Will Twilight Fans Crossover Into Teen Wolf Fans?

MTV is heavily promoting their new Teen Wolf reboot that premiere after the MTV movie awards. Here’s how Tyler Posey, the Teen Wolf, summed it up according to MTV:

“With a werewolf and a pretty girl at the center of the romance of the show, it’s easy to make comparisons to “Twilight.” Posey happens to play a teen wolf on “Teen Wolf” just like Taylor Lautner, but he explained the big difference between his show’s wolves and, you know, those other ones.

“We’re not the only werewolves here at the MTV Movie Awards. The kids from ‘Twilight’ also have a couple werewolves of their own, but do they match up to us?” he asked. “My argument [is], we will win in a fight because we have opposable thumbs and we can jab their eyes out, and what’s cooler than jabbing another werewolves’ eyes out?”

The PR on this show has been laden with inevitable Twilight comparisons. So is this a Vampire Diary type of show that Twilight fans will crossover into or not so much? What are your thoughts? Will you tune in and give it a go?


  1. Tyler Posey seems kinda full of himself. I don’t know if it’s just PR for the series. Time will tell I suppose. Having said that I will check it out — but not making any commitments. Twilight is in a category by itself but still that won’t stop every imitator from trying to measure UP.

  2. CullenCoven says:

    real werewolves kiss a vampire’s fiance.

  3. I’ve seen like one commercial for this once and I can barely remember it. From what I do remember, I don’t think I’ll be watching it.

  4. this show is being to full of themeselves it duznt even have what you can call a real fanbase yet and there already running around like they own the place.

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