Brad Pitt vs. Robert Pattinson

Extra TV wants to know who is sexier down at Cannes: Brad or Rob? I mean let’s face it, on name pronunciation alone Robert ( Rob-bare)  vs. Brad (well…Brad…and it sounds like they are coughing up bad food when they say it) Rob should easily win. Plus, is it just us, or does Brad look like he took a suit from the Fantasy Island collection and then grabbed a random scarf and shoes for the heck of it.

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  1. damn. Brad got only 8.8% sorry…and obviously Rob got 91.2% [when I voted] R-O-B-E-R-T!!

  2. Kay_Cullen says:

    Ummmm…. WTF!!! Who in thier right, sane mind would say that Brad Pitt is a tenth, no, a hundreth as hot as Robert Pattinson!?!?! Seriously, Brad looks like a hobo! Oh, and for all you idiotic, dilusional poeple who even compare ubber-sexy Rob to nasty, fugly Brad, F you!!

  3. KiRaNe-1oo0 says:

    Many of you guys are said,yeah brad pitt is old and robert pattinson is so young and so on but i mean brad looks much better then robert i have hate robert since i was seen him in harry potter 4 as cedric and when i saw him in twilight and new moon that meaning of me has not chaning i think robert is an not many enough man and okey that is true he is young but he looks old and all are saying brad pitt is looking good for his age he is 48-years old or so i am not sure but i mean he looks so good because he is young an human is at 55-years old very young and i am not saying that beacause i am 80-years old or so no i will just turn to 15-years old in may yeah and brad pitt is older then my fther too but he is young too soo and i like more younger mans then brad pitt like 38-years old manns but brad is very young too so i will say something to you guys robert is an unmanly and ugly and gay man and that is the truth !!! So i vote for Brad !!! (I am not very an fan of brad pitt but he is much better then the gay man robert pattinson) !!!

  4. Brad Pitt is excellent and super cool. why i think this is because he donated with New Orleans during Katrina and all the help he did made a wonderful change i really love that about him.

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