Twilight Widower: Motivational Posters

The Twilight Widower is back. He’s created a variety of motivational posters to encourgae men whose wives and girlfriends aren’t paying them quite the same amount of attention that they used to now that they’ve been consumed by Twilight.

Check out the full gallery here.

TY to April for the reminder.


  1. this guy is so funny i hope he does more,lol!!!!!!!!!

  2. Brittany says:

    He is sooo hilarious!!!

  3. Lmao!

    Just got through with printing out the posters. Now I’m gonna make a wonderful message card with posters enclosed for my ever-loving enduring, night after night, I need to read “The Books” again to get near to Edward, my screensaver, all I talk about is Edward to my husband and sons, planned a vacation to Forks and La Push next month, and watched the video over 100 times. To my very understanding husband.

    If there was an award for “Twilight Widower” I would have to nominate my husband!

  4. kellan fan says:

    …but edward will ALWAYS be there πŸ™‚

  5. Amy Darlene says:

    haha… i love it.

    it’s like when i tell a guy that it is a compliment to themselves that their girlfriends stay with them after reading Twilight. the guys usually don’t get it…but the girls laugh their butts off.

  6. CeeCee29 says:

    That is funny that he did this! My hubby would agree to it! He tells the kids when I’m reading that “Mom’s in her fantacy world, don’t bug her.” Then he gives me a look that says get over it already. πŸ™‚ I will have to show him these!

  7. You have made my day. It’s my birthday today and I was depressed I couldn’t make it to Italy cause my son is sitting for exams until friday.Thank you all out there you totaly rock best company ever. Long live Edward\Rob and Stef for brinking them to our lives.

  8. This guy is a hoot.

  9. Lomesir22 says:

    That last one is my favorite πŸ˜€

  10. Julie M. says:

    Absolutely hiliarious!!

  11. TwilightDieHard says:

    TOO funny. Does he know my husband? He can come and photo him. I have an emergency bag packed just encase Edward, Emmett, or Jacob needs me…LOL

  12. hehe love the last one!

  13. Santiva Potter says:

    The compromise poster just about killed me. This man is a genius

  14. It’s certainly no surprise that others are beginning to talk about The Twilight Saga: Eclipse movie. Adam Lambert from American Idol fame seems to think that one of his songs might belong on that album.i love Ashley.1 year before she was a waitress but now she is one of the most popular actresses on the planet.waiting for twilight eclipse.


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