Breaking Dawn Plagerism Claim Disputed

Today various gossip sites published a story that an author named Jordan Scott is accusing Stephenie Meyer of plagiarizing Breaking Dawn. A quick Google search reveals Ms. Scott’s website and her modeling aspirations.

Ms Scott’s bio states:

As a musician and singer, I have worked in the entertainment industry since I can remember, but I became serious about my writing when I graduated high school at age 14.

When I was 15 I began writing The Nocturne Trilogy, after I took some time away from writing music and working in film and television. I wanted to write a character-driven story with characters who seem to “live and breathe” on the pages. I wrote The Nocturne with the intent of bringing readers into a completely new world of the fantasy and romance genres. And now I have completed it, after more than three years of intense research, character development, writing, rewriting, editing, and writing a little more! I hope you guys enjoy it.

I commenced studies in a Harvard University Psychology program when I was 17, after which I wanted to major in Film and Theater, and transferred to UCLA. So these days I divide my time between music, college, and writing.

I have an award winning script, and three other scripts in various stages.  Wow

I love school, writing, music, and of course Boys.

In response, Stephenie Meyer’s representatives have released the following, unedited statement:

“The claim that Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer somehow infringes on an alleged book by someone named Jordan Scott is completely without merit.  Neither Stephenie Meyer nor her representatives had any knowledge of this writer or her supposed book prior to this claim.  Ms. Scott’s attorney has yet to furnish us with a copy of the book to support this claim as requested.  The world of The Twilight Saga and the stories within it are entirely the creation of Ms. Meyer.  Her books have been a phenomenal sensation, and perhaps it shouldn’t be surprising to hear that other people may seek to ride the coattails of such success. This claim is frivolous and any lawsuit will be defended vigorously.”

Loose fantasy ideas are not copyrightable, otherwise all vampire fiction would have stopped at Bram Stoker. Neither are loose romance plots copyrightable, or Harlequin would not be a leader in romance.  Part of the book in question is viewable on Ms Scott’s website as a Google document. Upon examination, in our clearly biased and in our non legal opinion, the type of word-for-word lifting and exact modeling of character and circumstance that need to be present for a copyright case to have merit is simply not there.


  1. Jordan just wants publicity for her book. It is rediculous to say that those things were similar. If it had been word for word then that would have been one thing but it wasn’t. Stephenie did an amazing job creating this world so it is crazy that people are trying to find things to go after Stephenie just to get money or publicity.

    • twihard 4eva says

      exactly. and BD was released, what, almost a year ago, and she is NOW making a big deal out of it? wth? she has seroius issues. and she doesnt even know how many copies are in print, so she is worried about how popular it is and she is just so power-crazy that she will risk ruining the most popuar book series in the U.S to get a little publicity. that makes me sick. what she doesnt know is that steph has a horde of people supporting her and Jordan has her lawyer and some family. face it. she’s screwed. twilight wins again. sry. im super PO’ed. thanks for letting me rant.

  2. On TMZ I read the letter with the supposed similiar passages. If you look at the page numbers they aren’t even in the same order, let alone the wording being different. Stephenie wrote Forever Dawn, the basis for Breaking Dawn, before she wrote New Moon or Eclipse and way before this girl ever published her book or even put parts of it on the internet. I’m sure Stephenie has witnesses to that since she shared Forever Dawn with others. Jordan just wants publicity for her book and, unfortunately, she is going to get it all because of this frivolous lawsuit!

    • Whoa!!! Cant believe their are actually people out there that would do this. Stephanie Meyers had family with her from beginning to end while writting her books. She has plenty of proof to show that she didnt do what she is being accused of. The books are so good and gotten so much attention it’s not surprising that other people out there would want to take credit for it. Ms Scott is not going to get any good publicity out of this.

  3. vamp_koi_girl says

    agreed ape! how could Stephenie Meyer copy the nocturnal-whatever-it’s called when she had a dream about Edward and Bell….? sheesh… the things people do to get famous… (shaking head)

  4. As always Twilight Lexicon, very very well said. You do Twilight a serivice by debunking these silly rumours.

  5. These people are so wrong and it’s sad their trying to get at Stephenie because she’s so successful !!!

  6. Devon061381 says

    Oh brother. I know SM is trying to keep a low profile this year, so I hope she doesn’t worry her creative head about this nonsense and let the lawyers handle this crazy chick.

    We support the “real deal.” 😀

  7. So Twilight came out in 2005 and Stephenie wrote Forever Dawn before it was published, didn’t she? There’s no case for this. The End.

  8. What a bitch…

  9. Wow. I agree, no need for this crap.
    People that hate Twilight and think us fans are stupid are just going to say Mrs. Meyer is a fake. I think that this Jordan character is a complete idiot.

  10. Confessions says

    p.s. she should get some shoes that fit, so her big giant toe doesn’t hang over her shoe!

  11. Yay Alice says

    on this girls site there are two places list to get the book Google books and Trade bit which are links I went on trade bit after not finding anything on google books and it says this is a story about a young sorcerer not a vimpire she needs to know her own material first before she goes after others.

    • twihard 4eva says

      if the book is about a young sorcerer, then shouldnt she be suing J.K Rowling? this chick is a menace!! she needs to get a life and possibly a thereapist and go PO someone else. i hope this never happens with my book. good lord!!!

  12. I gotta wonder about Meyer. If any of you have read the Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris, you’d wonder too.

    • Alu Rathbone says

      I read the first book of hers… and it isn’t really close to SM… and if I remember correctly… SM said she didn’t read vampire novels… and when she started to write Twilight she really didn’t have a lot to go by… hence why her mythology is so different. Get your facts straight Cheryl before you go running your mouth… and Sookie Stackhouse novels are like an r rated version of Twilight and no one really had heard of the series till the Twilight movie was being made an HBO ran accross it and decided to cash in on the whole Vampires being popular thing… same with Vampire diaries.

      • Well SM Books are good, and I had a great time reading them But, CH’s Sookie Stackhouse Books they were done way before Twilight. I do believe HBO was running True Blood before Twilight came out. And most of CH’s books were written way before there was a sparkle on Sweet Edwards skin.
        People just need to relax and remember that this is just a way for Summit & others to make money. Similarities, there will always be those little things. But if all of you really want to get nit-picky…remember Rachel is no longer Victoria. Argue about that. Is this an elaborate ploy to make us focus on something else?

        • Alu Rathbone says

          I’m not saying the Sookie Stackhouse books were bad… their good, but the show didn’t come out till after the movie idea of Twilight started floating around… meaning HBO cashing in on the Vampire thing… personally they could have had that show come out way before the Twilight movie came out… can you say great show!

          But for someone to go and say that SM stole her idea… I’ve never heard of the book this girl published… and… according to some research the TA did… BD was copywrited in 2003… even if it was the FD version…

  13. I have to admit that I usually stay out of the gossip stuff but I can’t help myself. Stephenie Meyer has my full and unfaltering support. I have to agree with all others here. There is no case here and this Jordan person needs to get a life. If Stephenie sees any of this, I hope she can see that we are all behind her. I also hope our support can help her feel comforted to see she has her “Twilight army” behind her.

  14. Cheryl-

    The Sookie Stackhouse Novels are nowhere near CLOSE to the Twiligh Saga. I love both series of books and have read every book (as well as own) all of Charlaine Harris’ SS books, as well as the entire Twilight Saga. They are as different as night. So what Sookie and Edward both read minds? That’s the ONLY similarity. ONLY. And if it’s fantasy, they’re bound to have some similarities.

    Get over yourself… Cheryl and Jordan Scott.

  15. Ugh, I read about four pages of Jordan Scott’s book and wanted to puke; it is so poorly written. She’ll need a lot of publicity to get anyone to buy it.

  16. Nosferatu says

    I always hate when little known people with their little known books/movies/, etc always try to go after somebody who has tons of more fame than themeselves. I don’t really like the Twilight series, but I defend Stephenie and her intellectual property. Honestly, Jordan Scott seems like a little young adult brat.
    Hah, the things people would go after to get some dough.

  17. Wow, first they try to burn down the high school and now this. How delusional can you get.

  18. dtbvampire says

    REALLY weak IMO. The passages provided have similar ideas, and in some cases share a few words, but definitely NOT anything new or original. For example, when they talk about the newlyweds kissing, both contain a passage with the words “lips brushed” but the similarities stop there (unless you count the fact that both passages use the word “the” later in them as well)

    Ms. Scott needs to understand that she’s writing about relatively common experiences that can be found in many different books in many different genres.

    She’s not the only one to ever write about a wedding, she didnt invent sex on the beach, new wives get pregnant all the time, its not uncommon mothers choose unique names for their kids, women have complications during pregnancy and birth.

    Icing on the cake: I CANNOT beleive that she thinks she owns the rights for a couple to call each other “love”. My hubby and I did that WAY before her book. I wonder if I have grounds to sue her?

  19. This is a sad lawsuit to try and pursue. All vampire stories are based behind some amount of legend or folklore, so of course they will cross paths at times. It’s sad to see one supposed “author” attacking another author for something as out there as this. I’m behind Stephenie 100%.

  20. Well, I’m at pg. 40, and so far, the only similarity is a character with amber eyes, and a romance. And yes, it’s a bit poorly written. I mean, you can tell that the author has writing abilities, but her descriptions are so very dry, and the story isn’t interesting. I’m not being prejudiced or biased, it’s just true. You have to read it to understand…
    Oh, and these two guys find this ‘Roman Artifact’ in the story that sounds exactly like a Golden snitch from Harry Potter…
    Anyhow, there’s plenty of evidence proving these claims wrong. but I will keep reading (>_<) and will keep everyone posted if I find any, erm, similarities.

  21. TwilightFreak says

    Ugh this makes me sick.
    Its rediculous.

  22. I agree the Sookie Stackhouse Novels and Twilight are completley different.
    Sookie Stackhouse novels were written for adults like rated R and Twilight is more for teens
    either way i love the both of them but they are not the same
    and sheesh guys…these are Vampires we’re talking about, stories are boud to be similar

    As for this Jordan girl she just doesnt make any sense
    and her story isnt even about Vampires
    i feel so infuriated by her and wish she would just stop
    if this comes to the worse SM has us her Twilight fans to back her up
    there’s no way they can dismiss Breaking Dawn the movie because of this
    We Love you Stephenie

  23. Twilight Nymph says

    Okay, this is bizarre I mean it says on TMZ that the main character in the story is also carrying a child with evil powers. Since when did Renesmee have evil powers? Oh, and both die. Bella did not die, she just became the undead. LOL Seriously people need to get the facts straight before talking. This is just plain absurd, the end.

  24. wow how sad that somebody thinks that stephanie meyer woul steal these ideas from their book that wasnt even public until after steph wrote hers. this whole thing is just really pitiful and sad

  25. What amuses me is that her (JS) few jobs in film seem to have been courtesy of daddy (Ridley). Plus, half her website isn’t working. Never heard of her or her music, either.

    As for what I read of her book? Sad, very sad.

    I am a book critic, and have even edited books for authors. Again, I say…very sad. I was bored on the first page with her prose, or lack thereof. But also, I just reread Breaking Dawn for the umpteenth time, and no way was there plagerism…and I have seen it in action with a few well-known authors (either being plagerized or being the plagerizer).

  26. roberts-girl says

    how can anyone even want to do this to stephenie meyer? the answer is jealousy because stephenie’s books are PURE genius! If anything this Jordan Scott person has copied her or at least tried! i’m behind stephenie meyer 100% and I know all my fellow twifans are too! 🙂 x x x

  27. lol…I didnt even go and read anything by this Jordan person. Don’t do her the favor. The Sookie Stackhouse books are totally different. Ive read them all. Ive read tons of books. Twilight is the only ones I can reread and get sucked in again and again. NO comparison.

  28. Alu Rathbone says

    Lets see… I had the same idea (sort of) as SM. With vampires being able to go out in the day and not being able to sleep and not drinking human blood and drinking animal blood… I’ve had the idea since I was 12 which was in 2000… should I also sue SM for infringement… no… why? Cause those are part of a Mythology that is interpreted by us… You can’t copywrite on a mythology like that… otherwise we would have one vampire story and movie… and it would all be based on Bram Stoker.

    My idea was much different than SM… same base line for their existence… but with major differences in it as well…

    Plus… if i read this right… she just got it published… so… how could SM infringe on it… and I’ve never heard of this book series…

  29. I AM a lawyer and I can tell you that Scott’s claims are bogus. A lot of the “side by side” comparison is subjective and sometimes the characterization of what is happening in Breaking Dawn is clearly wrong. Furthermore, I have read the Sookie Stackhouse novels, the LJ Smith Vampire Diaries novels, and Twilight. As a fan of the genre, it is obvious that there are similarities that exist in all such books.

  30. As hilarious as this is, I’m going to have to say it’s a publicity stunt.
    Jordan Scott seems immature from her bio, and her book is about sorcerers and medieval times.
    And Stephenie Meyer clearly has no researching skills whatsoever, so I find it hard to believe she took the time to steal things from a book.

    But to disagree with everyone else: No, Stephenie’s books aren’t genius. There are dozens of other vampire romances, and Stephenie, in the words of Stephen King, can’t write worth a darn.

    If Stephenie Meyer stole from anything, it was the Sookie Stackhouse novels.

    • First of all Hannah, just because someones writing isn’t “genius” to you, doesn’t mean it isn’t to everyone else as well. Its all relative! So don’t knock peoples opinions, its their right to feel that way! Second, as many people have already pointed out, the Sookie books are completely different from Twilight with the exceptions that any author would run into when writing in this genre. And as it has been pointed out before, Stephenie has said she never watched or read or was really into vampires at all before she had her dream and wrote it all down.

      • Don’t even pull “its my opinion so leave me alone!!!” on me. Its a pretty much known fact that Smeyer can’t write.
        Well, Beth, as for this:
        “Stephenie has said she never watched or read or was really into vampires at all before she had her dream and wrote it all down”

        Do you really think someone would admit to copying someone? If she did rip off someone else’s book, she would obviously go around saying she never read a single vampire novel in her life so no one could accuse her.
        You act like you know Stephenie personally. You somehow know that she’s an honest person even though you’ve never met her?

    • Is she really Ridley Scotts daughter? If she is I would think that she would know better than to pull a stunt like this, but maybe I’m wrong! And why did she wait till now? If she’s that involved with the entertainment industry as she claims, she undoubtably would have heard about the series and book, its everywhere!

    • If you don’t think she can write, why are you on this website?

  31. RockPaperScissors says

    I hope no one shows Stephenie this crap. She’s been in a hole for a year. 1) Who can blame her? 2) I miss her.

    As for Miss Wannabe Teenybopper, plot is relative. Ever heard of Ronald Tobias? He wrote a book called 20 Master Plots and How to Build Them.

    Stories are told, re-told, and re-told again. No one is reinventing the wheel. If all books can be boiled down to 20 “master plots,” the only things that differentiate one writer from another is voice and style.

    Stephenie has both – in spades.

  32. kehacakes says

    When anyone writes about a wedding or the birth of a child, let’s face it, those are really similar situations no matter who the person. A wedding ceremony is pretty much the same for everyone, the same vows are exchanged, we all have flowers, rings, ribbons.So it naturally will use the same words at some point. Words like…wedding, rings, forever,I do! Even the descriptions of pregnancy are pretty much the same for everyone. Mothers feel the baby kick, it’s exciting, then there’s morning sickness and swollen feet. This is just life. So how is it that this nut can say that something like those situations are protected? This is just ridiculous. This person is obviously hard up for people to read her book. I’m still laughing that her character’s name was Rainier. lol This is ridiculous. Leave Stephenie alone!

  33. All this will do for Ms Scott is make all Twilight fans (and there are a lot of us) never purchase anything written by her. She has basically shot herself in the foot. I know where my loyalty lies and it is definitely with Stephenie Meyer. Ms Scott better consider changing her name if she wants to sell anything. What was she thinking.

  34. roberts-girl says

    how can anyone even want to do this to stephenie meyer? the answer is jealousy because stephenie’s books are PURE genius! If anything this Jordan Scott person has copied stephenie or at least tried! i’m behind stephenie meyer 100% and I know all my fellow twifans are too! 🙂 x x x

  35. With Mrs. Meyer’s outstanding achievement and the saga’s popularity, there would always be those publicity-loving fools who’d do anything to use it in their advantage. Nah, seriously not something we should pay attention to. Even if Mrs Meyer did not release a statement I doubt it’s true. Pity how things blow out of proportion immediately, feeding the attention-seeking troll.

    Btw, plagerism is misspelled. Should be plagiarism 🙂

  36. Hello poor marketing. Ms. Scott and her publishing company are desperate for attention for her book that they are resorting to a lawsuit to bring attention to it, her and them. If there had been *any* problem with the book it should have been brought up last August or shortly there after when ‘Breaking Dawn’ came out. And besides, if Ms. Scott or her publishers were so concerned with having the work stolen it wouldn’t have been out in a public domain (the internet); they would have taken better care of the material to keep it protected. Look at what had happened with the Potter series, the last three books were kept tight lipped about,
    and an injunction was issued each time the new one came out so that no one could release information to the public about it.

  37. …so does that mean I have a right to file a lawsuit because I thought up the general idea of what turned out to be Renesmee’s “power” before Eclipse was even released?

    Anyway, everyone else is right, it’s probably just to gain attention for her book.

    You spelled “plagiarism” wrong in the title, by the way 🙂

  38. This lady Mrs.Scott is a huge bitch!!!…sorry for the french, but it just pisses me off. All of a sudden this chick comes up with something like this …news flah breaking dawn has been out for more than a year now!!!! why didn’t she get all pissy before the twight phenominom really got started….this lady and any other people who try to play the blame game with stephanie meyer and her fabulous books need to be stop…grrr!!!…once again this girl just wants attention and she needs to mind her own damn business if she knows whats good for her…well i guess that’s all … bye! 🙂

  39. I’m on Stephenies side and I ALWAYS WILL BE. Stephenie is one cool and very honesty lady and SHE’S BEEN NOTHING BUT GREAT TO US! And some of the fans DON’T REALIZE THAT Stephenie has been so good to us compared to other authors who don’t give a crap about their readers !

  40. Ms Scott only comes forward now? Where has she been all these years when the books were being released?

  41. Richard Winters says

    OK, I have read through all of the comments so far and tried not to laugh too much about how trusting and believing most of you are in the word of someone, well, trying to be original. While I do not know about this situation with Jordan Scott (and however much you want to put down her writing, Meyer’s writing is rather dull and her books repeat and contradict themselves), Twilight has more than a few similarities to a certain book by Mary Downing Hahn called Look For Me By Moonlight. Enough so that even my oldest pointed it out after reading both. Do be careful on how much you take people at their word…

  42. RenezzmeeKarlie says

    Stephenie is a Very Amazing Writer. What is this the second person now claiming she took their ideas? Stephenie don’t need or has ever taken anyones ideas. This Ms Scott sounds like she is wanting a free ride. Stephenies material is Stephenies Material. I agree with Sia,,Stephenie has been nothing but Amazingly Wonderful To All of Us Fans. TEAM STEPHENIE!!!!

  43. She’s just a jealous bitch who wants publicity for her book, that’s it.

  44. It’s a sad fact that some people can’t have a life unless they’re trashing someone else. The allegations are totally false, of course! Anyone who reads for themselves can see that.

  45. I didn’t even bother perusing her book- from her biography on her site, she seems rather stuck up and has poor writing (yes- I could tell that from her biography- take the line “Wow

    I love school, writing, music, and of course Boys.“)

    Nobody has heard of her, she doesn’t seem like the modelling type (to put it nicely) and she seems to like mentioning how young she was when she finished high school and went to Harvard. And I have doubts she went to Harvard because she seems really, really, stupid.

  46. Twilight Lexicon, thank you for doing your own investigation into Jordan Scott’s allegations against Stephenie Meyer. Her claims are completely unfounded considering the sheer number of “vampire” romances that have been published in the past few years. Similarities exist between all vampire books, not just Breaking Dawn and The Nocturne. Scott’s lawyers have drawn conclusions out of context from both works. I’m saddened that any law firm would even consent to represent Scott when her book seems to be available for free online and to have also been copyrighted long after Meyer copyrighted Forever Dawn. It disgusts me that writers still stoop to such base accusations. Scott should be happy that vampires are so popular right now. It should mean that people will be interested in her series. However, I hope that the readers of Twilight and other vampire novels will NOT buy Scott’s novel as that would only help–not hinder–her claims. Besides, you can read it for free online…


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