Twilight Widower: Twilight Denial

The Twilight Widower is covering a classic symptom that many of us have faced: Twilight denial. As in “Who me? I’m not a Twilight fan.” You know the situation.  When faced with a self-righteous adversary, it goes something like this: we desperately try to hid the Team Edward key chain that is dangling from our car keys, and hope that no one registers that the “Lion and the Lamb” body art that we are sporting has nothing to do with sudden religious fervor.

Anyway, here is the Twilight Widower’s take,

“Once your wife has been exposed to normal society’s disdain for Twilight, she is bound to be conflicted, and you may decide to use her confusion and shame to your advantage by suggesting she permanently remove all of the Twilight merchandise from the house, or threatening to “out” her to friends and family not yet in the know.

This is the most dangerous you can do.

As with any crisis of faith, there will come what is called the “Moment of Truth.” When this time comes, your wife will be forced to choose between returning to normal society and rushing back to Forks with her arms spread wide.

While I encourage all my fellow Widowers to be optimistic, odds are she will once again choose Edward over you. ..”

Check out the whole entry and graphics at the Twilight Widower’s Blog.

Twilight Widower: Motivational Posters

The Twilight Widower is back. He’s created a variety of motivational posters to encourgae men whose wives and girlfriends aren’t paying them quite the same amount of attention that they used to now that they’ve been consumed by Twilight.

Check out the full gallery here.

TY to April for the reminder.

Twilight Widower on Gift Buying

We first introduced you to the Twilight Widower last week. He details the antics of his Twilight obsessed wife in a good-natured way. He’s an especially good sport because they live in the Vancouver area and his wife keeps dragging him downtown to buy milk and bread.

Before Twilight, I would have to subtly draw hints from her for weeks to determine what sort of gift she wanted for special occasions and then would get it wrong anyway, despite all my careful detective work. (She told me she wanted a food processor; how was I supposed to know it wasn’t a good Valentine’s Day gift?) But now that she has given herself over to Edward Cullen, knowing what she wants is ridiculously easy.”

Anyway, in his most recent entry, he mentions the bright side to being a Twilight Widower: gift buying is easier. There are also other…er…fringe benefits as you read down(work safe, but a strong PG-13). We don’t think we’ll be looking at boats quite the same way for awhile. Check it out. TY to Twi-Crack for the heads up.

Twilight Widower Blog

As I type this (this is Pel) I am sitting next to Be My Escape (who saw the entry the other day on Twicrack) and we have tears rolling down our face from laughing so hard. All we can say is now the guys who get all wrapped up in football, basketball, baseball, hockey, etc. and their wives and girlfriends  just don’t care, now you know what it’s like.

You really want to put down all liquids before reading or there’s a chance that you are going to short out your monitor. Just one of the gems from this blog:

It was an unusual evening at our house tonight. Claiming that my blog has “shamed her,” the Missus cooked dinner and did the dishes afterwards, before withdrawing behind her laptop. This may seem like a small thing, but it’s the most attention she’s paid me since she’s discovered Edward Cullen.

I felt she deserved a reward. (Positive reinforcement is the key to winning your woman back from the cold, grasping arms of that undead home wrecker).”