Wanda Featurette from The Host

Previously were the Melanie and Jared featurettes (below), now it’s Wanda’s turn!

The Host and Austenland Fun Crossover

Here’s a fun fact for you. The official Austenland poster that was used at Sundance was created by Allie Wood who happens to be Jake Abel’s girlfriend. Jake is starring as Ian in The Host.

Viedo: Meet Jared Howe from The Host

Here’s a new video focusing on the character of Jared Howe from Stephenie Meyer’s The Host with behind the scene footage and an interview with Max Irons.

New The Host Stills

Several new The Host Stills are online. TY to The Host Movie News

Vote for The Host in MTV’s Movie Brawl!

The Host currently has a slight edge over Beautiful Creatures in the MTV movie brawl. Get over to MTV and vote!

New Character Posters for The Host

Two new character posters for The Host hit the internet yesterday.  The posters are for Wanderer and Jared.  The poster for Wanderer says Melanie, but the eyes are glowing in the way the aliens eyes glow.  The images are similar to the trio poster we saw a few days ago.  We also were told that there would be some behind the scenes footage from The Host coming out sometime later this week, so keep checking back for more information!


Three New The Host Movie Posters

Yahoo Movies just debuted these.




Video Stephenie Meyer Talks Host Sequels and Winning a Trip to The Host Premiere

Are you going to check out The Host? You can entire the contest here.

The Host Poster Debuts

They are also showing the trailer that we got a sneak peek at today (IT’S AWESOME) in front of Breaking Dawn Part 2!

Also Saoirse Ronan ( It rhymes with inertia) , Max Irons, and Jake Abel are on the premiere carpet tonight where we hope to snag an interview!

Jake Abel and Max Irons Talk About The Host With Clevver TV

Hear what Jake Abel and Max Irons have to share about their The Host characters: what’s in it for Twilight fans and bromance off set.