Twilight Twitter 411

So, because there still seems to be so much confusion on who has a Twitter and who doesn’t, we thought we’d give you a run down:

The only public Twitter accounts that we can confirm as real are as follows:

Jamie Campbell Bower

Michael Sheen Michael just put up a series of photos (like 12 of them, one featured at the left) check them out.

There are a ton of fake, Kristen Stewart, Rob Pattinson, and Stephenie Meyer accounts. Be skeptical of supposed real accounts, here’s a couple easy ways tell when they are real or fake:

  • Photos are only of official PR shots
  • Tweets happen while actual filming is taking place. 2/3 of the supposed Rob and Kristen accounts send tweets when they are actually on set.
  • If a star has a real account that they have not disclosed to the public, their Tweets are most likely locked because it would be a PR nightmare otherwise. The likelihood of them friending someone they have never met to see private tweets is slim to none.
  • Check the stars official websites and interviews, and see if they mention their official twitters, MySpaces, Facebooks.
  • Check what accounts they are following. chances are they are not just following the accounts of fellow castmates, they do have other friends.

The phenomena isn’t limited to Twilight stars. Aparently someone has just faked a Kaleb Nation account too.  Kaleb just did a great story on how over 26,000 people have been fooled into friending a fake Stephenie Meyer account when clearly right on Stephenie’s own website she lists her only avenues of connecting with the public: MySpace, Twight Saga website (official run by her publisher), and

Here is the correct Kaleb Nation account, and here is the correct Twilight Lexicon account.


  1. WHOA! I love that pic of Michael Sheen in the buff all Lucian’d out. he got abs for days….

  2. Ashley, Kellan and Taylor also have twitter accts. Kellan posts pics all the time of where he is, he put his personal pics from his trip to France up…he’s such a sweetheart, he cracks me up LOL

  3. Ya i have been following Ashleys twitter page!!

  4. astaire,

    kristen dosen’t have a twitter.

    there are a lot of posers on twitter.. and some of the celebs rarely respond to fans…


    I could have swore that was her 🙁

    And she said that, that was her twitter account.

    Maybe thats not even her myspace, according to a few people that have left her comments on there they said that they read on E! News that she doesn’t even have a myspace. . .I’m confused.

    • IT was confirmed on MTV, E!, and other places. Now as for kellan, ash, etc..I’m not sure. But don’t , as they say, put all your eggs in one basket. with the wealth of knowledge available, sometimes it is best to be guarded then to be caught being naive.

  6. i’m in that novelty stage with Twitter and this could be total rehashing of some article posted already confirming this, but Michael revealed when he starts shooting New Moon, and where…. *is excited*

    @michaelsheen : i can’t wait to see you in new moon. when will you start filming?

    @mwabee In May.

    @michaelsheen It sounds like you had an interesting and wonderful day. Fantastic about New Moon! Will you be filming in both Italy and British Columbia? Do you know when you will begin filming?

    @Ciuineas I start in early May. In Vancouver.

  7. i’m pretty sure @iamedigathegi
    is real.

  8. he won’t follow back though. i think he’s only following one person

  9. Are Michael’s pictures on his twitter? I couldn’t find them. 🙁

  10. Does Taylor Lautner have a real twitter account? or even myspace account? So many say they’re him, but pretty sure they’re not. anyone know??? Thanks!