Chris Weitz Talks to The Hollywood Reporter

Chris Weitz gives an indepth interview to The Hollywood Reporter (illustration Chris Morris), not shying away from any questions or answers:

THR: How much did you interact with Stephenie Meyer?

Weitz: A lot; we’ve had a real good collaboration. Crucially, she approved me as director, and she didn’t have to. We had some discussions that were very important — my convincing her that I didn’t want to take her baby and run away with it, or tell a story that was counter to the spirit of what she was trying to tell. I see myself, in the last few movies I’ve done, as adapting literary properties into film, so that’s how I treated this one. We got along like a house on fire.

THR: What kind of suggestions did she give you?

Weitz: It would normally be me e-mailing her and running things by her when I felt I was on the edge of getting a detail wrong, everything from the powers of a given vampire to the look of a particular scene or what she imaged a location looked like. And sometimes, when I felt that I was creating something new within the framework she had set up, making sure she was aware of it and that it didn’t make her sick.

THR: For example?

Weitz: A good example is the headquarters of the Volturi. The oldest vampire family lives in Italy, and it was important to me there be nothing in their surroundings that reeked of any other vampire movie. So the interiors are done in a very classic Renaissance style and are very crisp and very bright, which you would not normally expect from a vampire movie”

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Jack Huston To Play Royce King in Eclipse

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jack Huston will be portraying Royce King II.  To jog your memories, Royce is Rosalie’s fiance back when she was human.

Congrats, Jack, on playing what is probably the only character that every Twilight fan hates! Don’t take it personally, it just comes with the territory on who he is. 🙂

Catherine Hardwicke To Receive Award

According to the Hollywood reporter Catherine Hardwicke is among good company including Jennifer Aniston, Holly Hunter, and Elizabeth Banks. All of these women are to receive recognition from Women in Film (WIF).

“Women in Film is thrilled to honor these extraordinarily versatile women who truly represent the new paradigm of Hollywood,” WIF/LA president Jane Fleming said. “Each of them has succeeded wildly by having the courage to work in all areas of the entertainment industry, transitioning between film and television, comedy and drama, studio and independent projects, both in front of and behind the camera.”

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Twilight Meets German Reality TV

Previously there were contests announced for American, UK, and Swedish fans to win walk-on roles in upcoming Twilight Saga movies. In those previous contests it was an ultimate fan search via sending in YouTube videos, essays, things like that.

Well, now according to The Hollywood Reporter, a German production company is taking it one step further:

“…12 young actresses will compete in Mission Hollywood, flexing their thespian prowess in a series of tasks ranging from carrying out stunts to reenacting scenes from classic films—think Dirty Dancing, not Gone With the Wind…Three judges will offer their quippy critiques. Two of them—Germany’s biggest star, Til Schweiger…and acting coach Bernard Hiller—are the permanent panelists, while the third seat will be filled by a rotating celeb. Among those already attached to participate are Carmen Electra and German A-listers Thomas Kretschmann and Moritz Bleibtreu…”

We asked Summit for a comment on the validity, but we have not received a reply at the time that we are posting this.