Teen Wolf vs. Jacob Black: Tyler Posey Sounds Off On Who Would Win

Tyler Posey is doing press in the UK for the MTV original show Teen Wolf that is about to debut in the UK.  He talked with Metro UK about who might come out on top in a battle of the wolves.

“The biggest change, though, has also posed the greatest challenge – creating a wolf with brooding sex appeal amid all that hair. ‘We didn’t want him to look like a puppy,’ says Davis. ‘I always say the other shows have werewolves you can pet, we have ones you can kiss. They’re sexy but could rip your throat out.’

So does that mean the (currently single) Posey could trounce his buff Twilight rival Taylor Lautner in a fight? ‘You know, Taylor’s a cool dude,’ says Posey gallantly. ‘I think he’s got me beat right now in the fitness region. But in a werewolf fight? He actually turns into a full-on wolf and I turn into this half-man, half-werewolf creature. I dunno –  I would have opposable thumbs, so maybe that would win, as he’s got paws. Maybe I could use them to gouge his eyes out.”

See more on Metro UK.

Have you watched the Teen Wolf reboot on MTV? What do you think of the show?


  1. Jacob would win.

    • yes sita you are so right

    • Madison says:

      Why is almost everyone in this comment section a Twilight fan? Scott/Tyler Posey is better in every way! Scott is a True Alpha, meaning that he rose to power purely on strength of character. Jacob is Alpha only because he was born with the gene. Not to mention that Scott’s Pack is made up of multiple supernatural creatures that could easily take down Jacob and his pathetic shapeshifters. And when it comes to actors, Posey has an amazing personality and is super interactive with his fans.

  2. haha am i the only one that loves twilight AND teen wolf?? lol

  3. Florence says:

    teen wolf is good, but Jacob win hands down! lol

  4. No contest, Jacob would win.

  5. Dawnette says:

    Jacob wins hands & paws down! But for the record I’m Team Cullen.

  6. Jacob Black would slaughter Scott McCall, no contest. Twilight werewolves can kill Twilight vampires (among the strongest vampires in fiction) by biting through their stonelike flesh while on Teen Wolf human hunters pose a challenge to even experienced werewolves like Derek.

    That said, Teen Wolf is a very entertaining and well-written show.

  7. Kathryn says:

    Yeah, opposable thumbs would be an advantage. The major problem with the whole poking out Jacob’s eyes: if you get that close to the eyes, you also have to deal with the super-long, super-sharp teeth. Good-bye, opposable thumbs. LOL.

  8. I actually think it’s been a cute little series. I haven’t really gotten into it, but what I’ve seen: it has decent actors and it’s hip/trendy. Very MTV.

  9. MaleTwilightFan says:

    I think it’s a good series as well. They described it as a movie each week. I enjoy the plot and the acting is good. MTV should have more original shows that are of the same caliber and try to go back to showing some music videos. Never watched Jersey Shore and don’t care to.

  10. Twilight dreamer says:

    I’ll probably be ripped apart by Jacob lovers but I think Tyler Posey wins in looks, its a cool series, but jacob would win hands/paws down in a fight. What can I say? I love them both!:)

  11. Tyler face looks like a deer compared to Taylor Lautnet

  12. so who would win jacob or scott

  13. Emman adjei says:

    no doubt Taylor is big and all built up and can have a full transformation at will but i think in wif Scotts being a true alpha he has an advantage of ability to rise again after death like peter did in season 2 and since a true alpha’s power cannot be stolen from him.

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