Full Name: Maggie

Status: Vampire

Date of Birth: 1832 (OIG)

Date of Change: 1847 (OIG)

Originally from: Ireland

Hair color: “bouncy red curls” (BD32)

Eye color: Blue (human) Vampire Burgundy (OIG)

Height: “Little” (BD32)

Physical description: “Little Maggie, with her bouncy red curls, was not physically imposing” (BD32)

Special Talents: “she had a gift for knowing when she was being lied to, and her verdicts were never contested” by her coven. (BD32)


Family members: Siobhan and Siobhan’s mate Liam

Source of Transformation: Siobhan

Personal history:

Maggie always had problems with authority because she was able to read the truth behind other’s intentions.  She would accuratly point out lies, which made people uncomfortable about her.  (OIG)

Maggie’s human family migrated to America in the 1840’s, leaving Maggie behind to care for her ill grand parents.  She knew her family didn’t want her, and after her grand parent’s died, she nearly died all alone from starvation.  (OIG)

Siobahn found her and told her the truth about being a vampire.  Maggie joined them and her power to detect lies was enhanced.  (OIG) (BD23)  

Carlisle sends the Irish coven to help when the Volturi become a threat.  Since she knows when she is lied to, Maggie declares that Edward is telling the truth about Renesmee.  (BD32)  She is also willing to fight the Volturi since truth is on their side.  (BD34)

At the clearing, the witnesses cluster to the left and right of the members of the Cullens and Denali clan that make up the front line.  (BD35)  Maggie knows that Aro is lying when he tells Renesmee that he means no harm to her loved ones.  (BD36)  Maggie becomes angry when Aro implies that Renesmee is a danger.  (BD37)

With the arrival of Alice and other witnesses, the situation is resolved, and the Volturi leave.  Maggie congratulates Siobhan.  (BD38)  After saying their goodbyes, the Irish coven leave.  (BD39)

Portrayed in the films by: Marlane Barnes

Prepared by: Anny