Teen Wolf vs. Jacob Black: Tyler Posey Sounds Off On Who Would Win

Tyler Posey is doing press in the UK for the MTV original show Teen Wolf that is about to debut in the UK.  He talked with Metro UK about who might come out on top in a battle of the wolves.

“The biggest change, though, has also posed the greatest challenge – creating a wolf with brooding sex appeal amid all that hair. ‘We didn’t want him to look like a puppy,’ says Davis. ‘I always say the other shows have werewolves you can pet, we have ones you can kiss. They’re sexy but could rip your throat out.’

So does that mean the (currently single) Posey could trounce his buff Twilight rival Taylor Lautner in a fight? ‘You know, Taylor’s a cool dude,’ says Posey gallantly. ‘I think he’s got me beat right now in the fitness region. But in a werewolf fight? He actually turns into a full-on wolf and I turn into this half-man, half-werewolf creature. I dunno –  I would have opposable thumbs, so maybe that would win, as he’s got paws. Maybe I could use them to gouge his eyes out.”

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Have you watched the Teen Wolf reboot on MTV? What do you think of the show?

Will Twilight Fans Crossover Into Teen Wolf Fans?

MTV is heavily promoting their new Teen Wolf reboot that premiere after the MTV movie awards. Here’s how Tyler Posey, the Teen Wolf, summed it up according to MTV:

“With a werewolf and a pretty girl at the center of the romance of the show, it’s easy to make comparisons to “Twilight.” Posey happens to play a teen wolf on “Teen Wolf” just like Taylor Lautner, but he explained the big difference between his show’s wolves and, you know, those other ones.

“We’re not the only werewolves here at the MTV Movie Awards. The kids from ‘Twilight’ also have a couple werewolves of their own, but do they match up to us?” he asked. “My argument [is], we will win in a fight because we have opposable thumbs and we can jab their eyes out, and what’s cooler than jabbing another werewolves’ eyes out?”

The PR on this show has been laden with inevitable Twilight comparisons. So is this a Vampire Diary type of show that Twilight fans will crossover into or not so much? What are your thoughts? Will you tune in and give it a go?