Win a copy of The Chemist!

the-chemist-jacketWe are giving away three copies of The Chemist by Stephenie Meyer. Enter the contest from Raffelcopter below for your chance to win Stephenie’s newest book! You have until Nov. 23rd to enter. 


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  1. I would love to read it.

  2. This is on my Christmas list!

  3. Joel Emmett says

    Thrilled for a new book from Stephenie Meyer!

  4. Heidi Murphy says

    My favorite book was Eclipse. I can’t wait to read this one!

  5. I have to go with Twilight as my favorite Stephenie Meyer book.

  6. Really curious to see how this new book turned out.

  7. Fav book would have to be Eclipse.

  8. Elisabeth C says

    Twilight may always be my favorite.

  9. Can’t wait to read it

  10. Kristin Feliz says

    So excited to read this!! I am happy Steph is back!

  11. I still love Twilight.

  12. Larissa VanDuzer says

    I love The Host…but I do love the other books as well. I can’t wait to see how this book is.


  14. Amber Bradshaw says

    My favorite was Eclipse, but I’m so excited about this new book!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. I have read The Chemist and did enjoy it very much 🙂

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