Twilight Forever Box Set Trailer

We're just one month away from the release of the Twilight Forever Box Set.  Yahoo! Movies released a trailer with a look at the packaging and a few of the new interviews that will be included in the set. Leave us a comment: Are you excited? What are you hoping is included in the box set that … [Read More...]

breaking Dawn PArt 2

Win the Curated Version of Breaking Dawn Part 2 from Yeah! #YEAHtwilight

Yeah! films is offering us five version of their new curated version of Breaking Dawn Part 2 to give to five of our users. If you're unfamiliar with Yeah!, think of their work as the "pop up" version of the film filled with interesting facts and tid bits as well as a few humorous comments as well. … [Read More...]

Bill and Stephenie

Bill Condon Says Breaking Dawn As One Movie Is Possible In The Future

Check out the interview with Collider that took place at the press junket at the Toronto Film Festival for Bill Condon's new film, The Fifth Estate that opens October 18 in wide release. It's already gaining ground as an early OSCAR contender. Check out EW's take here … [Read More...]

Stephenie Smiling

Stephenie Meyer Reflects on 10 Years of Twilight

In an interview with, Stephenie talked about how it feels to have a 10 year old franchise. “It feels like I’m super, super old,” said Meyer, 39. “Like 10 years? Oh, my gosh, I don’t know where it went. But it’s amazing to stop and think back to my life 10 years ago and how drastically it … [Read More...]

Catherine Stephenie and Kristen

Announcing #TwilightThrowback with Catherine Hardwicke

To celebrate the five year anniversary of the film version of Twilight, every Thursday in September, director Catherine Hardwicke is going to host a Twilight Throwback on her Twitter and Instagram accounts.  We're not sure if she's just sharing more stories or if she will be taking questions from … [Read More...]


Vote for Bella/Edward at Hypable

It's the final round of Battleships over at Hypable and to the surprise of no one in the Twilight fandom, Bella and Edward have made it to the very end! They are pitted against another couple from a popular vampire series, Rose and Demitri from Vampire Academy. Voting will close at midnight Sept 1. … [Read More...]


Lexicon Austenland Review

  Being a Jane Austen fanatic for decades (and I do mean decades) I read the novel Austenland when it first came out.  I admit it, if there actually was an Austenland, I'd probably go.  I've read fanfic at Austen Interlude, the Republic of Pemberly, and alas, the now defunct Hyacinth Gardens. I … [Read More...]


Bella and Edward VS Lizzie and Darcy

  Well this is interesting in light of the fact that Austenland is about to open! Apparently over at Hypable, the next stage of their Battleships Tournament has Bella and Edward VS Lizzie and Darcy. Get over to Hypable and vote for your favorites. … [Read More...]


Charlie Bewley to Participate in “Sweat4Vets” Fundraiser in Nashville on Friday

Tomorrow (Friday Aug. 16, 2013) from 9:00-10:30am Charlie Bewley will be on the front steps of the Country Music Hall of Fame to "Sweat4Vets" to help his international cause to raise awareness about our vets struggling with PTSD and the film project "THUNDER ROAD" on the issue. There will be live … [Read More...]


Stephenie Meyer Talks to MTV About Being Inspired to Start her Production Company

MTV chatted with Stephenie about Austenland and Fickle Fish Films Get More: Movie Trailers, Movies Blog … [Read More...]