Volturi Update

I have lots of updates for you today, most of which concern the Volturi.  I ended up taking some of my information from the message boards as well as asking Steph a few questions.  I’ve combined all of that information, as well as a few other tid bits, into PC10.  Check it out. 

I sent Stephenie the ten questions from lexicon members that Pel and I decided were the best ones for her to answer right now.  I will add them to PC10 once Stephenie has a chance to get them back to me.  She is still on tour and so this could take a while.  Keep in mind that anything relating to the werewolves, Rosalie, and Jasper will be answered in Eclipse, so I couldn’t include them.  Even still, she did scold me for not picking any easy questions, so we should end up with some really great information when it’s all said and done.

Lastly, I have added the bios for Jane and Alec as well as updated the bios for Aro, Caius, and Marcus.   


  1. Dawn Whelpley says:

    So is Eclipse going to be the next book?


    Let’s be nice. People may have just discovered the books.

  3. I can’t wait to see Steph’s answers to those other questions!

  4. I want to read Eclipse so badly after reading the answers. I’m so excited! Too bad it’s only in a year. I know it will be SO worth the wait!

  5. Ooh can’t wait for those questions!

  6. I can’t wait for her answers either, and I definately can’t wait until Eclipse comes out!!! I know it will be worth the wait, but still, the wait is killing me!!! I know you’re trying your hardest though Stephenie!!! Keep up the good work!!!!

  7. Eclipse………..

    intil then I’m going to be over come by randomness . . .

    Bing bing says the panda…

    okay I swear that was probably the most random thing I have said in my entire life.


    is it next october yet……

  8. Dawn Whelpley says:

    I have been in an boarding school not much gets throu.

    No problem, Dawn. You questions and comments are most welcomed here.

  9. Oh goodness. I don’t know what to do with myself until Eclipse is out! I suppose it’s a really good thing I have a TON of summer homework and there are more good books coming out too (namely Harry Potter, of course.)

    Wow, I just came off as a BIG nerd. I swear I do other things, too.

  10. Bring on Eclipse!
    Send it out so that I can stop reading Twilight and New Moon.

    I just can’t wait!!!!!!

    | |

  11. I can’t wait till you guys get settled away with the site again and update all the new and old characters with the new information from Breaking Dawn!

  12. looking forward to see alec in the film…


    i hope u’l gonna put into film the breking DAwn!!!

  13. Heya! In the last book they mention Alec’s tallent. Something about him being able to completly block out peoples senses.

    • twilightprincess97 says:

      You’re right. In Breaking Dawn it said that Alec had the power to cut off all of your senses together. You don’t feel pain, you can’t sense or smell anything and this makes him as dangerous as Jane. That’s because you won’t feel it if they’re ripping you apart or burning you.

  14. Megan Keren Long Volturi says:

    get skits from Twilight XD

  15. I can’t wait for New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn to come out!!!!
    going crazy! They are going to start filming Eclipse in August!!! Can’t wait!!!

  16. Who plays alec?

  17. I’m going to post this here cause I don’t know how to post it somewhere else, but…

    Alec’s power is the antidote to Jane, he makes his victims unable to hear or see or feel anything, he can use it on more han one person at the same time.

    Kate’s power is like Janes, although she has to be touching someone to inflict the pain. She projects and almost-electric current over her skin and if she uses it on a vampire, it knocks them to the floor, like someone using a tazer on a human.

    Their power’s are better described in Breaking Dawn.

  18. We do know wat Alec’s power is. He can block someones senses.

  19. manualice says:

    yeah! twilightlexicon does need updates for the volturi. there are so many incomplete stuff. here, i am mentioning some – 1)alec’s special talent – it said that we dont know it. but we do. it’s blocking senses. and he can block senses of a bunch of people at a time. 2)demetri’s special talent – it’s not mentioned at all. it’s tracking people. he knows where a person is anywhere around the world, once he gets an insight of their mind. and there are a few more. i am sure gonna love the updates. please post a statement when the updates are made 🙂

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