money reading those books…I don’t recommend them…in my opinion they are horrible! In the TV series (which I like A LOT) Elena is completely different to the Elena in the book. Elena in the book is a blonde self absorbed high school “queen” that believes the world revolves around her and that every guy should fall for her because she’s the most beautiful girl in the world. She’s the type of girl I avoided at school…shallow and vain. Caroline is evil and stupid and Stefan is insecure and obtuse! Damon is the only character I liked and he is barely developed. So, this is my honest opinion…lol…the TV Series on the other hand is very good.

    • Twilight_News says

      The werewolf and the vampire are usually enemies. Nearly every vampire mythos has some statement on the relationship with werewolves. Look at the Underworld series for example. Stephenie didn’t invent the concept of the two species not getting long.

    • Yisel_Cullen says

      The werewolf-vampire thingy is in almost in every vampire book I’ve read…and I’ve read many of them…and the werewolves stuff is barely touched and explained in the vampire diaries books…actually there is only one werewolf and it appears in the last book of the series in the second half of the book….BIG DEAL…and the werewolf-vampire history in the VD books ins not even remotely related to Stephenie Meyer wolves that are really shape shifters and not wolves that transform with the moon and all that like in the VD series… yourself a good dictionary and look up the meaning of the word “copy”…and expand your horizons…because if you think the Vampire Diaries is the beginning of “all thing vampires”…you really know nothing about the genre.

  19. QuirkyBean says

    Good to hear, if there’s one thing more annoying then true rumours and such going on about a person, it’s fake information and someone trying to deflame one’s character.

  20. i know what her idea was. have everyone read her book because they would want to see if the two really were so similar that she could get money off it i wonder how many actually did as she wished…

  21. This is so great! We all knew this was a Jordan who cares BS
    Just trying to get a splash of the Twilight saga succes
    That wont happen!! She wont be able to get it on her own she needs to mess with succesful ppl in order to get her way
    So sad 4 her! Now steph can but that behind her (though I dont think she was worriEd about this) and enyoy the New MOon movie success!!! We <3 u stephenie
    Thank u so much 4 these amazing books

  22. MrsCullen07 says

    Honestly, even if the concepts are the same, is the story line? Grow up. They are supposed to be books wrote for us the ENJOY, instead you have grown ups that act like 5th graders arguing “she stole her idea”. Stephanie Meyer may have got her ideas from something she read in the past, but that doesnt count as plagarism. Plagarism is when you completely copy that IDEA or WORDS. *rolls eyes* Seriously, go back to school already and get over it.

    Stephanie Meyer is the greatest and so is her books.

  23. You know im glad this is over.
    But breaking dawn wasnt as good as it should have been , and I do think she kept changing the story.

  24. Julie White says

    this is the first i’ve heard of this! It’s all over one book??? Why on earth would someone write 3 books over the same people and then copy someone else for the 4th??? That is if i’m understanding it right.
    I love the books and will never find another book to compair!! And i pray Stephenie writes more about our loved Bella and Edward!!
    Congrats Stephenie and i hate it that you had to go through something like that!

  25. its amazing how far people will go to boost there own ego and its awful to say some one copied something when they didn’t. im glad the judge say though the lies and ruled in her favor

  26. CantanteDiEdward says

    Job well done!

  27. Never a doubt.

  28. Wondering if this lawsuit was one of the reason for the hold up in announcement of the BD movie?

  29. Wow. Stupid chick. Her carreer is ruined and she did it herelf. Stephenie Meyer is one of the greatest authors of her time and it just goes to say that jealous and spite never get anyone anywhere. Congrats Stephenie, you’ll always be the bigger person. Your mind is too brilliant not to be.

  30. patienceisavirtue says

    I’m glad that’s over with but I think Jordan got the results she wanted. I bet quite a few people read her book that normally wouldn’t.

  31. Congrats!! That’s so awesome! Its so crazy that idoit people can do such things to others who have such a wonderful talent! Iam so happy for Stephanie!

  32. Youreall Losers says

    Who would ever in their right mind knock off this piece of sh*t story – you’re all losers and Stephanie Meyer is a crazy mormon freak who only wrote these cracked out tales to scare her daughters away from pre-marital sex.

    • I love twilight but this made me lol.

    • You are an obvious fan, I say sarcastically. . . SM doesn’t have daughters. Whilst you are entitled to your opinion, I must wonder why you are wasting your precious time on a fan site, when you clearly think Breaking Dawn is a piece of S**t story?

      Well done SM. Something so great as the Twilight saga would have to come from the heart of a truly talented writer. Now with this behind you, I hope you can find time to finish MS & the others from Edwards POV.

    • Man — you know what’s really unfortunate? A twilight-hater forced to hang out on message boards with twilight-lovers. Awwwww. No other net buddies to talk to? Did the Dungeons and Dragons board ban your IP address?

  33. so does that mean the movie Breaking Dawn will come out sooner then 2013??? i hope so!!!

  34. congrats to steph,a wonderful and ORIGINAL writer,were theres a shining light theres always a parasite who wants to glitter a little too…twilight forever!!!!

  35. U know it is kinda easy to write something similar when it comes to Vampires I mean look at the similarities with Stephenie Meyer’s stories and the new series The Vampire Diaries as long as its not exactly the same!

  36. The fact that two people could BOTH conceive of the ridiculous farce that was Breaking Dawn is too ridiculous. Geeze, that poor judge. I’m sure she/he has better things to do that look for similarities in a book about ridiculous vampire pregnancies and half vampire children. That whole case was insane.

  37. The judge dismissed the case WITH prejudice! That’s fantastic! That means not only was the case dismissed as a matter of law (meaning the judge found that there was NO way she’d win), it means she can NEVER sue SM again on this claim. Congrats to SM & Hatchette!

  38. it wud hav ben a tragety if stefanis wrks had ben broght don in n-e way
    stefani is teh bst writer there is!!!!!
    steven king is a idiot.
    so is ths dummie who thnks they can get awy w/ this!!!!!!!

    • AussieTwiMum says

      Actually toan, the tragedy seems to be the massacre you have just made of the English Language!

      Thank God there are writers out there who actually respect the power of real words!

      And Congratulations to Stephenie for beating a laughable lawsuit. Good for you, I hope you keep writing. I loved ALL the books and I hope that you keep producing amazing works of fiction. Yes, you heard me correctly, FICTION people!

  39. I can’t believe scott would do that. We all know that the breaking dawn is a one of a kind. I am just glad that the judge saw in favor of Stephenie. Keep writing Stephenie we all love your books.

  40. happy to hear that worked out in her favor, now maybe she can cont. The SAGA !!!

  41. Twilight Nymph says

    YAY! So happy for Stephenie. I don’t get it why people try to demean other people’s work when theirs is not as good. What happened to the good old fashion working hard for it, not taking the easy way out. This is why I love Stephenie’s books because they’re original and the result of years of hard work.

  42. Ugh that Jordan Scott just wanted publicity. I hope her books don’t sell at all!

  43. HAH!!!!! Take that, witch!!!!! Twilighters: 1 JS: -1,000,000!!!!!

  44. This is great to hear. People really need to grow up with the whole copying subject, if you read half of the series geared more towards adults, the vampires are not vegetarians rather they can bite humans and drink their blood without killing them, then wipe their minds clean, I have found at least three others in three different series who have different spins on it. No matter what theme you fall under there will always be an author with their own spin on a topic. SM just put her spin on teenagers, family, love, vampires, and werewolves in a way that so many more people related too.

  45. I hate that Jordan gets publicity out of this. Fail.

  46. Brandon Gardner says

    I personally feel that this is a great thing that this case got threw out of court. Stephenie Meyer is a great author who wouldn’t stoop so low as to copy someone’s other works of literature. I’m glad that the court system proved in the end that the case was completely baseless.

  47. yay! Glad to hear that this has been found in Stephenie Meyer’s favor so that she can go on without this nuisance interfering with her life any longer.

  48. Now, if only the courts held Jordan Scott financially libel for the pain/suffering imposed upon Stephenie Meyer. Ms. Scott should issue a public apology to Stephenie and her fans.

    • Frozenfire2001 says

      I agree with you there, I hope she has to pay all the legal fees for this frivolous case and issue an apology at least to the judge; this was a waste of his time. It was clear to anyone with half a brain that these two works were completely different. I laughed out loud when I read that it was dismissed with prejudice.

      I just read this news story and I’m so glad a resolution was finally reached.

      Ms Scott needs to write off whomever advised her to pursue this case. Didn’t she say “friends” of hers read Breaking Dawn and told her it was similar to her own? She needs new friends, because I’m pretty sure this blemish is never going to go away. Anyone who might have been interested in reading her book(s) knows her name now, but not for any good reason.

      When I first heard about the issue I asked myself: Why would Stephenie write three books and then copy the fourth? I bet the judge asked himself that same question. I actually feel bad for him, he probably had to read Scott’s book; I’ve read reviews of it and apparently it was kind of…bad.

      I hope more about this will come out, because I really want to know exactly what happened. I doubt much more will be told though, I’m sure everyone involved wants to move past it.