Original Bella’s Engagement Ring® —-Last Chance to Get One!

Infinite Jewelry, the company the produced the Bella’s ring and the Bella’s bracelet before there were ever Twilight movies is having a blowout sale. Act quick, because they won’t be producing this ring after mid-May 2015.

On a personal note, we always through their rings (which come in yellow or white gold) were far superior to anything else out there. You can get them in with cubic zirconia and gold plate all the way up to real diamonds and 14K gold.

We own their products and wear them today. They are still in great shape almost 8 years after we first received them. Their rings weren’t too large, and frankly they didn’t look like a disc that was getting satellite reception, unlike the mass produced version that came out along with a myriad of other products with the movies.

Here is an image from a side-by-side comparison we did of the infinite jewelry vs. the mass produced products back in 2010.


Check out Infinite Jewelry’s press release below.

The original, authorized Bella’s Engagement Ring®, designed in collaboration with Stephenie Meyer and produced by Infinite Jewelry Co.® since 2007, will no longer be available after May 12, 2015. Infinite Jewelry Co.® announced today that the contracted time is up, so the reign of this exclusive ring is coming to a close.

“From providing rings on the The Oprah Winfrey Show to being featured on Yahoo! News, we have loved being a part of the Twilight world for the last eight years,” said Shelli Ashton, president of Infinite Jewelry Co.® “Bella’s Engagement Ring® gave fans a tangible connection to the books’ characters everyone loves so much. We feel blessed that we’ve had the opportunity to share our passion for Twilight with people all over the world.”

To celebrate the end of the era and to give Twilight fans a final chance to own this limited collectible, Infinite Jewelry Co.® is holding an epic sale, with lowest prices ever, until May 12, 2015. Now is the time to get your part of Twilight history with the original, authorized Bella’s Engagement Ring®. It is available in both fashion and fine-jewelry (14K gold) versions and can be found on the company’s website at http://www.infinitejewelryco.com.