Chris Weitz Talks to The Hollywood Reporter

Chris Weitz gives an indepth interview to The Hollywood Reporter (illustration Chris Morris), not shying away from any questions or answers:

THR: How much did you interact with Stephenie Meyer?

Weitz: A lot; we’ve had a real good collaboration. Crucially, she approved me as director, and she didn’t have to. We had some discussions that were very important — my convincing her that I didn’t want to take her baby and run away with it, or tell a story that was counter to the spirit of what she was trying to tell. I see myself, in the last few movies I’ve done, as adapting literary properties into film, so that’s how I treated this one. We got along like a house on fire.

THR: What kind of suggestions did she give you?

Weitz: It would normally be me e-mailing her and running things by her when I felt I was on the edge of getting a detail wrong, everything from the powers of a given vampire to the look of a particular scene or what she imaged a location looked like. And sometimes, when I felt that I was creating something new within the framework she had set up, making sure she was aware of it and that it didn’t make her sick.

THR: For example?

Weitz: A good example is the headquarters of the Volturi. The oldest vampire family lives in Italy, and it was important to me there be nothing in their surroundings that reeked of any other vampire movie. So the interiors are done in a very classic Renaissance style and are very crisp and very bright, which you would not normally expect from a vampire movie”

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  1. I love Chris Weitz. He’s such a nice man, and I’ve loved the material that’s been released so far.

  2. Chris seems like such a thoughtful person. and I really do hope he returns to do Breaking Dawn (if they do it).

  3. I have to say, I am so glad to hear all he had to say about collaborating with Stephenie, I hope to goodness that David Slade did the same. I haven’t heard David mention her, has he? I may have missed it. Chris, I appreciate your dedication to the book and to the fans. Thank-you.

  4. abigael_d says:

    Chris Weitz is just so incredible…
    his dedication and hardwork on this are just amazing 😀

  5. I think that CW really gets it, the book(story) is the most important thing and staying true to that is what will make this a success. From every trailer, clip and still photo I’ve seen he has proven to me the book is at the heart of this film. He has done a phenomenal job turning Stephenie’s baby into a wonderful movie for us.

    He has my vote for directing Breaking Dawn.

    • Marianne, I have been thinking the same exact thought for months. I, too, think Chris Weitz would do Breaking Dawn such justice. If we could be so fortunate ‘)
      I agree with everyone’s previous comments so far.
      I believe Chris was absolutely the best choice to direct, mold and shape New Moon. Everything he laid his hands on I’ve loved–his attention to detail and loyalty to the story to being there for his actors–what a complete class act.

    • P.S. I love that drawing of Chris Weitz!!!

  6. Chris Weitz is a freaking genius. I love his dedication to this series. I really hope Summit considers him to adapt Breaking Dawn…or at least the first movie (if they make it into two). He seems like the best candidate to get the feel of that movie right. Can’t wait for next month. Hopefully CW gets the praise he deserves when the movie’s released.

  7. I honestly love everything I have read and heard about Chris. I have so much faith in this movie because of him.

  8. Chris ROCKS!! 🙂

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