Final Auction of Twilight Saga Movie Memorabilia: Online Auction November 6th – 17th

The Prop Store is having one final auction of props, costumes, etc used in the Twilight movies.

Full details can be found at their site. This auction is done in conjunction with Summit Entertainment so there is no doubt as to the authenticity of the items.

Check out the details on the Prop Store website.

There are 12 itemsmany items up for auction, but 12 are currently being highlighted on the preview page. You can check them out here. The real jewel in the crown is the wedding invitation.

NOTE: If you registered last year, you HAVE TO RE-REGISTER AGAIN as this is a new auction.


  1. Do you think we will get any kind of substantial twilight news this year or next that ISN’T some kind of auction or whispers of actors that would be cool with re doing movies for the book or movie series? I’m talking any kind of authentic fan fiction or book continual series or movie reboot or anything that is basicaly not non news? I still have this website bookmarked among the top 10 sites i still to this day visit but the lack of updates and website posts is really sad.

    • I wish we would at least hear from her from time to time on Twitter or Instagram or anywhere. Stephenie used to be so active here on Lexicon and on the Twilight Moms forum, back in the day. I am a bit disappointed because it feels like she has forgotten her true fans and “obeys” the haters. We love you Steph, and we would love to hear from YOU, not through some go-betweens…

      • I agree with you I know it’s past when Twilight came out but I am such a big fan of Twilight I wish I could hear more stuff about twilight too. Also I wish there were more Twilight movies. Love you Stephanie Meyer.

      • Forever a Twihard says

        Stephenie, if you read this, I just want to say that I love the Twilight books and that nothing would make me happier than if you wrote another book. I f you did, I truly believe whitout a doubt that it would be turned into a movie loved by millions of people, because nothing is as amazing, wonderful and dazzling ( 😉 ) as The Twilight Saga. From the first moment I saw Twilight, I’ve thought of it every single day.
        I know that you don’t like when fans considers stories for you to write, because we’ve already written them ourselves and then it’s our stories. So, I won’t do that, only pray -like so many other Twilight fans- for that you someday will pick up the story again. However you choose to continue the story, I know it will be just as amazing as the other books.
        Once a Twihard, always a Twihard
        Much love

  2. Stephenie Meyer i love your Twilight book series but i was kinda disappointed that they ended. i would love for you to write another one continuing where you left off. Also maybe do a re-Imagined one of instead of being with Edward she goes with Jacob. I thought you only had 4 book because when i googled it, it would only show 4 now i’ma have to buy the re-imagined ones, now i cant wait to read the more :).

  3. When you do the re-imagined version, i highly suggest right after she finds out Harry had a heart attack (in new moon) that you make it obvious that now she chooses Jacob. But of course she’ll still save Edward but rejects him after trying to get together and continues life with Jacob.

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