Stephenie Meyer’s Claim Supported: AKA Copyright 101

First let us start out by saying that we are completely biased here. We have been online as a Stephenie Meyer fansite since March 2006. And because of our relationship built over three years with Stephenie Meyer, we have no reason to doubt her word. So when the story first broke today on TMZ, we decided to do several things:

1. We looked at the version of the book in question that is available online
2. We asked Little Brown the publishing company for an official response
3. We started to research Ms. Scott herself

So we wrote up our preliminary findings here. Now what we found particularly interesting is that the attorney involved then decided to give a follow up to MTV. That’s right, MTV.  It’s a unique tactic first TMZ now MTV. Could it be that he has something for initials, or is it possibly that those sites generally have a target audience that mirrors the demographic Ms. Scott’s novel and career are directed towards? Oh heck, maybe it’s just sheer coincidence.
As many of you know, much of Breaking Dawn came from Stephenie’s first sequel she wrote to Twilight called Forever Dawn. In fact, Alphie got to read this book back in February of 2006 and stands by what Stephenie says on her website.

The basic story [between Forever Dawn and Breaking Dawn] is the same. Bella and Edward get married and go to Isle Esme for their honeymoon. Bella gets pregnant with Renesmee. The birth just about kills Bella, but Edward makes her a vampire in time. Jacob imprints on Renesmee. Alice has a vision of the Volturi coming to destroy the Cullens with the “immortal child” as their excuse. Alice bails. Bella’s shielding abilities turn the tide in the Cullen’s favor, along with Alice bringing home another half-vampire to prove that Nessie isn’t a danger.”

We decided to do some more research. We wanted to see for ourselves when Ms. Scott actually copyrighted her book.  Well we got a whole lot more than we bargained for. We not only looked up Ms. Scott, but Stephenie Meyer as well. We were after the date that Twilight was copyrighted. Little did we know that not only was Twilight copyrighted, but so is Forever Dawn. This was news to us.

The following information is readily viewable to anyone doing a simple site search at the copyright office. If anyone had thought to try this a year ago they would have had a hell of a spoiler in the name of the Application Title. additionally Stephenie has stated in various interviews and as  reflected in her “craptstic covers” that she originally toyed around with publishing under a pen name that included her maiden name of Morgan. You can see that name reflected in the registration as well.

Link here

Forever dawn.

Type of Work: Text
Registration Number / Date: TXu001163060 / 2004-01-05
Application Title: Renesmee.
Title: Forever dawn.
Description: 241 p.
Copyright Claimant: Stephenie Morgan Meyer (Morgan Meyer)
Date of Creation: 2003
Rights and Permissions: Rights & permissions info. on original appl. in C.O.
Names: Meyer, Stephenie Morgan
Meyer, Morgan

Now when one looks up Ms. Scott’s work what is discovered is that nothing was legally filed until AFTER, Breaking Dawn was published. Now the work itself (though not filed for copyright) was online starting in 2006 which is a full two years after Stephenie Meyer filed her Forever Dawn manuscript:

Type of Work: Text
Registration Number / Date: TX0006874176 / 2008-09-19
Application Title: The Nocturne.
Title: The Nocturne.
Description: Electronic file (eService)
Copyright Claimant: Jordan Scott.
Date of Creation: 2003
Date of Publication: 2006-07-05
Nation of First Publication: United States
Authorship on Application: Jordan S Scott, 1988- ; Domicile: United States; Citizenship: United States. Authorship: Entire text, editing, orginal work.
ISBN: 100977799697
Names: Scott, Jordan S, 1988-
Scott, Jordan

So all in all, given the above easily accessible information, we are satisfied with Stephenie Meyer’s version of events.


  1. Zookie Monster says

    I was just about to ask about this because I saw it online just a second ago! Thanks for the info, Lex! You guys are my heroes! 🙂

    • Yes I agree, Thank you Lexicon for doing the research and as always you keep us up to date with everything going on so well. You are the Best and we appreciate you for it. I never ever doubted Stephenie for a moment. I am a Stephenie Meyer and Twilight Lexicon fan for life.

    • thelmaemily says

      dayumm you guys are good!

    • I think this is a way, a cheapshot of course, to get readers interested enough to read the book!cheap way to bring attention to “the nocturne”. Perhaps she could not afford to advertise on her own. However, It does not intrest me at all, no matter what this disgruntle author says, I will not give the book a first look. What a rotten way to get attention. Stephanie rocks!! The Twilight series brings out so many emotions that a woman young or old may forget how to feel. My loyalty is with Stephanie, you could not pay me to open a page or entertain the thought to even look it up online, As soon a the story broke, I knew exactly what was going on!!

  2. Shannon Berry says

    I never doubted Stephanie and this is even more proof that the other author is only after a piece if the Twilight saga. I really wish people would stay off her back cus they are gonna ruin the series for all of us. I am a diehard Twilight fan and I support Stephanie all the way.

  3. Ugh-i can’t stand that Scott person…
    Of course Stephenie was right!
    thanks for giving us some true info

    Admin of twilight’s finest fanfiction

  4. RenezzmeeKarlie says

    Thanks Lexicon,,Ive always believed in Stephenie and Always will. You all did a Great Job, thank you for finding all this out before it went to far. You have a Wonderful Site.

  5. There is in no way that two people can write exactly alike or even have the same story idea. Perhaps Ms Scott would just like to take what doesnt belong to her and be credited for someone else’s hard work. I think that Stephenie Meyer is a brilliant writer. Thank goodness there was proof to show that she is not a liar. Outstanding storyline and I hope that Breaking Dawn is not the end of the saga. Thank you lexicon from bringing out the truth.

  6. Thanks Lexicon. Well it seems like for Ms. Scott she created an epic fail for herself. If she wanted to appeal to the Twilight demographic she did a pretty bad job considering there are millions of Twilight fans and pissing them off is not a good idea lol. So unfortunately it seems her books won’t be flying off the shelves just yet. Besides I am certain that Meyer’s credibility and success as an author is one to envy. Ms. Scott and whomever put her up to this law suit should be ashamed because from what it seems there is not a lot of evidence. Hopefully everything will turn out fine for both parties.

  7. Ok so I understand that the lawsuit is totally unfounded, but I’m a little confused. Is the fact that a lawsuit was filed at all true or just another web rumor? Its been a long day…so i’m a wee bit confused!

    • Twilight_News says

      Here is the original story as posted on TMZ citing that a legal C&D (note not a lawsuit but a threat of one if terms are not met) was delivered.

      Additionally we have a copy of the original C&D because it was sent to more than one site and one of the recipients shared it with us. It is similar to by varies from what is posted on TMZ

      I haven’t cleared with this person if they want to be named or not, if they clear the release of this info we will name them.

      Here is the follow up action the lawyer spoke to MTV later in the day

    • Beth,

      No, an actual lawsuit was never filed against Stephenie. Jordan Scott’s attorney sent a “cease and desist” letter to Stephenie’s publisher – it’s basically a threat that you will file a lawsuit, if the recipient doesn’t comply with your request (in this case, to stop publishing the book/pay compensation). Scott’s attorney then released a copy of the cease and desist letter to TMZ, and other media outlets, telling them that the public should read both books to decide for themselves. Filing a cease and desist letter, just so you can release it to the press, is a cheap way for Ms. Scott to get free publicity (she’s an aspiring musician/writer) and increase her book sales. However, if you read the side-by-side comparisons that are made in the document attached to the cease and desist letter, it’s pretty clear that there really aren’t any striking similarities between her work and Stephenie’s.

      Please people, do NOT buy Scott’s book! If you do, you’re just going to encourage more talentless opportunists to try and claim credit for Stephenie’s hard work!

  8. Melissa Nicole says

    If you actually see what the author is complainig about, she has no merit and in actuality has no case…The examples she gave don’t even sound like Breaking Dawn at all…Shes just an author that is upset that her own vampire book, is now where near as great as Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Saga books…She just wants to ride her coattails and get her own publicity for her own books, which is only available on the internet…I mean come on…You can’t make a court case out of jealousy…

    • Twilight Nymph says

      I agree except that her book is not even about vampires it’s about a sorcerer so she there’s really not much to compare. She’s bizarre and off her rocker.

  9. Beauty Queen says

    You must send this article to other websites like E!, TMZ, ETonline….. before they trash Stephenie’s name!!!!!!!

    • I was just thinking the same thing. I wonder if TMZ and MTV will do their homework? The Lexicon rocks! You ladies are awesome!!!

    • I Totally agree with you! Your right, TwilightLexicon: You have given amazing proof, its obvious that you have done your homework, unlike other websites. Ive been spreading around to websites to visit this page and check out the detailed information you have.
      & Seriously most books ive read have the same plot: fall in love, get married, have sex, then have a baby. Is this so called author going to sue everyone who has this plot in their book!?
      It seems like this Author is very upset that her book didn’t sell millions like SM!
      She wants attention, and very sadly shes getting the attention she wanted. But hey, us TWI-HARD TWILIGHT FANS WANT LET HER FOR THAT LONG!!!!!!!!!! TEAM SM!!!!!!!! X

  10. I don’t see the similarities!

  11. The truth will be made known

  12. you guys are sweet

  13. Beauty Queen says

    I don’t think they’re going to do their homework. They’re idiots and you guys are amazing!!

  14. Aether Princess says

    Oh I always knew there was something seriously fishy about all of this!!

    I haven’t read this other woman’s story though…does anyone have linkage?

  15. LiveLaughLoveTwilight says

    Go Lex…! You guys are awsome i was sooooo scared it was true for a minute…. thanks for clearing Stephanie Meyer’s name…!

  16. Thank you for proving that Stefenie Meyers is once again, completely innocent.

  17. Twilight Nymph says

    this is great. Thank goodness for the Lexicon. You rock. I mean it was obvious but you did the research and came through.

  18. Why don’t the other websites that posted this “breaking” story do a little research as well!! They don’t care as long as they keep getting hits on their websites right? Thank you for posting the TRUTH!! I’m surprized MTV didn’t have a follow up about this, they usually are supportive of all things Twilight. I guess at the end of the day all that matters is what gets attention. What a sad world we live in. I will continue to support Stephanie Meyer considering this amazing world she has created and brought to millions. The TRUTH will set her free!

  19. Hmmm very interesting…. it would seem that our girl Steph would respectively turn the tables on Ms. Scott considering she is claiming the two are one in the same, but Breaking Dawn came out first, so perhaps it is Ms. Scott who is guilty of stealing an idea and claiming it as her own. Something to think about. Great work Lexicon!

    • I thought the same thing Kimberly. Although we all pretty much can tell that Stephanie is not likely to be a vindictive person!

      Fantastic job once again Lexicon!!

  20. oh thank god, lexicon found the truth. poor stephenie, she must be furious.

  21. If you read the claims this author makes, it totally and utterly bogus. She has no merit in this supposed law suit case. Thanks lex for de-bunking this 😉

  22. Good job Lex!
    Have you guys ever thought of becomeing detectives?

  23. vamp_koi_girl says

    wooh! take that ms. scott! don’t mess with twilight!

    Dee is right BTW… lex, you guys should become detectives… TWILIGHT detectives… (maybe they should solve the FHS arson case… hmmm)

  24. You guys are greater than Scooby Doo and the Gang. I can picture Ms. Scott saying “I would have got away with it, if it weren’t for those guys at the Twilight Lexicon…”

  25. TwilightLexicon you are saving grace in the Twilight zone! I thank and Stephenie Meyer thanks you. 🙂

    Some people just want a piece of the pie or just wanna bring Steph down. Don’t mess with us Twilighters biotch! LOL!

  26. Great job=]
    u set the Story straight Twilight Lexicon=]
    love u guysz

  27. @ Dee & vamp_koi_girl ~

    Ha! Twilight Detectives! Maybe Twilight Lexicon should investigate the case of Stephen King’s carelss bad-mouthing. LOL! Perhaps Steph turned him down for a date.

  28. i am 100% behind Stephenie and the whole twilight saga

  29. Scott didn’t register The Nocturne for copyright until AFTER Breaking Dawn was published. Could she have read it, then copyrighted her material in the hopes of profiting off of Meyer’s work? The entire case seems so strange.

    I’m reading The Nocturne right now, and it is VERY different from Breaking Dawn, let alone Twilight. Why would Meyer plagiarize Breaking Dawn and the not the rest of the Twilight Saga? That makes no sense to me. Why plagiarize at the end of the series? Why not plagiarize all along? If Scott wanted publicity for her novel, she should have pressed her publishing company to do so.

    Blackthorne Media Group, along with its imprint Griffon Publishing, also seems to not be a legitimate organization. When I search for those terms in Google, only two items come up: a list of SEC filings and Scott’s entry on Google Books. No wonder no one can find it on Amazon or at any of their bookstores. If it was published, it’s no longer in print. So Scott isn’t making any money off of her free E-book.

    Scott should be happy vampires are popular right now, if that’s what her book is about. I think it’s more of a vampire/werewolf/wizard compilation. Interesting, but not like Breaking Dawn.

  30. Thanks for printing something factual…I always look to this site for all of my info. You guys do a great job of keeping us informed on everything…thanks!!!

  31. Although this person’s contact info is available for people in various locations, we’re just a little more comfortable if that info isn’t given easy access on this site.

    No that this poster advocated trolling or harassment, but either of those things would not be cool.

  32. Shall we start a boycott Nocturne campaign?

    Also, isn’t it odd that Nocturne is another word refering to nighttime- it could have easily fit in with the theme Stephenie had going with Twilight, New Moon, etc…. Seems Scott will have more explaining to do!!!

  33. daniel bellinger says

    You guys are great! Stephenie is the original. No fraud can touch her!

  34. Poor Stephenie. First Midnight Sun, and now this?

  35. This could also be a (very successful) ploy for attention and for her own profit. Since this story broke, Scott’s novel has sold out and is now on backorder. Pretty impressive for an “author” that nobody ever heard of until 12 hours ago.

    Curiosity from the masses is certainly enough to drive a lot of business her way…

  36. Twilight Lexicon you are THE BEST! Way to go with defending Stephenie! 🙂

  37. GOOD JOB! Stephanie and your fans will be proud 🙂

  38. I just dont understand how some people can be so jealous on one’s accomplishments! I have never read a novel before I read Twilight and I am 44 yrs old. I saw the movie first and then one of my good friends insisted that I read the series. I have never been more amazed. Stephanie has been such an inspiration to me. I wish I had enough room on here to explain the inspiration. Some may think its too much but reading these books have changed my life and I look at things differently now on how I treat people and how I treat them. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Twilight Lexicon!!!!

  39. Owned.

  40. guilty pleasure says

    Wow! so thorough-just like Edward.Your site is always insightful and accurate.Thanks Mari

  41. Jordan Scott is a spoiled brat. She thinks her high IQ puts her above others, but there are levels of intelligence that a high IQ cannot give. She clearly has yet to reach those levels of intelligence.

    • …and let’s face it, IQ is relative. You can have intellectual smarts but still be dumb as a brick in the common sense arena. As this whole situation proves…

    • I don’t see much evidence of a high I.Q. in the book; it’s nothing more than embarrassingly bad erotica. I can’t imagine any lawyer taking it seriously enough to assist her in filing a suit.

  42. Bella Swan says

    Lexi,U ROCK!!! What’s thi Seph Morgan Meyer thing?? Steph s inecant!!!

  43. Her lawyer said “fans will have to read both books to decide” she is not seeking money or damages. Sounds like she is seeking free press. I am sad that Msnbc and Rueters didn’t research any of the lawsuit claims before publishing their story

  44. no one should buy this gal’s book for comparision.
    I think this is what she wants, and assumes, the fans will do this.

  45. You guys are freaking amazing.. ever consider law school? (or maybe just majoring in everything Twilight..)

  46. Thank you, You’re great, always have the answer for our questions, we love you!! =)

  47. There was never a doubt! But who needs lawyers when the Lexi is on the trail….Be scared, very very scared. I want you guys on my side if I ever get in trouble.

  48. I knew Stephenie wouldn’t that(why would she have to with the rest of the series success?), but it feels great that there’s solid proof against the claim.


  1. […] The Twilight Lexicon figured out that this whole ordeal with a lawsuit over Breaking Dawn being plagiarized is totally false. We never post these allegations due to them all ending up as basically a plea for attention…and the Lexicon has a great explanation about why this lawsuit couldn’t be true. Read their entire explanation HERE. […]