Michael Welch’s Unrequited Has Premiere and You’re Invited!

Mike has described the film as “what if the nice guy just went psycho”, the film is as of yet unrated, but will probably receive an R-rating so keep that in mind if interested.  There is a screening in the Los Angeles are and Mike is inviting all his fans! Check out the details on Michael Welch online!

Twilight Actors Go Indie

A number of Twilight actors are involved in, or about to be involved in, what you could term lower budget indie films. They are the type of thing you see at film festivals. If an indie film is really lucky and garners enough attention it’s possible for it to reach Blair Witch Project or Napoleon Dynamite recognition.

Mike Welch is currently shooting Unrequited in Kentucky.  A recent set visit by the Lexington Herald Leader resulted in some fabulous behind the scenes images.

Get all the images here.  What’s also great about indie films is, that unlike major studio productions, they have grasped the power of  social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. The Unrequited crew Tweets daily with updates from the silly to the mundane.

In fact, their most recent Tweet was really good news: “Contacted today by our first distributor inquery. Pretty exciting that word about this film is getting around.”

Check them out on Twitter here.

Jackson Rathbone is involved in more ways than one in the upcoming flick called Girlfriend. We first heard about the project when we interviewed 100 Monkeys in Allentown, PA. 100 Monkeys will be doing the soundtrack. Jackson is  starring as well as producing. 100 Monkeys bandmate Jerad Anderson is also wearing the producer hat.

Jackson tells MTV’s Hollywood Crush(click here), “I’m actually producing my first film this year called ‘Girlfriend,’” he says. “New director Justin Lerner kind of made a splash at a couple festivals last year with a short film he did…It’s an exciting time,” he said. “I get to play a part in it and have a little bit more say behind the scenes, behind the camera, which is really interesting. It’s what I’ve always really wanted to get into. I love film. I love the art behind it.”

Now the good news is that the group has just set up a Twitter and is about to launch a facebook page (we’ll let you know when that happens.) Directors, producers, actors, etc will all be doing the on set tweets. One of the latest was teasing about info regarding who the co-star, AKA the girlfriend, is going to be:

“We’ve finally decided what actress will play Jackson Rathbone’s “Girlfriend” in our film. The lucky mystery girl will be announced soon!”

You really want to be following this group on Twitter because you never know when they might give out something special to a follower. Right now they have 489 followers. With Jackson Rathebone promised as one of the Tweeters surely that number will go up. So, sign up here to follow along!

Mike Welch: Unrequited Early Footage

Mike Welch is busy filming Unrequited the debut movie of  Jason Epperson who finished as first runner-up in the On The Lot competition run by Steven Speilberg and mark Burnett.

Mike plays the lead in the movie that is described as a, “Psychological thriller UNREQUITED tells the story of Ben Jacobs, a troubled young man who, on his 18th birthday, must leave the group home for “troubled teens” where he has been living for the past several months. After moving back in with his mother, Ben discovers that his girlfriend, Jessica Morgan, has moved on with her life and is now dating an older college guy. Desperate for love and unable to cope with losing Jessica, Ben’s troubled past catches up with him as he kidnaps her in an attempt to regain her affection. Spiraling out of control and on a very dangerous path, Ben must ultimately decide whether to let her go, or hold on to the one person he loves, even if it means destroying them both in the process.”