Shannon Hale Creates Austenland Treasure Hunt

Austenland, the first film from Stephenie Meyer’s production company, debuts in August in New York and Los Angeles. However there are some early screenings elsewhere. In Salt lake City there is a fundraiser for the Salt Lake City Film Society ( a group that is dedicated to preserving films by transferring them to digital format) on August 6th that includes a screening of the film along with a rather swanky, high tea.  Tickets for the tea are $100 and $200. For information and tickets,

Additionally, there is a screening that is women only on August 6th that is not tied to the tea and is free on a first come first serve basis. According to the SLFS website

Come see the Sundance hit film, Austenland, directed by Jerusha Hess and based on the novel by Shannon Hale, before it hits theaters anywhere else! Jane Austen fans and cinephiles alike will be treated to a lush red carpet event at the Broadway Centre Cinemas followed by a free screening of the film, Q&A and book signing with Shannon Hale. Fans are also encouraged to pick up a copy of the novel that will be for sale at the Broadway before the event, provided by our local sponsor and Salt Lake staple Weller Book Works, although we do ask out of respect for our sponsor that patrons do not bring previously purchased novels to be signed. This screening is for women only and is on a first-come-first-serve basis, so make sure to get there early and reserve your place! – See more at:

Also Shannon Hale, for those of you in the Salt Lake area, is doing a bit of an Austenland treasure hunt via her blog. Here are the rules

July 29-August 2, we’ll hide one item per day in various locations throughout the Salt Lake Valley. I’ll post photographic clues to these items’ whereabouts every midnight here on my blog, Facebook, and Twitter, as well as on the movie’s official Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. Use these clues to find the treasures.

Hunt during business hours–once you figure out the location, the first one there to ask for the treasure will win it. Make sure to post a picture of you with the item once you find it, and give us a link in the comments or tag it #AustenlandMovie on twitter. Good luck and tallyho!

Today’s item is an Austenland looking garden bench. Which going on the clues would seem to be near a Starbucks.

lawn bench

Wyck Godfrey Talks Ultimate Twilight Box Set

We knew it HAD to be coming, right?  Every big franchise eventually releases a huge box set containing all the films and some special behind the scenes footage.  Producer Wyck Godfrey talked about the potential box set with Collider while he was at Comic Con last week.  Godfrey said that the release date isn’t set yet, but assured fans that there is plenty of unreleased footage to add to an ultimate box set.

Watch the full interview below or read the write up at Collider.  The start of the interview pertains to The Maze Runner and The Fault in Our Stars.  The questions about Twilight begin around 7:29.  

Leave us a comment and tell us what you would most like to see on an ultimate box set!



Austenland Website Now Open

The Austenland website is now open. If you click on the enter site link you get a whole series of oprions about the film. Other areas still seem to be under construction,

The Hollywood Reporter did a recent article that Austenland is only being marketed to women, but guys are welcome to see the film. Early reviews had women loving the movie and guys hating it.

Stephenie Meyer stated

This film is very uniquely female,” she explains. “There can’t be many movies in the marketplace that are based on a novel by a woman, scripted by women, produced by women, directed by a woman and starring a woman. There are beginning to be more female-centric, female-created movies in the marketplace, but they’re still vastly the minority.”


Bill Condon’s New Movie Trailer Debuts

Bill Condon’s first movie post Breaking Dawn that deals with the Wikileaks scandal just debuted its trailer. The movie is called The Fifth Estate and it stars Benedict Cumberbatch, Stanley Tucci, Dan Stevens, Laura Linney, David Thewlis among others.

Bill Condon said to EW

The movie presents him neither as hero or villain. We just try to present who he is and let you make up your mind,” Condon says. “I think, in fact, he’s neither.”

Condon also said his film never got any government pressure or interference – a surprise given how much effort from the CIA and Pentagon put into understanding what kind of story Zero Dark Thirty planned to tell about the takedown of Osama Bin Laden.

“If you look at movies where that might have happened, they are movies that need something from the government, and that isn’t anything we did,” Condon says. “We had a few sources that worked in the State Department, but we weren’t asking for any special access, so there was no reason to engage them.”

Check out the trailer on EW.


Comic Con 2013…No Twilight, but Camping Lives On

Twilight isn’t at Comic Con this year, but Laura is covering other fandoms for Today she actually found some campers, no idea what fandom though.


Twilight Ranks 10 in Top Franchise Movies of All Time

The folks over at BuzzFeed (where you can see the full chart) cooked this one up. The figures are adjusted for inflation, which means Twilight seriously kicked butt over things like X-men, Star Trek, and Transformers. It’s also respectably neck-in-neck with the 4 Indiana Jones movies.

twilight franchise chart

TY to Jack Morrissey for the tip

RL Stein Twilight Fan

Normally we aren’t really into TMZ, but RL Stein didn’t seem to mind being questioned and he actually likes Twilight, much to the surprise of the interviewer.

Renesmee Cullen Is Being Made Into a Tonner Doll

So far there have been several versions of Edward and Bella, as well as Jacob, Alice, Jasper, Jane, Laurent, Victoria, and James. Now it looks like it is Renesmee’s turn. Check out the Twitter conversation between a Twilight Lexicon reader and Tonner Dolls

tonner doll

The Host DVD and Blu-Ray Specs: Here is What You Get on July 9th!

This is the rundown on what you’ll find on the Blu-Ray and DVD

The Blu-ray™ Combo Pack allows fans to watch The Host anytime, anywhere on the platform of their choice. It includes a Blu-ray™ disc, a DVD and Digital Copy including Ultraviolet™ for the ultimate, complete viewing experience.

· Blu-ray™ disc unleashes the power of your HDTV and is the best way to watch movies at home, featuring perfect hi-def picture and perfect hi-def sound.

· DVD offers the flexibility and convenience of playing the movie in more places, both at home and while away.

· Digital including UltraViolet™ is a revolutionary new way for fans to collect their movies and TV shows in the cloud. UltraViolet™ lets consumers instantly stream and download to tablets, smartphones, computers and TVs. Now available in both the United States and Canada.

· Also includes an additional choice of digital formats from a variety of partners, including options to watch on iPhone®, iPad®, Android™, computers and more.



· BRINGING THE HOST TO LIFE: A behind-the-scenes look at the making of the film, featuring interviews with Stephenie Meyer, Saoirse Ronan, Max Irons, and Jake Abel.

· SEEKER PSA: Feature Commentary with Author/Producer Stephenie Meyer, Screenwriter/Director Andrew Niccol, and Producer Nick Wechsler.

The Host DVD Bonus Clips Galore

Check out these clips sent over to us from the folks at Open Road. The Host is out on DVD and Blu-Ray TOMORRROW!!!!!!

The Host – The Cave – Bonus Clip
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The Host – Audience Reaction – Bonus Clip
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The Host – A Love Like That – Film Clip
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The Host – Kissing in the Rain – Film Clip
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The Host – Pity – Film Clip
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The Host – It’s Not Human – Film Clip
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The Host – Mirrors – Film Clip
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The Host – Stop Your Vehicle – Film Clip
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