Brad Pitt vs. Robert Pattinson

Extra TV wants to know who is sexier down at Cannes: Brad or Rob? I mean let’s face it, on name pronunciation alone Robert ( Rob-bare)Β  vs. Brad (well…Brad…and it sounds like they are coughing up bad food when they say it) Rob should easily win. Plus, is it just us, or does Brad look like he took a suit from the Fantasy Island collection and then grabbed a random scarf and shoes for the heck of it.

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  1. I have to Rob-bare, lol. Robert all the way, of course, he is the new ‘it’ man. Or as they say in Twilight, he is like the “Shiny new toy”. Have a great day everyone!

  2. Hahaha Jenna you’re so polite! I’ve never been a Brad fan, so, Robert has my vote.

  3. Hahaha, you are right! Maybe Brad could replace Ricardo Moltalban in a Fantasy Island remake! Rob-bare all the way!

  4. Danislytherin says

    The King and The Prince…

  5. Oh no contest………Brad Pitt(Sorry gotta stay true to myself so ya’ll dont hate alright)

  6. Rob-bare all the way. ;D Never been a Brad fan, he looks overdressed in the pic.

  7. edward4evR says

    Ok. Is this even a contest? I just have never been into guys that are so obviously into their appearance. I think the Tom Ford suit and the glasses and scarf make Pitt look likes he’s trying too hard. And the goatee scares me. Plus, hate to say it, but he’s getting old. Rob? Perfect. Just perfect.

  8. Not as easy a question as one might think.
    Like comparing apples and oranges, both yummy yet very different yet similar in some aspects.
    A moment to ponder..
    This is a tough one. Let me explain:
    In 1990, Brad Pitt was the embodiment of sex itself in “Thelma and Louise” and I think he was sporting a 20 pack of abs (they went on forever).

    In 2008 R.Patz smolders bringing Edward to life on the big screen. Just the look in his eyes is enough to leave the theatre audience breathless and dazzled.
    AND they’ve both portrayed Vampires:
    “Interview with the Vampire” and “Twilight”
    UMMM…All props to Brad he’s aging like fine wine but I have to give it to Robert Pattinson.
    there is just something about a guy who has a twinkle in his eye,an ever-ready smile on his face and you never know what is coming out of his mouth next. let’s hope that Rob has as long and successful a career as Brad has had these last (almost 20) years.. πŸ˜‰

  9. MeyaRose says

    Ummm… Brad Pitt is old enough to be most of us girls’ father, I’ve always thought that, and he’s not even that good looking… that’s just gross. I’ve never been that attracted to Robert either, but I’d definitely choose him over Brad…

  10. SueBrook says

    OK first off Brad looks smokin hott in his suit. Scarf shoes and shades make it happen. Rob is hott but he doesn’t look as classy as Brad.

  11. I love Brad, and I am 28 so younger than him, and older than Rob, but Rob is smoldering in these pics… he just looks better than Brad in this instance…

  12. Um…you do realize we are all twi-hards? Rob, of course!

  13. AlbertaJenn says

    Not digging the gray beard Brad has been sporting. Makes him look much older.

  14. Rob all the way….Not a Brad fan at all.

  15. Gotta say I love Brad’s hair (and think Rob needs a wash) but Rob looks best overall.

  16. Gotta go with Rob. Those smoldering eyes get me every time. However, I sometimes wish he would choose a different color than black.

  17. HowlingJuanjo says

    Brad is very well dressed, actually. Perfect for the occasion. But he lacks style. Brad doesn’t really have a definite style. Whereas in Robert’s case, something like this is what I would expect him to wear to Cannes. He doesn’t look nowhere as sophisticated as Brad does in this particular occasion. But Robert definitely has a sense of style and he knows how to work it, all in a very subtle way, of course.

  18. Well, I’m old enough to have been one of the girls drooling over Pitt back in the 90s; however I was never a big fan of his acting and though he’s far from ugly I was never attracted to him. That picture of him above is rockin’.

    Robert P on the other hand…I have a HUGE crush on, so I’d have to go with him. Besides he seems like more fun to party with these days.

  19. I think it’s sad that any media outlet is going to look at Rob fans and assume we like him because he’s the “it guy” of the moment but regardless, my vote goes to Rob. I’ve never been into the Hollywood scene and although I respect Brad VERY much, my personal taste leads me to Rob.

    I have nothing against Brad, Although I don’t like this choice of attire, but he’s not “my generation”. I can admire him the same way I admire other actors from past generations but I can’t adore them like I adore Rob. Granted, Rob is pretty unique anyway so I don’t expect to come across anyone else like him. Perhaps Depp is his predecessor but they’re still very different people.

    anyway, I got carried away.
    I respect them both and I have no doubt both will be known for their own charms in the future…
    but Rob is amazing in so many ways that there is no contest in my mind.
    I wonder if they’ll ever get to work together. That would be quite fun I think.

  20. I like Brad a lot, but, goodness, what was he thinking when he got dressed?!! Fantasy Island all the way!! Rob looked ok in the striped polo shirt, but I’m not such a fan of that look. I wonder, do people just hand him clothes and say “Wear this now, you’re going to a photo shoot”?? Kind of looks like it because you can tell when he chooses his own outfit, he has a definite personal style.

  21. ScarletRubie says

    I love brad, wow he’s just amazingly hot but ROb has it going on aswell. I for one can’t choose

  22. i heart brad but that outfit is fail. whoever told him he should wear that is insane.

    robert just looked comfortable.

    i dont think theres a comparison between the two, brad is an entirely different group of HOTT than robert, though robert is OHEMGEEE

  23. Hmmmm Brad Pitt over Robert Pattinson……

    Let’s see, sans the pink suit, which ONLY BP could pull off, he’s older and more mature, he’s sexy, he’s got a damn hot bod, the second hottest babe on the planet, next to me lol, a minivan full of adorable kids, great personality, made lots of hit movies and the list goes on.

    RP, is…single. yea, that pretty much does it for me!

    Robert wins by a mile!

  24. This is funny. I was thinking about this today. Yes, Brad was the embodiment of sexy when he bounced into our lives in Thelma and Louise. And he held onto that crown for many years.

    We all know men many times get a pass on the aging thing. They acquire distinction and authority. They can allow their hair to go gray and look, um, distinguished. Or something like that. Women, have to stay thin as a toothpick, no gray hair or loose skin. They are judged a thousand times more harshly.

    That said, not all men age gracefully. Brad is one of those. Sorry to say it, but he is slipping. That suit is not doing him any favors. And for God’s sake, who suggested that scarf.

    I realize he is old enough to be Rob’s father, but I don’t think that alone is the problem. Maybe all the kids are wearing him out. Maybe he isn’t trying for the sexiest guy look anymore (obviously), but he is no where near the icon he used to be.

    Of course most people on this list prefer Rob, I said most. But, it is hard to deny that he is on fire right now. It is embarrassing how incredibly hot he is. Will that last? I don’t know. Brad was the king, and now he isn’t. I just hope Rob does well in his career, and doesn’t burn out. I hope he takes a break too, because overexposure is the kiss of death for an actor.

  25. You know, most of the people here are only gonna vote for Rob because he played Edward and this is, after all, a Twilight fansite.

    If it had been the other way around and Brad Pitt had played Edward, he would’ve had the vote.

    I know, I know, it’s a long shot to even imagine Brad Pitt playing Edward considering his age and whatevs, but I’m just speaking hypothetically.

  26. ROB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. C’mon… Rob, of course. πŸ™‚

  28. Time to confess that I’m old enough to remember Brad nailing Geena Davis in “Thelma and Louise”. Never been a major Brad fan though. Gotta go with Rob. He just has “it”.

  29. rowena moses says

    so brad has money and he’s trying to wear it. robert just rob why we love him.

  30. Sterling Snow says

    Gotta go with Rob. Partly cuz Brad’s old enough to be my dad, and partly because Rob just has that spark of something, something that makes him special, that is so hard to find in young Hollywood these days. Rob is just a beautiful person, inside and out, and I love him for it πŸ™‚

  31. Rob forsure

  32. I cannot tell a lie. Rob-bare me all over me! LOL

  33. Personally, Rob is the winner even though in this picture Rob looks like he has a bun in the oven :]

  34. Brad pitt is just amazingly gorgeous and rob can’t compare with him. Rob is still good looking don’t give me wrong but you can’t compete with THE brad ptit =] his acting is also amazing <33.

  35. rob of course! brad is nice too though

  36. I’m from the Brad Pitt Generation too and as good looking as he is, I never was thrilled with him. His looks seemed to be all he was about and IMO that is a turn off.

    I have no idea who he is personality-wise after all these years! Rob’s personality just oozes out of him. He is freaking adorable! Rob just totally has the X factor.

    Brad was also young and unpolished once too. He was known to not shower – who knows if this is true – I say it only as an example of him at Rob’s age.

  37. rob of course.. even though brad pitt is hot.. but i prefer robert pattinson

  38. A.J_Whitlock says

    I have never left a comment before but I couldn’t stay silent for this one.
    Brad Pitt. There is no comparison. He is a gorgeous and classy man. Louis is the quintessential vampire; beautiful and complex perfection. And although Brad isn’t staying forever young, he is aging like a fine wine πŸ˜‰

  39. kellan fan says

    Brad Pitt πŸ˜€ tho i must say, the pictures dont do either of them justice πŸ˜‰

  40. Brad is wearing an ascot? An ascot Seriouly?

  41. lol i love rob but brad pitt is after all brad pitt..theres no compitition between the two. they r both great.

  42. Emily Lane says

    LOL brad is surprisingly older than my dad,im 16,so yeah, ROB-BARE all the way!!

    and YES brad totally took that suit from fantasy island collection,lol

  43. Despite Brad’s poor choice in clothing, Rob didn’t do much better. And at least Brad looks like he took a shower that day.

  44. Omg i wish taylor woz der!!Brad can be hot at certain times but this is not one of dem!

  45. I tell my husband that Brad was my first love. LOL, I have to go with Brad…
    however, I am a rob fan and hope to see MUCH more of him in future movies. He definately has the “it” factor.
    Just for a little tidbit, when Brad Pitt explded (pun intended) into stardum he was compared to James Dean, I have heard this same comparison made for Robert.

  46. i can’t believe that Rpatz is winning. brad is BILLIONS of times better looking then Rpatz

  47. brad is sext sorry to rob hes just plain ugly

  48. ROB!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the only one that matters

  49. Rpattz all the way, man. Brad is….. well, not ugly, but not good looking either. He’s ollllllllld. Brad wishes he could be a sexy vampire. He can’t even hold onto Angelina Jolie without screwing up. ROBERT PATTINSON FANS, UNITE! xD

  50. twihardme says

    ROB All the way!! Brad had his time…now it’s Robert time ^^