Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in Harpers Bazaar

The famous duo spoke to Harper’s Bazaar about everything and anything. It’s a great read complete with photos from their cover shoot, a video about the shoot, and a list of things you might not know about the two stars.

When asked who is this more athletic, here is what they had to say about each other:

Kristen: “I’m definitely claiming that one. Rob can barely jump rope. I call him Flippy because when he does his stunt rehearsals, he flips around [makes a gesture like a penguin]. And, God, when he tries to run …”

Rob: “Kristen. You notice it in the film; she looks so much more athletic than I do. And I’m supposed to be the superhero.”

For the full article, visit their site.


  1. Those photos are beautiful. Can’t wait to buy this issue!

  2. The photos are so beautiful!! Kristen looks even more stunning than usual in the dresses, and have her hair already grown out so much? Wish I could have bought it, but I don’t live in USA

  3. These are probably some of my favorite photos of these two! I love how they have the roles reversed from the characters they portray. Kristen more of the vamp and Rob more of the man – soooo great!

  4. Pics are awesome, but did anyone see the prices of those dresses? Crazy insane. I would be nervous to wear something so expensive.

  5. I feel so sorry for them. It’s one thing to know you’re going to be publicly recognizable due to your job, but it’s another thing to have to be completely sequestered from the world.

  6. Gorgeous pictures. They’re adorable.

  7. They are really some kind of very unique ppl!!! For the 1st time a very good interview with both of them… very relaxed!!!! & the pics… OMFG!!!! How could two ppl look so good together????

    I just hope that some ppl start to c them (main RP) as an human being 1st… whose deserves to have a normal life (as possible as they can)

  8. They look stunning!!! They are so beautiful together. I wish they are really dating in real life!

    Kristen looks like how I picture her to look in Breaking Dawn after she turns into a vampire!!! Take note Summit!

    • Hi Switzgal, I totally agree! They do look absolutely stunning together! And yes, I CANNOT WAIT to see Kristen as a vampire! She’ll be awesome!

    • I agree completely! My thoughts exactly! Kristen looks like Vamp Bella-absolutely stunning, pale and confident!

    • You are soooooo right. She does look like the after Bella in that shoot. Those pics are absolutely beautiful. I don’t normally buy their mags but i might make an exception with that one.

  9. Love the pics, as for who is more athletic? I dont think either of them are. Did you see Kristen fall down while shooting The Runaways? lol, If she is the athletic one…..OMG, that would make Rob such a weeny! lol

  10. Beautiful pics! Rob, as always (Sigh)…nothing left to say…While i don’t particularly like the dresses on Kristen (and the prices, OUCH), I think she looks wonderful. She’s a really gorgeous woman. Love her spunk, too! They seem so relaxed. Less drama, more of this. Very nice.

  11. She looks really pretty. The dresses don’t seem to be her usual style though. but still very pretty =)

  12. “‘You’re an idiot and I don’t want to talk to you,’ and I’m like, ‘I’m an idiot too!’ So I’ll talk to an idiot for like three days before deciding.”
    lmao…rob is hilarious…
    Rob: “It’s kind of a tie. We’re both pretty proud people. Her ego is more solid than mine, but mine has soared to such peaks, it’s ridiculous. Mine’s more erratic, but it can get to a point when it’s, like, godlike. Only in my eyes, of course. Sometimes just when I say hello the right way, I’m like, Whoa, I’m so cool.”

    my favorite parts of this interview

  13. THANK YOU BAZAAR!!! Great shots and great interview…

  14. Whoa! The footage at the beginning of the video is sorta new for us, right? Well at least I haven’t seen it. But flipping her? That effect looks great! I really am pumped to see the second installment! Even if it means the final count down to turning 30!

  15. sillygirl says:

    Sorry, this is off topic but i have to ask. Is anyone on here playing the “what drives Edward” contest to win a volvo? I’m wondering because I have a question about it.
    I completed phase one, I have what I am almost positive is the correct answer for phase two, but it keeps saying try again. So is this the question that is not available until Nov. 6th, or do I have the answer wrong.

    • SILLY GIRL!!! Its from romeo and juliet..I totally am playin for the car as well. HMMM i wonder if rob will be in the drivers seat LOL..Check out how your placin it..I cant tell ya how many times it said try again.Start off on the left side with the PUT this in any… than go to the right side start w/there is thy gold… its the placement thats what happened with me!!!Ill check back later let me know what happens

      • OMG i gave you the wrong way sorry..Start the same way then go directly to the right and the second quote.then go to the left side again and start the 3rd quote… Ah so sorry i was havin a big brain fart i blame it on those pics with rob…

  16. Wow amazing photos! I think the best ever, of the 2 of them. Pre-haircut, obviously.

  17. Hilarious! Great interview on both their parts. hahaha

  18. Nice to see a genuine interview

  19. Definitely the best interview I’ve seen and read of this gorgeous pair. You really get a feel of who they really are. And Kristen looks GORGEOUS in those gowns!

  20. Man, I love Harper’s Bazaar. Those pictures are amazing, and when Laura Brown was describing Rob, I was basically nodding along with her. Also, that interview section? Hilarious. I’d love to hear his ‘I won’ five year old noise.

  21. I am sooo loving the dress in picture two, not that one that looks like its been inflated at the bottom, i bet kristen took one look at that dress and went, you have got to be kidding me!

    she is super sexy in those pics… seriously jelous of that look.. lmao

    and Rob loose the leather jacket it just doesnt suit you.

  22. Great interview, so much better than the VF article of Rob. Some awesome quotes from both of them!:) The styling of the photoshoot is a bit off, their outfits and colouring don’t really match. I feel like they’re posing too much in some pics, but some are brilliant, Rob and Kristen’s chemistry really makes the shots work in spite of the mostly horrible set-ups. I hope I can find this issue somewhere, the interview is definately worth paying for.

  23. Wow, Kristen looks hot! Rob does too, of course.

  24. Too bad that Rob wasn’t paying attention in Breaking Dawn or he would have known that Bella was always the heroine!

  25. It was a good interview and photos are pretty, but I actually don’t like them.

  26. Mary Alice Cullen says:

    The photos are very beautiful. They look great together:)

  27. LaTuaCantante says:

    Absolutely stunning. I can totally see Kristen as a vamp now, a beautiful vamp at that. I’d always wondered how they would make her look like and I can tell she’s going to be beautiful. But like Edward would say, Bella was beautiful to begin with ๐Ÿ˜‰

    And Rob. My, oh my. That man can do no wrong in front of a camera. Give me more!

  28. Brenda Hart says:


  29. What a great article. Well done Harpers! Laura Brown has captured their personalities perfectly (much better than Rob’s VF article). They are both exceptional people and this article gave us a sneak peek into their lives without being papparazi-type intrusive. Love it.

  30. Absolutely amazing! Rob is so beautiful and Kristen is a beautiful girl. Such a good interview with the two of them. They are both so genuine, Rob saying he is an idiot..too cute! This makes me love them even more. What a beautiful couple! Is it Nov. 20th yet? OME

  31. Wow wow wow, these photos! You know you look unbelievable when you’re standing next to Rob Pattinson in a photo and I’m barely glancing at him. Kristen is SUCH a knock-out! That photo where they’re standing in front of the column – drop dead gorgeous! I just love the ‘vamp’ styling. Love love love!

  32. THAT INTERVIEW WAS HILARIOUS!!! my face hurts. best ive ever read!!! rob is an idiot. i love it. and kristen has such a potty mouth! lol. god, i needed a good laugh.

  33. THIS is what she needs to look like when Bella is changed. Cheezy yet classic.

  34. There are really no words to describe how beautiful these pictures are.

  35. lol. great interview. my favorite part was they were asked “who googles themselves more” … haha.

  36. Thank God they are both so human ๐Ÿ˜€ I appreciate them more now.


  38. Those pics made me laugh so hard! Putting Kristen in couture is like trying to dress up a hotdog! Silly. And look at Robert trying to be all “Manly” on his Bike. Yeah, there is no way I would trust him on a bike! He’s cute and all…when he has taken a bath…but c’mon really? It’s sad the way he has changed. They really are tryin so hard to keep everyone talking about them! Trying for great ratings for New Moon- Too bad it will have Kristen…playing Kristen..and it will be stupid- Just like Twilight was. Oh well.

  39. AMAZING interview! Thanks for posting.
    These two are adorable and the pictures look INCREDIBLE!
    Loved this interview, very hilarious and insightful.
    I love these two even more. ๐Ÿ™‚

  40. Thanks Kristen and Rob for the intimate, funny and honest interview. Kristen experience being on own some more and Rob I like the attitudes.
    Hot photos, Kristen lovely gowns.

  41. Twilight Nymph says:

    Those pictures are beautiful. I love the twist on Kristen looking vamp and Rob looking human.

  42. CullenChik says:

    LoL…did you all read the “Facts Section??”

    Rob: Dancing makes him nervious. “I used to be a good dancer, but then something happened in my brain.”

    Hilarity. ๐Ÿ™‚

  43. These pictures are amazing!! Kristen is so gorgeous!! And Rob what can I say?!

    Love the interview!! Kristen thanks for sticking to yourself and not changing!! Rob…you really are normal, a dork just like the rest of us!!

  44. I just LOVED this interview! Rob and Kristen were both so relaxed, and it was great to learn more about them. And their pictures are absolutely stunning. Especially Kristen’s, she looks like a dark princess.

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